Easy Webinar Review: Pricing, Features & Details!

November 13, 2020 0 By CT
Easy Webinar Review: Pricing, Features & Details!

Every online business you can imagine can benefit from a webinar. Whether you are a marketplace or an e-commerce store selling handmade accessories, if you use webinars strategically, you can build your own brand and generate revenue.

But before you do everything, you need webinar software to set up, market, and host your webinar. When it comes to webinar software, EasyWebinar is one of the best.

About EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is a platform that can easily organize webinars and use them to generate leads and customers. Let us separate these two aspects of the software.

First of all, a webinar was actually organized. EasyWebinar provides the technology you need to easily broadcast videos to your target audience.

That can be your own video stream in front of the camera, a PowerPoint slide presentation, just your laptop screen, or any combination of these options.

Can’t you just use YouTube or Facebook Live to host a webinar?

You can, but if you just use a video streaming platform, you will not take full advantage of the full capabilities of the webinar.

When using Youtube or Facebook, you can create a video and want people to watch it. Some people may take a step forward and email the video to potential customers.

But with EasyWebinar, you can create a registration page, interact with your audience in many ways during the webinar, sell products during the webinar, and so on.

Therefore, using this webinar software is much more effective than tools such as Facebook Live.

Another aspect of conducting webinars is that you want them to be a tool for business growth.

Now, business growth means different things to different people. For some people, this may mean selling physical products, while for others, it may mean generating potential customers.

The following are some of the functions that can be achieved using EasyWebinar:

  • Create product and software demos
  • Create training materials for employees
  • Increase your email subscriber list
  • Run a recruitment process for your company
  • Sales Products

As you can see, a well-arranged sequence of webinars can help you achieve many goals. Companies that have not incorporated webinars as part of their sales channels will be lost.

They can be a good tool to stimulate growth at all stages of the customer’s life cycle.

EasyWebinar has won many customers over time, which proves the effectiveness of the software.

EasyWebinar’s customer list includes well-known companies such as OptimizePress, Drip, and AWeber.

All in all, the service has more than 11,000 paying customers.

Each of these customers uses EasyWebinar to achieve different business results. Some people use it to grow their online training business to seven numbers.

Others use it to create evergreen funnel materials to create sales for master classes.

These proofs show what goals can be achieved if EasyWebinar is used in the correct way. But what makes this webinar software such a home run?

Let’s start with its different webinar formats and see if we can find some clues.

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Types of webinars in EasyWebinar

You can create two main webinars on EasyWebinar. This is them.

1. Live webinar

Live webinar

You may have guessed a real-time webinar that can be played in front of the audience in real-time.

The video stream sent to your audience in real-time, as are the chat messages and other engagement tools you use.

EasyWebinar uses a technology called Live Engine to power its real-time webinars.

This technology ensures that these webinars can continue without interruption or failure, and if you are broadcasting to the audience in real-time, these failures will not occur.

Encountering technical issues during the live webinar may cause some audience loss.

The way EasyWebinar prevents this is to provide high-quality video first.

Viewers can see your broadcast in a pixel-perfect video without delaying it in any other way.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing their attention during the webinar due to video lag.

You can also share your screen in HD during the online seminar. You can run browser windows, presentations, or other content during the broadcast.

EasyWebinar allows you to share the screen in full screen, or display your own video stream as a thumbnail in the display.

If you want to share presentations with the audience, the software has native features. You can upload slides directly to EasyWebinar, so you don’t have to worry about launching other software to display them.

This also ensures that camera streaming and chat continue smoothly when you present the webinar participants through the lecture.

The best part of creating a real-time webinar is its ability to enable you to interact with the audience.

EasyWebinar has a built-in chat function, in case you want to use a combination of text messaging and real-time video streaming to attract viewers.

You can have a general chat with your attendees, and you can also reply to specific messages.

EasyWebinar provides a more immersive way to make your attendees a part of your online seminar.

The organizer of a webinar can allow up to four participants to be co-hosts of the broadcast at a time.

This means that those you allow can appear on the screen with you at the same time as the presenter.

This might be great if you want to have a Q&A or a group call after the presentation.

If you want to sell goods during the online seminar, you can use EasyWeinar’s native function.

The software allows you to create a quote button, which you can link to a registration form or sales page.

Offer Button Builder software allows you to design calls to action and buttons for launching these offers.

You can use EasyWebinar’s “scarcity timer” to create a sense of urgency in your audience, which will include an expiration date in the quote.

2. Automation Webinar

Automation Webinar

Another type of webinar you can conduct with EasyWebinar is an automated webinar. These are pre-recorded webinars and are not scheduled to go live on any specific date.

The purpose of automation webinars is different from on-site webinars, which focus on participation.

Let’s look at an example to better understand why automation webinars are useful.

Suppose you have a sales channel for SaaS products you created. Your website is at the top of the funnel.

Site visitors can register to your email list, which is the next stage of the funnel. Now you just need to send emails to your subscribers to push them in along the channel.

Your other option at this stage is to send them a webinar.

This webinar can be used as a product demonstration. You can show different aspects of SaaS products and explain the interface.

But the thing about this webinar is that you have to schedule it for different people at different times because they sign up for your email list at different times.

Don’t have to take on that arduous task, you just need to set up an automatic webinar.

Now, when visitors to your website sign up for your email list, they will be sent a link to the webinar. They can access this webinar whenever they want.

You can create a sense of urgency by creating links that end at any time.

As you can see, automated webinars can help you conduct large-scale webinars without having to conduct separate webinars for different batches of customers.

EasyWebinar allows you to use real-time webinars as a starting point for creating automated webinars.

You can attend an existing online lecture and turn it into an automated lecture with just a few clicks.

You have many different scheduling options, such as making it a recurring event or playing at a specific time based on the attendee’s local time zone.

The latter allows you to connect with international audiences through webinars.

When your registrant actually visits your webinar, it will proceed like a live broadcast.

The appearance of real-time video streaming and broadcast remains unchanged. Therefore, you can create the same sense of urgency through real-time webinars without having to work hard.

You can use different methods to create demand for automated webinars and keep them evergreen.

For example, you can ask registrants to block dates in advance, even for webinars that can actually be conducted on demand.

The software can be set to keep the list of available dates updated. You don’t have to worry about previous events.

Real-time webinars are a means of in-depth interaction with the audience. On the other hand, automated webinars are a way to expand the power of webinars.

They allow you to use the same format and insert it into the sales channel to achieve marketing goals.

EasyWebinar Features

Therefore, now we understand the various webinars supported by EasyWebinar.

Let’s take a look at some of the functions that support these broadcasts and what they can achieve.

1. Audience participation and collaboration

One of the main reasons entrepreneurs use webinars is to get real-time feedback from the audience. Other parts of the marketing channel (such as websites or email campaigns) do not allow this.

Therefore, you must choose webinar software like EasyWebinar, which has built-in features to interact with participants.

Before interacting with the audience, you need a way to ensure that the registered audience actually appears.

You can use EasyWebinar’s local email notification system to do this. This will automatically send reminders to registrants when the webinar is nearing the end.

This is not all you can do with email notification software. You can also use it to send messages to attendees after the webinar is over.

This is a useful way to thank those who show up and collect valuable feedback. The email system can be used to store evergreen emails sent to your audience at the relevant time.

In addition, EasyWebinar also has various functions that can interact with your audience in different ways. That includes:

Poll: You can use the Poll feature on EasyWebinar to create a poll. This allows you to ask your audience questions and have them send votes. You can see their answers at the end of the poll, which is a great way to collect quantitative data.

Answer questions: Your attendees can use the chat feature to ask you questions during the webinar. You can answer these questions on the video stream, or you can reply in the chat.

Create quotes: Webinars can be a good time to create quotes for your audience. These offers are easy to click and can reduce friction when buying products. You can also find out how many people clicked your offer button.

Add a presenter: The ultimate way to interact with your audience in EasyWebinar is to make them a presenter in a webinar. You can add up to three hosts in the broadcast. The software allows you to control whether they can activate their camera, audio, or screen sharing functions.

2. Brand

Branding is an important part of business development. When conducting a webinar, you want to make sure that your audience knows exactly what business you want to represent and that they are connected to your brand image.

EasyWebinar allows you to emphasize your brand in different ways during actual webinars.

If you want to include the webinar event as part of the website, you can do so by embedding the registration form.

This is also possible when you use landing page builders (such as OptimizePress, LeadPages, ThriveThemes, etc.).

The design of the registration page itself can reflect your brand identity. Elements such as colors, logos, fonts, and text can all be modified according to your preferences.

You can also arrange to play the webinar directly on the registration page.

After conducting the webinar, following up with the audience is an important part of the process. We have seen how EasyWebinar has its own email notification system.

However, you can also register through the “Thank You Page” to simplify some tasks. You can also redirect the registrant to a custom URL after completing the registration process.

3. Analysis

Like any other marketing strategy, webinars need to be reviewed and optimized over time. You can use EasyWebinar’s own built-in reporting tool to eliminate the guesswork in the process.

This tool provides you with performance reports and insights that can be used for better webinars in the future.

The reporting dashboard provides you with several different categories of data. The first is statistical information, which allows you to have a bird’s eye view of a specific webinar.

Therefore, you can get data about the number of registrations, the number of attendees, and the number of attendees left before the end of the webinar.

You will also gain specific insights into the behavior of individual attendees during the webinar. For example, you can select an attendee and view all the chat messages they sent during the broadcast.

You can also see if they clicked on any offers, etc. This feature is useful if you want to conduct small-scale online seminars to assess the interests of potential customers.

All analyses in the EasyWebinar dashboard can be imported in CSV format. CSV contains more specific insights expressed in a more understandable format.

You can also perform operations such as exporting contacts, analyzing participant behavior, and obtaining time-stamped reports.

EasyWebinar integration

EasyWebinar further improves its functionality by integrating with various tools. Most of these tools are email service providers.

You can share data back and forth between EasyWebinar and your email marketing tools to easily create email marketing campaigns.

Another advantage of using these integrations is that you can send emails based on the behavior of certain users.

For example, you can trigger emails for registrants who did not attend, participants who clicked an offer but did not make a purchase, participants who left midway, etc.

The following are some software that can be integrated with EasyWebinar:

EasyWebinar Pricing

EasyWebinar Pricing

EasyWebinar starts at $78 per month. This way, you can create a webinar with 100 live attendees and 100 simultaneous participants in an automated webinar.

You can also use EasyWebinar’s EasyCast streaming tool to go directly to YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

If you want 500 participants in the webinar and your automated webinar requires a limit of 500 attendees, you must pay for the EasyWebinar Pro package. The package costs US$129 per month.

If you are an established company with a large audience, you can consider EasyWebinar’s corporate plan. It enables you to host 2,000 live attendees at once.

If you want to pay for the annual version of the enterprise version (US$499 per month), you can have unlimited participants in the automated webinar.

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Final thoughts

EasyWebinar is a comprehensive tool for creating webinars that can help you achieve quantifiable business growth.

It provides you with everything you need to attract audiences during live broadcasts and scale-up through automated webinars.

If you look at webinar software as a whole, EasyWebinar is one of the top participants. We still have a soft spot for WebinarJam.

This is mainly due to more affordable prices. WebinarJam starts at US$499 per year, which is just over US$40 per month. This is much lower than EasyWebinar’s cheapest monthly package.

In other words, EasyWebinar does have powerful functions. The software is easy to install and powerful.