CashCrate Reviews 2021 – Can Make Money Or Not?

January 28, 2021 6 By CT
CashCrate Reviews 2021 – Can Make Money Or Not?

Why I write this post? I think many people in the world are looking for ways to make money at home online. Many of them don’t want to go out every day. Make money online is always an attractive idea in people’s ears.

But, how can people know which way really works or just a scam?

In the beginning, I totally don’t know how to make money online. I just think that this is no free lunch in the world. The online world is not reliable. It’s impossible to make any money at home by just the computer that is connected to the internet.

According to my deeper research on the internet, I find so many ways that can make money easy.

One of them is CashCrate. But, to be honest, CashCrate can not make big money. If you are still interested in CashCrate, I recommend you read my review below first.

If you really want to make a big-money at home, I do have a recommendation for you. That is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that provides you a ton of training and support to let you make money online, here is the full review of Wealthy Affiliate.  You can take a look at that or keep reading this post.

Now, I am going to review CashCrate.

CashCrate Reviews

Name: CashCrate


Price: Free To Join

Owners: Patrick Clochesy & Joe Coleman

Overall Rank: 55 out of 100

Recommended: No

What is CashCrate?

CashCrate is a GPT(get-paid-to) website found around since 2006 and has over 7 million members. It’s totally free to join.

It is one of the most popular platforms that allow the member to earn money by completing offers, taking surveys, shopping online, and other online activities. All of them will not take you a long time.

What is CashCrate

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • free registration
  • easy to make money
  • have a referral program
  • a lot of success stories
  • website is fast
  • all countries can join

The Bad:

  • PayPal is not available in your first time paid
  • asking information that’s not related to payment
  • often do not qualify for surveys
  • may get spam calls and emails
  • high payout threshold
  • earn too less
  • US resident may earn more

Who is CashCrate for?

For everyone who wants to make money online. Don’t worry about your computer knowledge. There are many kinds of activities, you can choose one that suitable for you.

CashCrate Tools & Training

CashCrate has one-page talks about “HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN SITE OR BLOG” to promote a way to get referrals.

But, I personally think that it’s didn’t teach you anything about how to create a blog. It just briefly talk about the definition of some internet terms. It’s totally useless for us to create a blog.

CashCrate itself has no search function, all the individual function below have to search online one by one by yourself.

CashCrate Tools & Training

The search results from Google are totally from CashCrate’s website itself and do not come from other reviews. It’s funny?

That means, all the information or explanation is already inside CashCrate’s website.

One thing I consider for a long time, if CashCrate really wants to let people make money easily, why CashCrate doesn’t add some explanations one by one that easy to read on the same page?

It’s too inconvenient and time consuming for the audience and even the member. It’s quite ridiculous I think. It takes you a long time in the whole process of making money.

CashCrate Price

It’s totally free to join. No credit card is required as well.

I like the design here because CashCrate tells you “JOIN FOR FEE” in a bold and bigger font. It’s really easy for me. It reminds everyone clearly.

join for free

Does CashCrate Work?

Yes, it works. But it takes time to complete the offer and the money is less. If you are looking for some ways to make money online method and want to earn a long-term full-time passive income. I think it’s not suitable for you.

It is only suitable for those who want to earn pocket money when they are free.

How does CashCrate Work?

Advertisers pay CashCrate to have users try their products. When you complete an offer, CashCrate is simply passing that money on to you. Sounds save. At least 5783 real payments are sent to members.

Is CashCrate a Scam?

I think it’s not a scam. It really can make money at home

How to Get Started with CashCrate?

Step 1: Very simple, just fill in your email and desired password.

How to Get Started with CashCrate_1

Step 2: You have to fill in personal details. I think it’s reasonable as I join many Affiliate Network before, it needs to fill in the same data also. I guess it’s the way to protect CashCrate itself.

Try to imagine that, if something happens, but CashCrate totally doesn’t have any information about their members. Will, it seems weird?

How to Get Started with CashCrate_2

Step 3: After filling in some personal information, CashCrate will ask you to fill in some new-member profile, it takes 3 steps. When completing the profile, you will get a $0.50 bonus.

In this step, the question seems very normal, right?

How to Get Started with CashCrate

How to Get Started with CashCrate

Step 4: In this step, do you start to think the questions don’t have so much related to the surveys?

CashCrate explains the questions can let them send you a more suitable kind of survey.

Do you believe that?

How to Get Started with CashCrate

Step 5:

How to Get Started with CashCrate

Step 6: Oh, I think this step a bit ridiculous.

Why do I say that? Because CashCrate needs you to choose at least one health condition you suffer from.

That means I cannot be a healthy person with a good condition body.

Oh my god…so I click some randomly.

How to Get Started with CashCrate

How to Get Started with CashCrate

Finally: I think the whole registration process takes me over ten minutes. It’s not a few minutes as CashCrate claims.

Now, I can start to make money.


How to Make Money with CashCrate?

By doing the below task to make money

  • Offers
  • Surveys
  • TapResearch
  • Best Surveys
    Best Surveys
  • Video & More
    Video & More
  • Bonus Surveys
  • Bonus Offers

CashCrate Support

You can ask the question here.

CashCrate Support

In the support page, there is only 9 short question and short answer inside. It’s not enough for you to know more CashCrate.

When I register successfully, I ask one question immediately. It’s about the check.

CashCrate Support

I ask the support if I am not a US resident, how can I receive the check?

Why I ask this because no matter where you live, your first payment must be an actual check. After that, you can then use PayPal to get paid.

It states clearly in the payment settings inside your account information.

No other payment options available

Can you think why CashCrate will have such a payment policy? CashCrate rather pays the mail fee instead of transfer the money to me electronically.

The cost of transfer to Paypal is really bigger than pay the mail fee to me?

How to get paid from CashCrate?

Payments are made by check every month. You can use PayPal also but has some criteria you have to reach first. You must reach Silver status and receive at least one actual check first before PayPal is available to you.

Click here to see the payment detail.

What is the minimum payout?

Yes, the minimum payout is at least $20. I think this is pretty high for most GPT sites

Does anyone get the real payment from CashCrate?

Yes, it does. There are 5783 payment proves in CashCrate’s payment wall.

How to get paid from CashCrate

How to refer others to make more money?

Go to the homepage after login. You will see several tabs in the middle of the page. Then find the “Referrals” tab and click it. You will see three boxes. In the first box, just copy your unique referral link to your friends and family. When they sign up and complete the offer, you will get the commission. Click here for more details.

How to refer other to make more money

How much money can you ACTUALLY earn?

Actually, the variation of how much you can make in CashCrate. Most of the prove posted on the payment wall is just two figures. Some of them get three figures.

Let’s take a look at some poor comments

The comments below all come from two websites. If you want to read more, just click the link.

This member complains security breach from CashCrate.

I think this really a serious problem if a security breach occurs, the member will lose all the personal data. Then, many sales calls and sales emails will be coming. What an announcement.

Let's take a look of some poor comments

Overall, this member complains the activities CashCrate is not available such as the same survey keep throwing at him and a lot of daily and top surveys always unavailable.

It really frustrates the member. All the members register and do the activities because of wanting to make money online. What a disappointment.

Let's take a look of some poor comments

This guy complains earn too less in CashCrate.

It’s the truth. Time is money.

Let's take a look of some poor comments

This member complains about not eligible and bounces from the survey and gets a sale call.

According to somebody say, if you are a US resident, you will have more chances to make more money.

The sale call is really announcing. I think no one will like it. So do i.

Let's take a look of some poor comments

Let’s take a look at some good comments

The comments below all come from two websites. If you want to read more, just click the link.

This member is lucky, but I think she just made a little bit of pocket money.

Let's take a look of some good comments

I believe some of them really can make a little big money.

Edit ImageLet's take a look of some good comments

This member also can make a little bit of money from CashCrate.
Let's take a look of some good comments

Average scores of CashCrate

Average scores of CashCrate

Average scores of CashCrate

According to the two websites above, poor comments and complaints come from CashCrate is more than good comments.

I think it’s not good news for anyone who wants to join CashCrate. Normally the complain come from not eligible for the surveys and earn too little even though it can really make money, but it just a small amount of pocket money.

If you want to quit a full job and rely on CashCrate, it’s really impossible.

Most surveys cannot complete

In my personal experience, when you do the survey, you will find that you are always not eligible to complete the survey. I tried three, but none of them if qualify. This is because the companies provide surveys that are looking for a very specific demographic. US residents may be one of the considered reasons.

Spam phone calls and emails

Some of the surveys require your email or phone number in the end. You have to make sure to read the privacy policy or terms of service they provide. Otherwise, you may get many spam phone calls and emails very soon. Be careful.

Account Termination

Be aware your account is not accessed in the last 90 days will be terminated.

My Final Opinion of CashCrate

I truly believe CashCrate can really make money. If you want to make money there, don’t expect you can make a larger amount of money than enough for your life.

Don’t even think you can quit a job and change to a part-time job.

Most of the people want to make money online because of wanting to build a long-term passive income and quit a full-time job and work at home, even travel the world.

CashCrate obviously is not suitable for people who think about that.

If you really want to make big-money online, I suggest you read a full review of Wealthy Affiliate that is a platform that teaches you to make money online more efficiently than just doing surveys.

Many of the members inside has already got a long-term full-time passive income and quit a job. Some of them are earning money even travel the world.

Sit on the balcony or nice beach and make money at the same time. What a beautiful picture.

Do you want to read their success stories?

If you want to be one of them, I highly recommend you reading a full review of Wealthy Affiliate.


Name: CashCrate
Price: Free to join
Owners: Patrick Clochesy & Joe Coleman
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100

Recommended: No

If you would like to leave your personal review or you have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!