Deadline Funnel Review: Price, Details & Features!

November 23, 2020 0 By CT
Deadline Funnel Review:  Price, Details & Features!

In this “Deadline Funnel” review, we will carefully and quickly study the concept of scarcity. You may ask what is scarcity? Imagine it. You are browsing the Internet, looking for ways to make money.

You want to start your own business… want to be your own boss. You dream of leaving your 9 to 5 behind and are obsessed with the idea of ​​living your own way.

This dream keeps you awake at night. This is your passion. That’s all you consider! Suddenly, what you have been looking for is staring at you. This is a course, an e-book, a widget, a membership plan… these can definitely help you further achieve your goals and solve problems.

As you read the sales copy, you will realize that this is exactly what you need to get started!

A quick glance at the price tag reveals that it is usually $99. But now, if you make a purchase within the next 20 minutes, you can get the entire course/gadget/ebook for only $49!

There is also a small timer counting down… every second it shows you how close you are to this one-time special offer.

If you wanted to buy it in the first place, now you are really thinking about it. I mean, you actually saved a lot of money. In addition, if you let it use longer, you will need to pay in full!

This is a “deadline” sales strategy that uses a concept called “scarcity”

This small example illustrates that urgency is crucial to driving online sales. When your potential customers are convinced that the offer will expire soon, they will be more interested in your offer.

By introducing scarcity into your marketing, your audience is forced to take targeted action because they know that this offer is only available for a limited time.

After all, no one likes to be late for a show, right? Today’s digital marketers are making extensive use of scarce tools to add vital urgency or transitivity to their campaigns.

These tools create a personalized deadline that is assigned to every user in your entire funnel. These are called evergreen periods.

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What is an evergreen timer?

An evergreen timer allows you to inform prospective customers of the time required to select their offer. I like to call it “the disappearance of marketers.” The fact that the offer will disappear after a certain time indicates the “specialty” of the transaction.

This makes the user “think” that he believes his timing is right, he should thank Lucky Star for logging in to the page before the offer expires, etc. An evergreen timer works by storing a special cookie in the device/browser. User-specific.

This allows the software to set a dedicated or unique timer for that user. Normally, the countdown timer will start counting down immediately when the trigger operation is executed. In most cases, the trigger will enter the opt-in page. In this way, the timer is dedicated to the user.

An evergreen countdown timer is used to add a sense of scarcity, which is different from a fixed countdown timer, which is used to create expectations for upcoming events in a few days.

Let me demonstrate how amazing the evergreen timer works.

So let’s assume that I have published a new online course (maybe titled “How to Attract Beyoncé with $10″…lol). I can send an explosion sound to the email list of this new book.

In this explosion, I have a login page on which I will provide prospective buyers with a 60% discount for a limited time.

It may take 48 hours from the time each potential customer sees the offer.

Using the evergreen timer, I can integrate the countdown into the page and then start counting for each user who landed on the page. It doesn’t matter when they land on the page; since then, every user has 48 hours to buy or lose offers.

Therefore, if user X visits the landing page the day after sending the explosion, he has 48 hours to buy and enjoy a discount.

If he exits this page and returns after 28 hours, the evergreen timer recognizes him as the same user and shows him that there are 20 hours left. Similarly, if user Y visits the landing page one month after sending the explosion, he will see it for 48 hours! Actually very good! After the time set for each user expires, you can set it to display “Too bad, you missed…”.

You can also set a timer to redirect such potential customers who missed the offer to a new location, where you can let them predict the next start with a fixed countdown.

Therefore, we see an evergreen timer holding you responsible. Then, you can influence potential customers as you wish.

What is the Deadline Funnel?

What is Deadline Funnel is one of the leading scarce marketing tools in today’s digital space. In a sense, it has customized an evergreen countdown for your business prospects, which is actually very good. It was created by a marketer named Jack Born.

Just like me, Jack was bored with the tedious work of 9 to 5 and decided to chase his passion for internet marketing to start an online business. Jack knew he needed an evergreen timer. Therefore, he came up with Deadline Funnel.

The due date funnel allows you to track different users on different pages and devices. Your users can’t fool these unique countdown timers, which is why I love them. In the “Deadline Funnel” comment, let me tell you why scarce marketing is your best friend.

Why you should maximize the scarcity marketing strategy proposed by the deadline funnel?

In life, people tend to have higher values ​​for the things they fear to lose. Of course, this is an emotional event… But it did happen!

This psychological implication is that when potential customers know they can come back at any time to get an offer, they may ignore your offer (or reduce the value of the offer). In other words… your offer lacks scarcity.

If you do not introduce any urgency, there is no sense of urgency. The deadline will stimulate the attractiveness of your transaction, so it is more urgent. This means that when the countdown timer reaches zero, the offer will be withdrawn.

As the timer indicates, this transaction is temporary, which forces your leads to act quickly and seize the opportunity before the window closes. When you increase this sense of scarcity in your business, it makes it easy for your customers to buy now instead of later.

This usually results in a significant increase in conversions or sales in the campaign. Let us take a moment to review the practicality of this method. Imagine that I came to your landing page with a timer on it, showing me that I have “1 hour and 45 minutes” time to get a quote.

It would be shockingly absurd if I left, and then return to the page a few days later and still see “1 hour 45 minutes” on the timer! This may make me a “desperate marketing head”, so I’m unlikely to take you seriously in the future.

This type of header can damage your online reputation as a business… which makes it difficult for your potential customers to take deadlines seriously. This confirms the inefficiency of the universal timetable in contemporary digital marketing.

You need an evergreen timer that is unique to each user, which starts immediately when they land on the page. Deadline Funnel was specifically designed and constructed to create these “evergreen ultimatums”.

Therefore, let us conduct a more in-depth study of the Deadline Funnel and begin to extensively study the functions and applications of the Deadline Funnel.

How does the Deadline Funnel work?

Deadline Funnel is a breakthrough scarce tool that allows you to enhance the optimization of your marketing channels to take advantage of a personalized evergreen countdown.

With the help of this software, I can assign a completely different deadline for each user in the channel so that he can subscribe to my offer.

Deadline funnel This provides me with an automatic evergreen funnel that can be customized for each user based on the deadline. You must manually stop the countdown before the “Deadline Funnel” appears.

Deadline Funnels are very suitable for limited time offers, discount promotions, imminent price increases, and limited inventory. Marketers have deployed Deadline Funnel to achieve amazing success in virtual summits, webinars, and product launches.

I really like the fact that users cannot fool the Deadline Funnel timer. This has nothing to do with whether they try to manipulate or reset their assigned timers via VPN connections, new email registrations, browser changes, etc.

When the timer for a particular user expires, they will receive something like “Sorry, this offer no longer applies to you.” This will permanently lock the user out of the “opt-in” page and may redirect them to a page where they can join the list waiting for your next transaction.

If you are struggling to sell as a digital marketer, you need to look at channels. If your conversions keep declining and the number of registrations drops sharply, the deadline funnel can help you reverse your fate.

It injects scarcity into your marketing. Another experienced marketer, Dave Ramsey, asserted that scarcity and urgency are the foundation of 21st-century marketing. Next, in this “Deadline Funnel Review”, we will discuss these features.

Do I like the Deadline Funnel?

The due date funnel allows me to accurately monitor potential customers across multiple devices and multiple pages.

The software is compatible with top marketing solutions, including the most popular email service providers (such as Aweber), top landing page builders (such as Clickfunnels), and many payment gateways.

The software is easy to use because you don’t need to be a Harvard University professor to know how to set it up. Customer support is responsive. I don’t have to wait for decades of reply.

What needs to be improved in the deadline procedure?

  • The interface will become messy.
  • It lacks CSS timer color personalization.
  • Unable to save the design template for later use.

Great, after listing the pros and cons of the “Deadline Funnel” comment, let’s investigate its impressive features.

Deadline channel function

So far, we will introduce to you the functions that can be maximized using the “Deadline Funnel” in the “Deadline Funnel Comment”.

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Create a convertible evergreen campaign

The rigidity of deadlines is the key to scarce marketing. Your prospective client should never exceed your countdown timer, nor should the offer be returned after the assigned ultimatum is terminated.

Unlike the outdated “countdown” countdown timer, the “cut-off funnel” allows you to build an evergreen funnel, assigning each lead to his own novel timer that starts when they visit the “opt-in” page count.

The duration of an evergreen campaign is up to you. How do you build such an evergreen campaign on the “deadline funnel”?

  1. First, go to “Create a new campaign.”
  2. Next, click the “Evergreen” box. Especially green.
  3. Determine the operation that will start the countdown start. The trigger can choose to join the email list or click on the affiliate link.
  4. Fill in important details, such as the expiration time of the countdown, the name, the URL of the sales page, and the destination you want to redirect potential customers who missed the countdown.

Great, you are almost ready to get started! After filling in these fields, you can save and enter the final stage. The deadline funnel will provide you with a code that you can integrate into any page you want to monitor in the sales funnel. When finished, just click “Finish”. Isn’t that easy?

Build a compelling product launch

For product launches, you don’t need to assign a unique timer to each potential customer. Since the event starts on the general release date, it’s best to count down all potential customers.

After this release date, you can increase the urgency needed by offering time-determined deals for new potential customers who missed the release schedule.

This urgency in the post-launch phase can be achieved through Deadline Funnel’s evergreen campaign. However, for start-up activities within a few days, there will be a fixed deadline.

So, how do you set up a product launch event on Deadline Funnel? Just like creating an evergreen channel, you must first click “Create a new campaign.”

Now, instead of selecting the green Evergreen box, select the “Product Launch” box.

This way, you can create a fixed deadline whenever a potential customer visits the “opt-in” page. Enter the details of the product launch event. This will include the following information:

  • Name of countdown
  • expiry date
  • URL of your sales page
  • Possible redirect URL

You also need to specify the email service provider you want to use for the campaign and the landing page builder you plan to use when creating your marketing channel.

The deadline funnel asks you to further specify the category of the product you want to launch. The purpose of this is to accurately simplify the funnel to perform the amplifying conversion.

Now you can save and proceed to the last step as before, where you will get a unique Deadline Funnel script. This code will be integrated into the head of your website.

You can paste this code snippet into the corresponding page where you want to monitor visitor activity. You are here! We created an amazing product launch event.

Send a uniquely scheduled email to the designated recipient

How excited is this when you can send a unique deadline message to everyone on the email list instead of sending a universal deadline for everyone?

This is what the “deadline funnel” can help you achieve. In addition to allowing you to integrate timers into email newsletters, you can also send messages to subscribers, and each recipient can get a specific timer.

There is no doubt that email campaigns with high conversion rates are highly personalized. In this way, you can interact with each subscriber individually instead of interacting in a common cluster.

Therefore, you don’t have to use the generic ultimatum explicitly in your email campaigns, that is, to make it clear to everyone that “your offer will be closed within 72 hours”, but you can further subdivide the subscriber list and then use the specific collection

Person’s deadline text to personalize it. On the deadline funnel, these types of campaigns are seamless. You only need to enter a custom merge label in the email placeholder.

In this way, the “expiration date funnel” segments the email and distributes it to each subscriber using a customized expiration date message.

It couldn’t be easier! This customization will undoubtedly improve your email marketing metrics. CTR, open rate, conversion rate, and bounce rate will also increase.

Equip your landing page with a countdown timer

Personally, the best way to convert me is to show me that you are providing the best solution to my problem while also introducing some scarcity to help motivate me to take action.

When I saw the timer run out on the sales page, it was done perfectly. You really want to take these two things home.

  • This is the problem I need to solve, 100%
  • If I do not place an order before the timer runs out, I will miss the best deal I can get

You may disagree, but marketers know that the effect of doing so is hardly as big as the clock on the landing page.

Without a timer on the landing page, the call to action becomes too passive and easy to be ignored.

There is no sense of urgency and no sense of losing anything of value. In turn, this will greatly reduce conversions. The last thing to do is to lose potential customers, right?

Use Deadline Funnel to optimize your landing page with a unique timer, so you can add fun to your landing page more urgently. With Evergreen’s timer, they won’t cheat, so your call to action becomes more powerful.

This is because the promotion is only available for a limited time. The deadline funnel provides you with complete commands for timer optimization because you can display it almost anywhere you want.

You can display a timer in the footer, the body of the landing page (located inside the content), or even the page header.

If you are not very tech-savvy and cannot gain insight into technical coding details, you can use a set of pre-built templates for your timer. For DIY enthusiasts, there is more room to customize the design of the timer from the dashboard in the settings.

You can also choose to hide the timer and pop up the timer when a certain time is left in the transaction. This strategy can further stimulate the sense of urgency of potential customers, enhance their attractiveness, and prompt them to rush to take targeted actions.

However, the “Deadline Funnel” does not allow you to display timers in the footer and header of the page at the same time.

But you can customize the timer to accompany users as they scroll through the landing page.

Easily integrate landing page builders and email service providers

Deadline Funnel is compatible with the leading digital solutions in the landing page building and email auto-reply industry.

I can easily integrate things like MailChimp, Drip, Infusionist, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, and HubSpot into the installer.

In rare cases, your preferred email service provider may not be able to perform automatic integration. do not worry.

You can still put the “Deadline Funnel” tracking code on the “Opt-in” page. Deadline funnels can also work well with top sales funnel builders such as Clickfunnels.

In this way, you don’t have to worry about the strictness of API integration.

Improved accuracy and fluency when monitoring users across multiple devices and pages

When I was in college, I used to attend this party…and then drank the pint of beer I allocated.

Then I left, disguised as a new dress, returned to the party and drank another pint as a new guest! They can’t find me.

If you are an online business, the same applies. Not only is it a nightmare to manually track customers across multiple devices and IPs, rather than across multiple pages in a marketing funnel page, but it’s simply impossible unless you have the right tools.

The situation is even worse when you want to track a large number of pages. ! However, the deadline funnel automates the entire process, enabling you to easily and accurately track users through a complex combination of cookies, IP, and email addresses.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to beat the evergreen timer of the Deadline Funnel. Regardless of the user’s switching device or location, the “deadline funnel” has excellent complexity and can be used to discover when someone is the same user.

This ensures that the countdown is their only option, starting from when they enter your opt-in page or perform a trigger action.

Excellent support and rich documentation

Customer support is a key function of any digital system. Personally, I don’t like it when customer support takes a long time to respond to queries.

But thankfully, Deadline Funnel has a responsive customer support department. You can get in touch with account representatives via chat from 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Time.

You can also get support via email correspondence on weekends. In addition, Deadline Funnel’s knowledge base also contains a large number of self-help resources to help you.

Here, you can learn how to properly monitor potential customers, perform A/B testing, and create channels with high conversion rates.

The knowledge base also contains in-depth guides on integrating more than 50 software programs/platforms compatible with Deadline Funnel. The next thing I will discuss in the “Deadline Funnel Review” is the cost of the software.



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Yes, I know our ears are fully focused on pricing. There are 3 pricing plans for the cut-off funnel.

These are Start, Create, and Scale plans. The Start plan will cost you $39 per month. However, you can only have 1,000 leads and only 3 campaigns that month.

Nevertheless, you can still access the customer support team via chat and email communication. Note, however, that the response speed (or the priority of customer support for your query) may not be as fast as using a Create plan or a Scale plan.

The Start plan more suitable for marketers who have just started from Deadline Funnel, who are learning how to best utilize its features.

The Start plan provides them with the necessary entry tools to use the platform and then requires them to invest heavily in the platform.

The next plan is the Create plan, which costs $79 per month. Here, there is no limit to the number of campaigns you can run in a month. You can manage up to 10,000 leads per month.

Customer support is via email and chat-but it also has a higher priority.

Finally, there is a Scale plan. $159 per month. Just like the Create plan, there is no limit to the number of monthly campaigns.

According to this plan, you can manage up to 100,000 leads per month. This plan is suitable for large marketing agencies, managing more than 4 or more customer accounts.

Support through chat, email, and phone (call). It is easy to expand from one plan to another on Deadline Funnel.

If you exceed your assigned monthly leads, the “cut-off funnel” will notify you of possible plan upgrades.

When will the Deadline Funnel provide you with the best solution?

For marketers who want to use solutions like ActiveCampaign to automate their marketing, the deadline funnel is very convenient.

It is also great for processing basic leads to email subscribers and simplifies the automation of online seminars.

If you want to build your first evergreen funnel, then I suggest you use Deadline Funnel. Its ease of use and integrated solution makes it an ideal solution.

In general, the deadline funnel is very useful for information entrepreneurs, digital vendors selling subscription services (by membership), e-books, and even physical products.

However, if you have already enjoyed amazing conversion improvements with alternative evergreen timer solutions such as Thrive Ultimatum, you may not need to jump on the Deadline Funnel.


In fact, it is very easy to recommend Deadline Funnel (at least for building an evergreen countdown timer) because of its rich functions and overall effect.

Many of the tools you will see in scarcity marketing can only provide you with a deadline of at least 24 hours.

However, with the “Deadline Funnel”, I can set your due date to only a few minutes. However, many online scarce tools tend to slow down your loading speed, mainly due to their complexity.

As you know, a one-second delay in loading speed can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in an abandoned shopping cart and lose expected sales.

The good news is that Deadline Funnel will not slow down your loading speed. The purpose of this is to make the code run in the background without interrupting the general loading time of the home page.

Finally, using Deadline Funnel, you can create pre-release pages for product launch events. This way, if you visit the website without the timer activated, they will be directed to the pre-launch page, where they will be informed that the product has not yet been put into use.

Such a pre-release page can be a great destination for your potential customers to subscribe to notifications when the product goes live. All in all, the cut-off funnel is worth the investment. This advice comes from those who desire to get the most value from every penny they invest.

If you are skeptical about going in-depth and paying for premium plans such as advisory programs, you can use the free trial version for several weeks, where you can try Deadline Funnel and determine if it is your ideal scarce marketing solution.