A Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 – Make Money Online Legitimately

January 29, 2021 76 By CT
A Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 – Make Money Online Legitimately

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
My Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert
Scam or Legit: Legit (98.5/100)
The year started: 2005
Recommended: Yes


  1. What is a Wealthy Affiliate?
  2. Is The Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam? A Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review
  3. Wealthy Affiliate Pros vs. Cons
  4. Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?
  5. Wealthy Affiliate Tools
    1. SiteRubix
    2. Site Manager
    3. Site Builder
    4. Site Domains
    5. Site Content
    6. Site Hosting
  6. WA Keyword Tool
  7. Wealthy Affiliate Training
    1. Online Entrepreneur Certification
    2. Affiliate Bootcamp
  8. Live Training
  9. Private Messaging
  10. Live Help
  11. Over 50 Wealthy Affiliate Member’s Success Stories
  12. Wealthy Affiliate Membership Program
  13. My Last Opinion
  14. Summary

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is totally an online business training school with over 850,000 members that provide a legitimate way to make money online.

Founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate has become one of the most professional and highest-rated resources to teach you digital marketing and online business.

Is The Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam? A Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Pros vs. Cons


  • No credit card is required for a FREE seven-day trial. Keep 2 free websites as an extra bonus for as long as you like. Again this is ZERO cost!
  • Getting Started Training (step by step, fully SIMPLIFIED the process)
  • Core Training – Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Certification Courses – 5 levels with 50 Video lessons
  • Live Training – offers weekly live video classes
  • Community Training – creates a huge diverse learning portal
  • WA Keyword Tool – target keyword more precise
  • Site Builder (SiteRubix) – build a website in 60 seconds
  • Site Hosting – WordPress hosting in industry standards
  • Site Domains – purchase domain cheaper and easier
  • The Support – support channel for everyone
  • Live Help – 24/7 instant answers(even at 2 am in the morning!)
  • Private Messaging – contact for private coaching
  • Live Q and A Sessions – get help instantly
  • Website Feedback Platform – provide crowdsourced feedback
  • Training Classrooms – a ton of help there
  • Live webinars once a week
  • Close 850,000 members
  • 2 totally Free and Beautifully Designed Websites
  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
  • A strict spam free environment
  • 13 Full, Interactive Classrooms with tasks to complete
  • Completely FREE to Get Started! (with no catches)


  • Too much information that can be overwhelming
  • can not get rich overnight
  • need takes a lot of time to study
  • self-motivation, self-discipline, and dedication are required
  • If you are LAZY, it’s suitable for you!

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For

First of all, I must admit that Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for everyone because WA teaches me to establish an online business and expand the online business.

Simply speaking, it is a matter of training, and it takes time.

You need to put a lot of time to learn a lot of knowledge and read a lot of articles.

If you are willing to learn and take action, the concept of making money online is right for you.

Hey, what can you really benefit from a plan?

  • I want to use my free time to earn extra monthly income
  • Staying in the house, if your mom and dad have free time, and are willing to study in front of the computer
  • Want to make money to help pay tuition fees for both students, many college students study Wealthy Affiliate to make money online there, after the
  • establishment success, they earn 6 figures online businesses
  • I want to have more exposure rates of my business on the Internet
  • Have free time after retirement, looking for interest or want to add some pension
  • Tired of 9 to 5, hope to start your own business. There are a lot of Wealthy Affiliate members who have been able to leave the “daily work” and start a full-time online marketing business

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate is a good choice for anyone who wants to make money in the house, but you must understand that you need to invest time and energy to make Wealthy Affiliate work.

Wealthy Affiliate plans to teach you how to build an online business.

The biggest difference between starting an online business and a traditional business is that you don’t need to start funding to start an online business.

You don’t even need any money to join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member.

Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership provides you with everything you need to get started: including 2 free websites, training, and support.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to set up an online business based on work, energy, and time.

So if you are willing to work hard and learn to grow up with yourself, Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for you.

Why is this so important?

Because, if someone promises that you can RICH OVERNIGHT, and you don’t need to make any effort to make you rich, I suggest that you should be very careful when you are getting in.

Regarding Wealthy Affiliate, there are other benefits, regardless of gender, age, and country, anyone can join the same job.

What you need is to take action and learn.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools

All the tools provided inside Wealthy Affiliate are very easy to use and provide excellent results. Now let’s get into the details of each toolset.


SiteRubix is the toolset for creating the ultimate online experience. The seven tools in the toolset make it easy to manage your website. Here are a few of the tools that will be explained to you.SiteRubix

Site Manager

This is your website management system.

This system will list all the websites you have and allow you to log in to the WordPress admin panel as well as some useful tools and information about your website.Site Manager

Site Builder

This tool can help you build your website in minutes. This (so far) is the coolest system I saw when building a website.

When installing a WordPress site, you usually have to perform a series of steps, which can be a pain if you are not familiar with it.

Site Builder solves this problem in a simple 4 step:

  1. What kind of website do you want to build? (free website)
  2. Name your website
  3. Choose your website
  4. Build your website

The last thing you have to do is install WordPress and the challenges afterward. With Site Builder, I have been able to install WordPress in 60 seconds, from adding domain names to logging into the site.Site Builder

Site Domains

You can choose to search for available domain names. The .com domain name is only 13.99 per year.

This is the latest addition to the Wealthy Affiliate toolset, which changes the rules of the game!

You can now buy domain names in WA and work seamlessly with WA Hosting and SiteRubix.Site Domains

Site Content

  • This is a great tool for dealing with the content of your website and gives you some incredible features that will make your life as a “blogger” much more efficient.
  • 100 key grammar and spell check
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Automatically publish directly to your website
  • Writing goals and achievements
  • SEO analysis and inspection
  • Content structure analysis
  • Making a template
  • Vocabulary use adviceSite Content

Site Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate has some of the best WordPress hosting services and has established industry standards.

Not only is the hosting service fast and reliable, it seamlessly integrates with SiteRubix and Site Domains to make your website building experience a breeze.

  • Here are some of the features of WA Hosting
  • WordPress Optimization Server
  • The safest hosting service
  • Daily backup
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Email and forwarding
  • Website health analysis
  • Website login automaticallySite Hosting

SiteBuilder and SiteHosting are available to both Starter and Premium members.

The following is a brief explanation:

Free membership = 2 free websites (on the .siterubix.com domain)
Premium membership = 50 websites (25 free .siterubix.com websites and 25 own domain names)Website Features & BenefitsWebsite Features & BenefitsWebsite Features & Benefits

WA Keyword Tool

WA Keyword Tool allows you to understand what users have searched in Google.

To make your website appear in front of the user, you need to understand the audience’s search behavior.

The WA Keyword Tool will show you that the keyword has been searched for the number of times and how competitive the keyword.WA Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Certification Courses

Online Entrepreneur Certification offers 5 levels of 50 courses that guide you through the process of creating and developing your business and working with any niche market.

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started

    This is a 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification.

    It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue.

    This getting started course (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.Level 1 - Getting StartedLevel 1 - Getting Started - Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

    Traffic, regardless of the nature of your online business is the root of all success.

    If you can learn how to effectively get traffic to your website, you can accomplish an extraordinary amount of success.

    This 10 lesson training is going to walk you through no cost traffic generation techniques that will allow you to capture highly relevant traffic in any niche.Level 2 - Building Your Own Traffic Producing WebsiteLevel 2 - Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website - Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  3. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money!

    You have a website, you have content, you know how to get traffic…now what?

    Time for THE MONEY.

    Once you understand how to get traffic and you start getting traffic, there are many ways in which you can earn revenue.

    In this course we are going to walk you through a number of ways you can earn money through your site.Level 3 - Making Money!Level 3 - Making Money! - Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  4. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement

    This course is dedicated to all aspects of social. From social media, social marketing, and social networks.

    Ultimately any success within the social world is the result of social engagement.Level 4 - Mastering Social Engagement Level 4 - Mastering Social Engagement - Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  5. The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

    You have a sound foundation for creating a successful business online.

    As many of you are starting to understand, content can lead to a good deal of success and this course is going to elaborate on the content aspect of your business.

    You are going to extend your skills and knowledge in everything from the initial research process, the content layout/architecture/structuring, creating high engagement through your content, effective techniques for boosting conversions, and scaling your content through proper goal setting and outsourcing.

    The outcome of this training is going to be an understand of how to scale your business through content in the most effective and efficient way.

    Level 5 - Achieving Maximum Success Through Content CreationLevel 5 - Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation - Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Level 2 to Level 5 are courses offered to Premium members.

Affiliate Bootcamp offers 5 levels of 70 courses

  1. Getting Your Business Rolling

    Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most lucrative “recurring” affiliate programs on the planet and within the first phase of the training we are going to get your business built on a solid foundation.

    All long term businesses start with a vision and a brand and we are going to help you get this in place in the first phase of the Affiliate Bootcamp training.

    This course is a 10 lessons and by the time you are finished this course, you are going to have your foundation for a long term and very lucrative business online set out!Phase 1 - Getting Your Business RollingPhase 1 - Getting Your Business Rolling - Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  2. Content, Keywords, and Conversions

    In phase 2 of the WA Affiliate Bootcamp, our main focus is going to be on content. This includes the actual creation of content on your site, how to make it presentable and readable, how to leverage “keywords” to create content that ranks, and how to make your content to convert.

    There is a big difference between just creating content and creating quality content that carries a substantial benefit.

    Upon completing this course, you are going to be prepared for a world of success with your content.Phase 2 - Content, Keywords and ConversionsPhase 2 - Content, Keywords and Conversions - Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  3. Giving Your Site Social Value

    If you have a website that has quality content, you need to make sure that your visitors can share that content.

    In this phase we are going to be discussing a variety of social aspects that you can incorporate into your site to make it more social, more engaging, and that you can use to get more reach (and traffic).Phase 3 - Giving Your Site Social ValuePhase 3 - Giving Your Site Social Value - Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  4. Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media

    Appearance matters. Media matters. Design matters.

    In this phase you are going to be learning all about “sprucing” up your website to make it a better experience for your visitors.

    We are also going to be touching on the most powerful elements of media, including imagery, videos, and how to incorporated these into your day to day marketing activities.Phase 4 - Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through MediaPhase 4 - Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media - Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  5. Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals

    In this phase of bootcamp we are going to be covering a variety of topics, but at it’s core this training is going to lead you to a better understanding your audiences and having improved skills in respect to converting a visitor on your website to an invite…and to an referral.Phase 5 - Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your ReferralsPhase 5 - Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals - Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  6. Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC

    With most people emphasizing their marketing efforts on Google Search, it is often times forgotten that Yahoo/Bing own 30% of the search engine market share.

    That is A LOT of potential traffic, regardless of your niche.

    In this training I am going to be showing you how you can leverage the “other” search engines which can lead to an incredible amount of traffic to your business.Phase 6 - Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPCPhase 6 - Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC - Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  7. How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

    Creating success within the PPC world is one thing.

    It is not as elusive as it sounds and once you figure it out, the next dilemma naturally becomes SCALING your campaigns to create more success.

    In this lesson we are going to be going through the process of scaling PPC campaigns in a way that leads to profitability and long term success.Phase 7 - How to Scale Successful PPC CampaignsPhase 7 - How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns - Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Level 2 to Level 7 are courses offered to Premium members.

All of the above courses are great, and I find that occasionally rereading these courses can make your learning more profound.

This is what I personally recommend to you.

Live Training

To keep the content up-to-date, Wealthy Affiliate also offers real-time video lessons on the subject of online marketing every week.

Jay is the official training director responsible for the course and has been working within Wealthy Affiliate for more than 5 years.

Each on-site training course will be recorded, so if you are unable to participate in the live broadcast, you can watch the training online 24 hours after the live broadcast.

You can also leave a star rating and comment for each training session and show it to all members.Live Training

Private Messaging

Wealthy Affiliate’s Private Message service is limited to premium members.

This feature allows you to communicate privately with other Premium members, including your idea/strategy details.

Work the same way as email or text messages.

To send a Private Message to a member, you only need to go to the Help Center and click on the Private Message button and you will automatically be taken to the message page.

Private Message

As you can see in the image below, you only need to type “Recipient” & “Topic” and then enter your message in the “What’s on your mind?” section.

Once you have completed the required information, simply click on the “Send Private Message” button to complete all operations.Private Message - demo

In Wealthy Affiliate, if you want to get more one-on-one experience, you can send a Private Message to the founder’s Kyle and Carson to discuss any of your own online projects, and they will reply to each message.

There are countless alliance marketing and training platforms. Is it possible to contact the founder?

I can bet, it’s none.

To use the free trial, you only need to register on the website – no need to provide any credit card details.

Live Help

Live Support is the core f the Wealthy Affiliate community, providing everyone with instant questions and personal help, guidance, and real-time interaction.

Live Support is available 24/7, so which part of the world you live in is not important anymore – live chat support is there.Live Help

52 Wealthy Affiliate Member’s Success Stories

Everyone’s success is different, but all of these stories have a purpose, to inspire you, to tell you that everything is possible!

If you want to see more success stories, please click here.

If you want to see success stories video proof, please click here.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Program

Wealthy Affiliate has two member prices:

Starter Membership, $ 0 (Join Here)
Premium Membership, $, $49 per month / $359 per year (Join Here)

$0 looks too good to be true, but this sentence is completely wrong. I will explain why. When you join Starter, you get instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

This includes access to live chat, more than 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, 2 free websites, and access to keyword tools.

In fact, I encourage you to start free. Before you have to invest any of your own money, I would rather have you “look at it”.

To be honest, there are no other services or platforms in the industry that can compete with Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE Starter Membership, except…

Wealthy Affiliate Premium. If you are interested in online business, then this is the platform that really includes everything.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium aims to eliminate all the other “costs” you usually have to worry about in your daily activities.

Website hosting fees, keyword tool fees, website building fees, asking people, and asking for help, writing tools, domain names, constantly searching online for answers to questions and getting the right training…… Wealthy Affiliate Premium has been offered to you at a low price.

I often say that once you become a Wealthy Affiliate Premium, you no longer have to buy other master books, internet scams, or expensive online success courses.

I was serious! Everything you need is already available at Wealthy Affiliate Premium, including one-on-one experts from the real world.

If you are a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will never be deceived online again, I can assure you.Wealthy Affiliate Membership Program

My Last Opinion

Joining Starter Membership is completely free.

If you are not satisfied after joining, you have no loss at all, but if you step by step to run the online business according to the training content, this will be an opportunity to affect your life.


Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Owners: Kyle & Carson
My Overall Ranking: 98/100
Recommend: YES
Read Real Testimonials: READ REVIEWSWealthy Affiliate Summary

If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of Wealthy Affiliate or you have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!