Cloudways Hosting Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons!

November 3, 2020 0 By CT
Cloudways Hosting Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons!

When it comes to cloud-based managed WordPress hosting, Cloudways is one of the few companies that strikes a good balance between affordability and powerful features.

Cloudways provides a fully managed hosting service and guarantees that WordPress sites will no longer load slowly, and WordPress hosting will no longer be troublesome.

Their platform-as-a-service cloud server has an excellent feature set, and you can expand your hosting resources as your website grows.

Their infrastructure is optimized for speed, performance, and security.

If you still have doubts about using Cloudways as a managed WordPress host, please sign up for the 3-day free trial version provided by Cloudways to test its platform.

Cloudways’ cheapest managed WordPress hosting plan is 10.00 per month.

About Cloudways

Cloudways was founded in 2009 by Uzair Gadit, Pere Hospital, and Aaqib Gadit, and its headquarter is located on the island of Malta in Europe.

They also have offices in Spain and Dubai, and their more than 30 employees have helped 8,000 users from 43 different countries launch more than 12,000 servers and more than 25,000 web applications.

Cloudways’ mission is to provide managed cloud hosting solutions so that their customers can focus on the business side while effectively solving hosting problems.

When it comes to cloud-based managed WordPress hosting, Cloudways is one of the few companies that strikes a good balance between affordability and powerful features.

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When looking for a managed WordPress hosting service, you will undoubtedly come across many companies that provide similar services.

Although the vast majority of web hosts provide managed WordPress hosting in a shared, VPS, or dedicated server environment, one company has indeed broken away from the norm and provides a unique hosting solution.

That company is Cloudways.

Managed WordPress hosting

Cloudways provides a hosted cloud hosting service for WordPress sites on cloud servers, where multiple copies of your content will be replicated throughout the selected data center.

Data switching is handled by complex algorithms. If the main server fails, a copy of the website will be provided from the next available server.

This allows the rapid deployment of computing resources, high performance, and service reliability.

Cloudways VS. Traditional Hosting

How is Cloudways WordPress hosting different from traditional hosting?

  • Cloud hosting means that your site is stored on multiple servers, while traditional hosting stores your site on one server (with backup)
  • Since your site is on multiple servers, it can be easily migrated in the event of any incident
  • Cloud hosting improves uptime because if any issues arise, one of the other servers in the network can take over
  • Generally, it is faster than traditional hosting, the server can detect the location of your customers and transfer content from the server closest to you
  • Many cloud hosts use SSD (Solid State Drive) to improve site performance
  • Generally, cloud hosts provide higher security than traditional hosts. Cloudways uses multiple security technologies to handle your WordPress website
  • Cloud servers can be expanded quickly. This is the ideal choice if your corporate site suddenly sees a peak in traffic
  • You can pay by price to better control hosting costs
  • SSD-based WordPress hosting can make your website run fast with dedicated resources

What are the main features of the Cloudways?

main features of the Cloudways

Like any hosting company, Cloudways servers provide varying amounts of processing power, memory, bandwidth, and storage space. The most basic hosting plan is to provide a cloud server with 10 GB RAM, 25 GB storage, 1 core processor, and 1 TB bandwidth.

Here is how Cloudways can make your WordPress website secure, fast, and easy to maintain:

  • If you want to move the host, Cloudways will take care of your website migration
  • Cloudways CDN can increase server speed. Faster website speed is especially important for online stores
  • Automatic repair function can solve all problems, thereby reducing the risk of website crash
  • WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, so it is a target for hackers. Cloudways uses a dedicated firewall to protect your site
  • The built-in “encrypted” SSL ensures secure communication between your website and your customers
  • Two-factor authentication provides additional security protection for attackers
  • Install apps with one click
  • Easily set up a new site – deploy a new site on the server with just one click
  • Get 24/7 expert support

Start the server easily

Cloudways allows you to configure the specifications of the required servers directly from its hosting control panel.

Choose from 5 top cloud providers

Before starting to configure the server, you must select your preferred cloud provider on the Cloudways console. The cloud provider is essentially another company that provides infrastructure-as-a-service to Cloudways (in this case, it is access to data centers and cloud-based server hosting websites).

Cloudways works with five cloud providers:

  • Digital Ocean
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Vultr
  • Linode

Configure servers easily

After selecting the cloud provider, you can configure the server. With the slider on the control panel, you can choose how many page views you expect to receive each month. Cloudways uses this information to recommend a server size that suits your specific hosting needs.

In addition, you can manually set server specifications by specifying the required bandwidth, core processor, RAM, and storage space. Finally, Cloudways will prompt you to choose a server location.

Then you can install WordPress

After configuring the cloud server specifications, you can install WordPress from the “Application Management” tab. There are three WordPress installations to choose from:

  1. Standard WordPress hosting with built-in caching tools.
  2. WordPress multisite.
  3. WordPress with WooCommerce hosting.

Each installation comes with the installation and configuration of the W3 Total cache plugin to improve site speed and performance.

What can you use the Cloudways console?

On the Cloudways console, you can find many other settings under the “Server Management” tab. Scroll down the tab further to reveal more functions, which you can manage as needed.

The following is a brief overview of the Server features you will get when you use Cloudways to host your WordPress website:


This security feature keeps logs of the “whitelisted” IP addresses used to access the server


Cloudways allows you to set up automatic backups of cloud server images. You can set the server to self-backup every day, two days, three days, etc. The maximum backup frequency is one week. You can also manually back up the server at any time by clicking a button.


Server monitoring may be one of the most impressive features Cloudways provides through its cloud hosting solution.

This section shows a graph to help you monitor the load on the cloud server. A simple drop-down menu provides more than 15 variables to monitor, some of which include incoming traffic, idle CPU, and reads per second.

Convenient traffic flow surgery

There is nothing like paying for ads, attracting a lot of traffic, and then paralyzing your website because it cannot accommodate all visitors.

With the vertical expansion, you can adjust the allocated server resources at any time with a few clicks. This is an excellent feature when encountering a surge in traffic.

If you only expand for a short period of time, Cloudways will provide a “pay as you go” system so that you don’t have to pay for server resources that you don’t need in the future.

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Other tools and settings

In addition to the above tools, Cloudways also provides many other tools. For example, under the “Management Services” option, you can configure services such as MySQL, Apache, and cache.

Under the “Migrator Tool” option, Cloudways provides a WordPress migration tool that can help you move your existing WordPress site to its cloud hosting platform.

Using the “Application Add-ons” section, you can install application-specific add-ons for DNS management, transactional email services, etc.

In addition, Cloudways console also provides some additional tools, such as backup and restore, SSL certificate installation, and GIT integration.

Is Cloudways suitable for e-commerce?

Cloudways Hosting includes various e-commerce friendly features designed to make selling goods online a piece of cake. The company currently has more than 10,000 e-commerce stores.

With the combination of Memcached, Apache, Varnish, and Nginx, the host has 100% reliability, and the ultra-low page load time is only 2 seconds.

The host’s e-commerce options also include a user-friendly console, unlimited storage space, hosting security and backup, and 24-7 support.

Supported e-commerce platforms

Cloudways Hosting supports many popular e-commerce platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, and Prestashop, you can use these platforms to sell goods and services online.


Cloudways promises to install Magento with one click, a move aimed at eliminating the hassle of installing an open-source e-commerce platform.

Hosting service providers are also optimized to run Magento stores at high speeds, which means they can bring higher conversion rates for your company.

Other features include multiple SSL deployment and built-in SSH and Git environments. It also provides a free migration service for your online store.


WooCommerce is another popular e-commerce platform supported by Cloudways hosting.

The one-click installation process and free automatic migration service make the hosting service provider surpass everything to ensure that the installation is very simple.

At the same time, the host’s WooCommerce hosting plan also includes features such as WP-CLI support and one-click server extension, so that you can get some additional resources for your business during busy hours.

About performance and uptime?

Cloudways has partnered with some of the top cloud providers in the industry. Therefore, when hosting your website on their WordPress cloud server, you can rely on them to provide more than 99% uptime.

The load time of the WordPress website hosted on Cloudways has been reduced by 40-50%. This is achieved through Cloudways’ proprietary VMAN technology, which deploys Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx to optimize site speed.

Will my website load fast?

Page speed is especially important for small businesses, because short loading times can affect your company’s Google search rankings and cause impatient customers to lose.

Cloudways achieves ultra-fast page loading speeds with its advanced technology stack, which is designed to maximize speed:

  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • paint
  • Memory cache
  • Redis
  • MySQL/MariaDB database
  • SSD (Solid State Drive) for storage

Global network of data centers

Global network of data centers

In addition, you can choose to use StackPath CDN (Content Delivery Network), which uses a global network of more than 65 PoPs (Points of Presence).

These data center nodes store a copy of your website. When someone visits your site, the system will automatically detect their geographic area and deliver your site from the network node closest to them.

Your website may need to adjust the speed

Many page speed factors depend on your website and your daily habits and therefore depend on your responsibilities. Cloudways has a great blog post on this: “13 Ways to Speed ​​Up a WordPress Site“.

Many of their suggestions are methods that only programmers can know.

Check out Google’s Page Speeds Insights tool, which can analyze the speed of your business web pages and tell you how to make it run faster.

Also, check your daily practices: for example, uploading large image files will instantly slow down your website.

Will my website be protected from hackers?

Server security is something Cloudways takes seriously, which is why the new WordPress managed Click and Go platform can protect cloud servers through complex firewalls.

Cloudways technical experts deployed so-called “security hardening technology” to protect servers from hacker attacks.

As mentioned earlier, Cloudways provides automatic site backup, and you can choose how often you want the server to back up your data.

Application-level security

Application-level security refers to those security services that are invoked at the application level rather than the network level.

It provides an extra layer of security protection to prevent your online business from external threats.

How do they support customers?

How do they support customers

Getting help from Cloudways is easy. You can contact the support team via phone, live chat, or email.

In addition, you can find answers to billing, sales, or technical inquiries on its support page, which contains knowledge base articles and frequently asked questions.

Pros and cons of Cloudways


  • Cloud servers with 512MB and 1GB RAM can enjoy a 3-day free trial period. The best part is that no credit card details are required.
  • Unlike WPEngine, which restricts installation, Cloudways has no restrictions on the number of WordPress sites that can be installed.
  • Cloudways Console is a user-friendly control panel for managing servers. It includes many useful features, the most famous being server monitoring and extension tools.
  • Automatic site backup is easy to configure and can be planned as needed.
  • The pay-as-you-go pricing system ensures that you only pay for what you need after expanding server resources.
  • In addition to WordPress, Cloudways also provides hosting solutions for many other content management systems such as Magento, Joomla, Drupal and Moodle.
  • Cloudways provides a site migration for free.


  • Unfortunately, you cannot use Plesk or cPanel. Cloudways is a platform-as-a-service company, so they provide their own console to help you manage applications hosted on cloud servers.
  • Cloud-based hosting is not for everyone, as it requires a certain degree of expertise. If you want to avoid technical details altogether, it is best to use traditional managed WordPress hosting services from well-known companies such as SiteGround, WPEngine, or InMotion.


When it comes to cloud-based managed WordPress hosting, Cloudways is one of the few companies that strikes a good balance between affordability and powerful features.

Their WordPress cloud server has an excellent feature set, and you can expand your hosting resources as your website grows.

If you are still skeptical about hosting your WordPress site on a cloud server, please sign up for the 3-day free trial provided by Cloudways to test its platform.

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