How To Increase Youtube Traffic? Will You Try TubeBuddy?

January 27, 2021 0 By CT
How To Increase Youtube Traffic? Will You Try TubeBuddy?

There should be many people who have thought about or have tried using YouTube to make money, but I dare say that successful people must not exceed 10% of the total.

Why? Isn’t it just uploading the creative content to the platform? How to increase youtube traffic?

Many successful YouTubers will tell you: Don’t give up, update every week, focus on the quality of the video, find a good topic, etc. those are the things that normal people know…

Yes, this is really important. But…

Why so many people have been updating for two years, why the platform income is still so less, and the subscription still can’t get up?

Take a closer look at this question. There are actually 3 important points:

  1. Low platform income = low traffic
  2. Unable to subscribe = not enough interaction
  3. It has been updated for two years and it still looks like this = There is a problem with content creation

Today I will tell you what goes wrong and what practical operations can improve these situations.

Improve the problem of low traffic

First of all, we need to know one thing, YouTube is actually a video search engine, so don’t upload the video and hope that someone will watch it. This is very difficult to happen.

If you want to be searched or recommended after uploading, you must spend time on SEO.

I know that when many people don’t know how to do SEO for a video in the first place, they just choose a name and add a lot of tags to the video.

This may not help to rank, on the contrary, it may bury the film in the abyss.

TubeBuddy — Free YouTube SEO plugin

This Chrome plug-in will be displayed directly in the front and back of your YouTube, giving you a lot of practical help and suggestions.

In addition, its website and YouTube channel provide very practical teaching materials, so as to enable users to maximize the use of her effects and help the videos rank up.

Official website:

YouTube channel:

Free YouTube SEO plugin Demo 1

Free YouTube SEO plugin Demo 2

Free YouTube SEO plugin Demo 3


TubeBuddy is a browser extension for Chrome and Safari.

Passed the YouTube certification extension, which means that the workflow it recommends to you is based on YouTube’s guidelines, which greatly increases your chances of getting more traffic.

What I like:

  • Most functions are provided for free
  • The paid version is really not expensive
  • Comes with many features, not in YouTube
  • Integrated social media network

YouTube SEO has a few features that are the most important.

Title Naming

With data analysis, the current information is really too much related.

People judge whether they will click in to see the content. The title plays a very important role.

When we write the title, we must focus on the beginning.

  • The lipstick I will recommend in the fall of 2019!
  • Hot selling lipstick! Recommended list for fall 2019.

2 titles with the same meaning, which one among the millions of videos you would prefer to click in?

I believe most people will choose the second one. Why?

Normally, people’s eyesight can see 4 to 6 words at a time.

If we put the focus on the left, we will be able to catch other people’s eyes. Then we will put the description on the right and simply put the video Probably state it.

Video Description

This is also a very important part. The platform will grab data from here, determine the content of the video, and recommend it to relevant users.

Write your title again, and then use one or two sentences to briefly introduce the content of the film.

If possible, put the central “keyword” of the video in these 2 lines.


As I said, many people think that putting a bunch of tags can increase your exposure.

Do not do this! This will only lower the ranking of your video.

Tags: You can use it as a “keyword” and put the focus of the video on the tags.

Using TubeBuddy will add additional features to help you analyze tags.

TubeBuddy also has a very useful tool “Keyword Explorer” and 2 functions of the building and protecting tags, which can better help us find the appropriate related labels, and maximize the chance of being ranked on the first page or even the first few places.

tag explorer 2

tag explorer 3


Subtitles will help the platform understand your content and make it easier to match related users to the video.

Improve the problem of low interaction

The interaction rate determines the quality of your videos, and how many recommended resources the platform will allocate to you. Here are a few points that can be improved:

Clear and understandable thumbnails

In this section, many people will randomly choose a screenshot of a video or make a thumbnail.

For example, I spent 5 minutes making 2 thumbnails in Canva. It is a free photo editing tool that have tons of free image you can use.

After using it, I rarely use Photoshop XD, which is really super easy to use.

It has a lot of templates for you to modify, and you can make good pictures at any time.

So if your thumbnails are still a screenshot of the video, please take 5 minutes to go to Canva and make the better one.

Call To Action

This is a very, very important point! !!

In the video, you must call on the audience to interact with you.

“Like, comment, share, subscribe, click on the small bell” must be done in every video.

If you have other related videos, add them to the “card” to ask the audience to watch them.

It greatly affects the interaction rate of the videos.

Upload regularly

Although this point has been said many many times, I still have to say why.

In addition to telling viewers about your update frequency, the most important thing is to let Youtube know that your channel is “active” and increase the chance of being recommended.


I rarely see anyone do it, but if you have watched a TV series, you should know that the trailer at the end of the movie may be the most attractive because it just lets you know a little bit but not all of it.

It provokes your curiosity.

Later, if the next video is released, you can change it to “card” in the trailer or directly point “End Screen” to the new video, which will do two things with one stone.

Improve content

We are talking about “improvement”, so we focus on how to find the most audience or the content that the most audience wants to know in your topic.

We can use this keyword explorer to find out what keywords we want to find, which can fit the theme of the channel and what many people are looking for.

There are 2 most important indicators we want to look at:

tag explorer 1

Overall Score

This is to tell you that the keyword value is not worth doing.

I personally suggest you use the keyword with “Good” because, in addition to the general search and other reasons. It’s also is the “easy ranking” score.

Even if there are not many people searching for that keyword, if you can rank at the top, it is good for your channel score.

The more videos you can rank, the more resources you can get.

Score Analysis

There are 3 scores, red is bad and green is good:

  1. Search Volume – How many people search for the keyword
  2. Competition – How many people are using this keyword, the more people there are, the greater the competition, but it also proves to be more valuable.
  3. Optimization Strength – Whether the keywords are ranked on the video, whether they are all optimized well. If they do a mediocre performance, we have a good chance to get ahead of them, as long as they do better than them.

Add additional revenue to the channel

If you tell me, your channel has good traffic and viewing rate, but if you make money from platform ads alone, it won’t be much.

I will tell you an easy way to earn an extra income, that’s the Affiliate Program.

We simply put the affiliate link in the video introduction, and only people click in to consume, and you have a commission.

Conclusion – YouTube is able to make money

I know that many people have thought of becoming a YouTuber, but really don’t know how to start or do better.

Video is now the channel with the highest conversion rate, not one of them.

Each platform is very focused on the development of video content, not to mention the largest platform YouTube.

If you ask me to start doing it now, is it late?

No, it’s not too late. Even if another medium replaces the video, it still has its value, not to mention the film that is still on the rise?

So I still said: “Go ahead! As long as you take the first step, you will have won most people in the world.”

If you want a FREE browser extension, you can click here to install TubeBuddy.