Expert Secrets From Russell Brunson! The Secret Of Storytelling

August 18, 2020 0 By CT
Expert Secrets From Russell Brunson! The Secret Of Storytelling

This article will share with you how I discovered the book Expert Secrets from Russell Brunson, how it helped me after reading it and what the book says.

Do you know why someone wants to buy bad products?

This is someone asked me when I was selling products on a part-time job 10 years ago.

I really didn’t know how to answer at that time. I just thought that guy was saying that I did not do well.

Unexpectedly, ten years later, I really started to sell products myself, I also run a YouTube channel, and started selling them on the Internet.

My sales dilemma

However, the sales performance of the product is actually not very satisfactory.

I now have 600 people added to my email list every month.

Only 30 people are really willing to buy my low-priced products, and only 2 people buy medium-priced products.

The revenue did not even exceed the advertising revenue earned on YouTube.

I am wondering if there is a problem with my product.

In the feedback people fill out, people often responded: “The value is too low. I bought XXX products. It is better.” Dare to promote their products.

Later, I tried email marketing and referred to the recommendations of Aweber’s official website.

I tried email marketing and referred to the recommendations of Aweber's official website

I mentioned my product in every email I sent, but I’m very shy.

The content is very implicit and I put the product at the end of the letter.

The result is not good and I really don’t understand how to do email marketing.

Later, I see a lot of books about marketing in bookstores.

The most popular of them was probably “Story Marketing”.

It feels like just telling a story, you can sell the product easily.

So I bought a lot of copywriters and books for writing stories and writing.

There are a lot of copywriting skills in these books, but I didn’t like them very much when I used them.

In fact, I’m still sad. I’m wondering if I can’t learn story marketing, and then my channel income will not increase.

I don’t want to rely on traffic to earn advertising income because it’s not enough

How do I access Expert Secrets

About two months ago, I heard them mention Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets in the live broadcasts of some famous YouTubers.

At this time, I wanted to say that since they have made so much money from selling courses online, the book they would recommend must have its advantages.

Therefore, I ordered this book immediately.

After reading it, I’m really surprised and happy. I often stopped and applauded after reading a chapter.

This book is about how to connect with your fans and sell products through storytelling.

This book is a completely “strategic” level book, completely different from the book I read before.

The book provides a logical framework for the story.

After learning the logical framework, I don’t have to memorize those strange sales phrases, but use the framework to write my own stories.

So I start to use the framework in the book to write stories.

I first applied what I learned in the book to my IG posts. The effect was surprisingly good.

Later I applied this framework to my Email.

I start telling my previous stories to my audience.

After telling the story, I introduced my product.

As a result, both the open rate and click-through rate increased, and product satisfaction also increased.

Compared with the previous complaints that the value is not enough, many people now reply that the product is very useful!

Who is using Expert Secrets?

Later, I went back to see those people who sold their courses very well on the Internet and achieved the million-level level.

In fact, they all used the framework in the book.

You can see that their sales pages look very similar, they will tell you a story, and then tell you 3 secrets.

These are the frameworks mentioned in Expert Secrets, not their imagination.

Although I haven’t read this book completely yet, nor have I fully applied the knowledge learned in the book, and the product sales have not increased significantly, I am pretty sure this is a book I will read more than 3 times, and learn how to apply “story marketing”.

And more importantly, I’m confident in myself, believing that my product is indeed good, and I can indeed help others.

Recall the question the guy asked me ten years ago: “Do you know why someone wants to buy bad products?”

I think I can answer him now: “Because as long as you can tell a story, the product can be sold.”

I have finished telling a story

Have you found it yet?

I have finished telling a story about how I discovered Expert Secrets.

This story is true, but I used the framework mentioned in the book to write the story’s departure and integration according to the framework.

You may feel that I’m not very proficient, because I have just started practicing.

The great thing about this framework is that many wonderful movies, especially Disney movies, use the same framework.

The author calls this framework “Hero’s 2 Journey”.

Hero’s Journey

Hero's Journey

In a common hero story, the protagonist of the story will first be in the ordinary world, then the hero will be summoned to embark on a journey, encounter difficulties during the journey (or the big devil), and then encounter new opportunities given by his mentor, and finally break through Dilemma (defeat the big devil).

Like in Star Wars, Luke accepted the call and left the desert planet Tatooine.

After learning the force with Master Yoda, he defeated the evil Galactic Empire.

This hero journey was first proposed by Christopher Campell’s book ⟪The Hero with a Thousand Faces⟫.

The book analyzes the basic prototypes of some myths and legends in history and sorts out 17 links.

Hollywood’s screenwriter consultant: Christopher Vogler, in his book ⟪The Writer’s Journey⟫, condensed these 17 links into 12 stages, so that everyone can better use In the movie plot.

In Expert Secrets, there are 12 stages of the hero’s journey, but for everyone’s convenience in marketing and social media, the author has simplified these 12 stages into 5 major steps, so that everyone can use them more conveniently.

Hero’s 2 journey

For the hero’s journey, Russell, the author of Expert Secrets, went to study the course jointly organized by Christopher Vogler and Michael Hauge, called “Hero’s 2 Journey”.

You should be full of question marks. Where is the second journey?

In fact, the second journey represents the transformation of the hero’s inner mentality.

As mentioned in the book, this is the process of the character changing from “Identity” to “Essence”.

A story is not touching. In fact, the transformation of the internal mentality is more important.

The heroic movies of the past 10 years have followed this route.

It is no longer as simple as the hero defeating the devil. The movie portrays more changes in the protagonist’s mood.

This is often seen in many Marvel movies.

For example, in Iron Man 3, Tony bombed the steel and said coolly, “You can take away my house, all my tricks, and toys, but one thing you can’t take away – I am Iron Man.”

At this moment, Tony is no longer just a hero with external steel clothes, but the Iron Man exists within Tony.

It is also obvious in the Thor series that he can regain his weapon or get a new weapon every time when Thor changes his mood.

The story is the most primitive way of communication

The story is the most primitive way of communication

About 2 weeks ago, I went to the theater to watch a new set of movies.

It was a story of a little boy looking for his father.

After watching it, I was really touched because of the movie itself, and the other was that I found the plot once again reproduces the “two journeys of heroes”.

It is really a very perfect and touching story, and it is very engaging.

It is easy to connect with the characters and plot in the story.

I thought about it later, maybe storytelling is the most primitive way of communication for human beings.

When human beings don’t understand physics and chemistry, or even mathematics, they should already be able to tell stories.

Think about it, isn’t our daily life also full of story conversations?

Final Thought

Expert Secrets is Russell Brunson’s second book.

His first book is called Dotcom Secrets. The content is about how to build your business model and sales funnel.

The second book, Expert Secrets, talks about marketing through storytelling.

The third book Traffic Secrets talks about how to bring a lot of traffic.

You may be curious about why I like to share this series because as I said before, and now you see successful online courses in the market that use these methods in the book.

I believe that if you want to learn, it’s better to learn from the source.

If a teacher can make an online course with ten million of income, you can learn from him at most millions of levels, but if you learn from the teacher, I think you will be able to make tens of millions of income.

At present, many of the Expert Secrets on the market are the old version of 2017 (paperback version), and the new version of 2020 sold on the official website.

Of course, if you want to buy it and read it, it’s better to read the latest version. You can go to the official website of Expert Secrets to buy the new version at any time.

If you have any questions about that, please leave it below. I’d love to hear that.