Depositphotos Reviews – Buying and Selling Stock Images Made Easy …

December 15, 2020 0 By CT
Depositphotos Reviews – Buying and Selling Stock Images Made Easy …

Depositphotos Is a complete stock photo agency, it is one of the top companies in the market.

With a history of more than ten years of excellent customer service, they provide a large royalty-free image library and a wide range of pricing options that can meet everyone’s budget needs.

They sell images with credit packaging on-demand for $2,99-$4,90 each. Their subscription prices are even higher: you can rent them monthly or yearly, and there are different bulk plans, and you can download from $0.99 to $0.21 each time to get high-definition photos.

Depositphotos It is a very reliable and convenient stock photo agency, so you should definitely learn more.

You can discover great photos immediately, just enter the subject you want in the search field below, and click the button to call up the images in that subject from Depositphotos!

Depositphotos It is a well-known photo agency that provides convenient purchase options at very cheap prices, offering a wide variety of catalogs of stock photos, vectors, etc.

The company was originally established in Ukraine and later moved its headquarters to the United States.

Since its establishment nearly ten years ago, it has been one of the top photo photography companies in the field.

They have a strong international focus on customers, and they are known for their excellent customer service, interesting bonus offers, free gifts, and various offers.

Their approach is not much different from other photo agencies. Their highlight is the price and buyer bonus.

Subscriptions and image download packages are cheap, and they have been working hard to improve their sites and services.

As a Stock Photo Secrets reader, you can now purchase a 20% subscription and image pack discount on Depositphotos!

Depositphotos Basic knowledge

  • More than 60 million pictures (and still increasing)
  • Add pictures every week
  • Depositphotos Online since November 2009
  • The file types sold on Depositphotos are stock photos, vector files, and videos
  • Accept payments from PayPal, Moneybookers, and Webpay
  • Royalty-free and extended license only


  • Searchable categories: keywords (photographer, color, size, direction, and two filters) (the categories are too numerous to list); adult content and licensing. They now include reverse image search and other advanced features, which you can learn in our search engine update.
  • Image download packages for on-demand purchases and monthly and annual subscription options
  • A new flexible plan for small buyers: 10 pictures per month
  • Languages ​​include English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish
  • FAQs are extensive and easy to search

Image download packages and subscription-based purchase options

Depositphotos Make sure their pricing makes them different from other stock image agencies. The low purchase price of image download packages and subscription options makes the price of each image cheap. The price of an image is between 22 cents and 4.9 US dollars, and there is no size limit (HD).

Image package purchase options:

  • The image download package only has a predetermined size
  • Packaging ranging from $2.99 to $14

Image package purchase options

Image Pack Pros

  • The cheap price and minimum purchase is $4.9 for 10 images
  • By downloading, you can get images of any available size for free (maximum HD)
  • Extended license purchased separately
  • Transparent and understandable

Image Pack Cons

  • No custom package

Subscription service

Subscription service

Depositphotos Various subscription plans are provided based on the amount of images you need and how much you are willing to invest. All of their plans have monthly and annual billing plans.

They are different from other agents because their annual subscriptions are billed annually.

All of their plans have monthly download limits.

Subscription Pros

  • The flexibility of subscription options
  • Subscription services are cheap and require little investment
  • Buyers can get rewards by ordering and buying

Subscription Cons

  • Expansion license must be purchased together with a dedicated image package


Image search tool

Image search tool

Depositphotos In the past few years, Depositphotos has improved its search engine, and now they provide advanced search features, which include keyword searches, filters, and image recognition technology for reverse image searches.

Their library is organized according to the most popular and most popular topics and styles, and all pictures contain relevant keywords.

You can sort the search results by best match, best-selling or recent search results, file type, and license status. In addition, you can filter search results based on categories or contributors, you can also exclude keywords, and you can also choose by accuracy, direction, number of people, image size, and even color.

In addition, there is a reverse image search function that allows you to use any image provided as a search parameter to find similar, licensable stock photos.

Learn about Depositphotos’s new search engine here.


  • The category is their first search preference, which contains a large number of categories and subcategories
  • Exclude filter in advanced search options

Licensing options

Depositphotos Royalty-free license options, including extended licenses. The extended license is sold in its own image download package, starting with 1 image and priced at $89.

Previously, they had different independent licenses for each extended use right, but now they unify them into one extended license, which includes all uses of standard licenses and unlimited copies and for resale or free distribution In the project.

They also have a multi-seat expansion license, which is suitable for situations that require multiple users to access accounts and download content.

The license can only be purchased on-demand together with the image download package, and the more licenses you buy at one time, the lower the personal price of the license. Their prices are very competitive with the market.

They have a very useful license comparison committee to help you determine the licenses you need. check it out.


Depositphotos Very cheap. Cheap, cheap, cheap. They attract the mass market by selling pictures in small quantities and buying in large quantities and high membership registration rates.

As a photo agency, they are excellent, provide comprehensive information, bonus services, and work with their buyers and contributors to improve their website.

They are in a favorable position in the market, and after 8 years of operation, they are also trustworthy.