Is Aweber Free? Do You Want A Free Account? Is that Real?

January 24, 2021 0 By CT
Is Aweber Free? Do You Want A Free Account? Is that Real?

Anyone building a website needs to utilize all the best support systems and platforms to ensure that it runs smoothly provides a great visitor experience, and makes communication easy.

One area where you need to find is your email platform.

Marketing and communication are important for all businesses, and keeping in touch with customers and sales leadership is an important aspect of building a company.

Send an email to each contact or send a short automatic reply message created manually is very time-consuming, so this is why you need a tool to do it for you.

One of the products is Aweber. Is Aweber Free?

In this guide, I will introduce you to its features and benefits.

What is Aweber?

Aweber is a Pennsylvania-based company that provides users with email marketing solutions, registration forms, and automatic response platform.

The business offers a free plan and a paid plan. It also cooperates with many other companies to provide integration opportunities.

What are the characteristics of AWeber?

The main features provided by AWeber are:

  • Electronic distribution of email marketing newsletters
  • Newsletter production and editing
  • Auto-reply Emails and email templates
  • Registration form
  • RSS to email
  • Email marketing tracking
  • User management and segmentation
  • Integration of third-party applications
  • Integration with online tools

Email marketing

Email marketing

Electronic newsletters distributed via email are an ideal way to keep up-to-date customer information and contact sales leaders.

Newsletters are easy to create, even if you are a beginner because there are more than 700 free templates to choose from, simply select the template you want to use.

Just add content and it’s done.

After the email has been sent, you can use the analysis tools provided by AWeber to track your success.

Email production and editing

In the past, emails were sent to graphic designers by dedicated public relations and marketing staff.

All of this requires time and money and is considered a dedicated task.

Aweber has used its software to easily accomplish this task, and it provides everyone with an opportunity to create an email that looks great and useful.

Through complete control of the email, you can edit as needed without requesting changes from the designer, which is a very time-saving feature.

If you are worried that using one of these templates may restrict the use of brands and colors, please do not do this.

They can be adapted to the needs of your own company. For example, you can add a logo and change the color scheme.

Choose from the layout, such as 1 or 2 columns, and it will even be automatically compatible with mobile.

Auto-reply email

Auto-reply emails started with AWeber, and now it is one of the most popular tools for website owners and marketers.

When new subscribers register for the first time, the auto-responder will send a pre-created email to welcome them.

Then, you can let other auto-responders’ messages arrive in their inboxes automatically at a set time, such as company information the next day, some current offers in 5 days, and so on.

Once you have sent some generic auto-reply emails, it’s time to look at more targeted communications.

More than 700 email templates are always available, so all you need to do is choose one, personalize it, add free pictures from the photo library, and you’re done.

Once you see targeted marketing, select the person you want to send email to from your split profile, and stack some emails to send on the date you choose in the calendar.

Then, all you need to do is to wait for Aweber to complete the work for you, and then use the analysis tool to check whether the key messages are sent successfully.

Your follow-up task is to make more plans for the future.

Registration form

As part of a successful company, build a database from the emails of interested subscribers is important.

These contacts are people who need you to communicate in order to transform them from the potential audience to customers, and then loyal and repeat customers.

There are more than 700 registration form templates to choose from, and they are designed to be used with your website, blog or social media site to attract visitors who are interested in your products and services.

The form can be easily edited to include your brand and color changes as needed.

They also have full mobile responsive and are as easy to use on a laptop as on a handheld device.

If you are not sure whether your form is suitable for the audience you want to attract, you can talk to the team at AWeber, they will test your registration form, including your content, such as gifts and quotations, and then tell you the result to see if It will be as successful as you hoped.

RSS to email

RSS to email

If you have a blog, use RSS feeds to get your latest articles, convert them into emails, and send them to your subscribers.

Not only will they be automatically mailed, but these posts will also turn into a marketing newsletter that looks interesting and will attract more attention than just the pure content in an email.

This feature is compatible with almost every blog software being used.

Email marketing tracking

After you take the time to create your newsletter and email and know where you want it to go, knowing what happened to the email is crucial.

Just send them out, and then ignoring the results means that you have lost the opportunity to collect user data and may miss the leads to turn it into sales.

Aweber provides an analysis function. You can access graphs to show who is opening emails and which ones are more popular.

You can also see content that your subscribers are interested in, such as learning more about your company, placing orders, or watching embedded videos you send about quotations and products.

User management and segmentation

Collecting subscribers is always an important part of any online business.

They will collect old customers, new customers, those who show positive interest, and those who have just signed up.

Using AWeber, you can easily integrate and manage your subscriber list.

When you sign up, moving an existing list is a simple process, and then you can use these tools to segment your audience so that you can target them specifically based on their activities.

Some information can be collected from the segmentation tool:

  • Who opens the email (who does not open)
  • Who clicked a link in the email
  • The products purchased and the amount spent as a result of opening the email and clicking the link.
  • The subscriber accesses the web page via an email link.
  • Visit the visitor’s location by IP address
  • Sign up for the information in the form, then customize your email marketing accordingly.

Through segmentation, you can provide specific services, such as those who are in a specific age group, live in a specific area, or have disclosed information, such as people with children.

This is a great way to view the most popular web pages visited so that you can manage your website content and delete useless pages.

Everyone also has e-mail, and the interaction is unique, which is vital, treat everyone like this.

Don’t fall into the trap: the subscriber is a faceless e-mailing address;

They are individuals, and you can use their needs and desires to provide them with ideas and products to improve their lifestyle.

Integration of third-party applications

If you want to develop and add applications, you can use AWeber to process them, and then add them to your website.

The company has a feature called API Developer, where you can not only learn how to create applications (if you are a beginner), but you can also test and troubleshoot before launching and at runtime.

For those who want to be more involved in the “back-end” aspect of website development, this is a great area to spend a few hours on your killer app ideas.

You can keep them confidential for your own use, or you can make them public through the AWeber platform.

Integration with online tools

Using AWeber, you can integrate the functions of the software with many popular online tools. Many are compatible with AWeber. Among the most popular are:

  • Facebook
  • PayPal
  • WordPress

The way AWeber works is to allow you to add a link to the registration form on your Facebook page so that followers can start receiving email communications.

Place a registration form on your WordPress blog and display it continuously on the sidebar of each page to remind readers to find more information by filling in the form.

Synchronize PayPal with AWeber so that customers can receive personalized subscription invitations after purchase.

Or use Etsy to create a newsletter via drag and drop to copy the project description and instantly convert it into the content.

You can then use it to email one-time customers and ask if they are interested in regularly receiving information about new products for sale.

Facebook is a very simple way. It uses one-click technology and only takes a few steps to configure your Facebook profile or business page account to go online.

What are the benefits of AWeber?

Aweber is a very comprehensive set of tools, which means that you have covered every aspect of email without the need to add additional plug-ins.

It offers free on-site customer service and a service desk 7 days a week, as well as a free phone number when you pay them, you know what you get.

As technology advances, you will immediately receive updated features and tools, so you don’t have to worry about the marketing software you use lagging behind your competitors.

If you are a little lacking in the idea of ​​how to start, or if you feel you have exhausted all possible ways, you can use AWeber’s blog.

It is full of tips and guidelines on how to get the most from the software, as well as how to increase your brand awareness, news on marketing trends, and quick tips videos.

Is Aweber suitable for me?

If you are just starting in the online business world, then AWeber is definitely for you.

It is especially useful for beginners in the marketing field because there are so many templates, drag-and-drop features, and ready-made aspects, so very little technical knowledge is required.

If you already have an online business for email and communication, it is definitely worth comparing your current settings to see if Aweber can provide more features.

Even more professional guides can use, because those with advanced skills can write their own forms and templates.

Is Aweber free?

There is a monthly, quarterly, annual, and free plan, you can register according to your need. All the price of the price varies depending on the number of your subscribers.

It also offers discounts if you sign up for a quarterly or annual package plan.

Aweber price plan

As you can see, you can sign it up for free that’s great news for anyone who just starts their online business.


For all website owners, Aweber is an excellent email marketing platform.

For those who enter online marketing via email, this is a “must-have” option because it is very user-friendly.

Pricing is competitive, and if you are trying to achieve something for the first time without knowing what to do next, online assistance is essential.

This is definitely an issue that requires serious consideration when building an online business.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will reply to you as soon as possible.