Leaddyno Reviews – Do you know the best affiliate software?

January 29, 2021 0 By CT
Leaddyno Reviews – Do you know the best affiliate software?

If you want to create an affiliate program, LeadDyno is a good choice. Some of the options there are very complicated and confusing.

I have researched almost all affiliate tracking software on the markets to determine which software is the best.

Of all the affiliate tracking software I have tried and tested, LeadDyno is the simplest.

I am very happy to be up and running within 10 minutes and run smoothly.

Some other affiliate tracking software takes longer. I chose to try one of them. It took up to 10 hours to get it up and running, and I had to hire a developer to connect everything.

Not very suitable for the needs of an entrepreneur.

On the other hand, LeadDyno is very simple and can be immediately integrated with everything, including ClickFunnels (with few products integrated).

In short, its settings are very, very simple.

In this LeadDyno evaluation, I will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of the software in order to make the best decision for your business.

What is LeadDyno?

What is LeadDyno

LeadDyno is an affiliate tracking software that can help you run affiliate plans efficiently and easily. This is an intuitive software that allows you to make the most of the affiliate program and run it easily and easily.

LeadDyno also provides social media sharing, which can help you publish your messages and content to the public on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

It is also compatible with mobile devices. Since many affiliates spend more time on mobile devices than on computers, this is more convenient for you and your affiliates.

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Pros of using LeadDyno


If you are looking for something simple and are frustrated with the complexity of some other things, then LeadDyno is your choice.

Tracking Funnels

I really like the way LeadDyno tracks and uses channels. If you are using sales funnels, then you should take certain steps. They become potential customers, they buy things, and so on.

LeadDyno will track all content and help you view the entire channel.

For example, suppose you have 6,000 visitors this month, 70 new visitors today, 13 new potential customers, and so on. You can choose which day or weeks to view and get relevant information.

LeadDyno keeps track of everything, so you can see this information.

You can view the number of times visitors have visited your website, whether they have made a purchase, any cancellations that have occurred, etc. in order to be able to manage your affiliate.

It is very helpful to be able to see what is happening. You have all the hard data in LeadDyno.

Set up

Setting it up correctly is simple. You only need to use the tool, and LeadDyno will provide you with a script or code that you can put into the channel or website.

Then LeadDyno will get your Stripe username and login and connect automatically. This took me about 30 seconds, so it was very simple and fast.

With this code on your website or channel, LeadDyno can now track everything.

On-site support

I really like the live support. It only took 10 minutes to set up LeadDyno, but it was because I was able to get real-time support and talk to people who helped me solve one of the problems I couldn’t solve.

Many products that cost less than $100 per month do not provide real-time support. Therefore, being able to access it for LeadDyno is a huge advantage.

One of the most difficult things with some software is that you have to get email support, you have to wait 24 hours to get answers to your questions.

But every time I need LeadDyno’s help, I get real-time support and get help immediately.

Tools to connect with your affiliates

Another thing I really like about LeadDyno is that they have a lot of tools to contact your affiliates.

After your affiliates register, you want to be able to send them emails to teach them how to use ropes.

Using the current affiliate marketing software, I got a lot of support questions from affiliates. They ask how this or that works.

It would be nice to be able to send them all emails after they register as an affiliate to explain how everything works.

In LeadDyno, you can send automated email sequences, and every few days you can teach them new things and excite them. Being able to do this changed the rules of the game.

The ability to link to other pages

The ability to link to other pages makes it easier for you and your affiliates.

You can link to any page on the website, and the affiliate can link not only to your homepage or sales page but also to any page where you put the code.

This enables you to tell your affiliates to share your content. This is a win-win situation.

Ability to do MLM

You can also do MLM. Many people don’t necessarily care about MLM, but with LeadDyno, you can create tiers through affiliate programs.

You can say that you earn 30% commission for each sale on the first tier and 10% on the second tier.

This means that if the person signing the contract recommends another person, the first tier will receive 30% from the person who signed the contract, and the second tier contractor will get 10%.

MLM has levels, and you can create any number of levels for branches. The setup is also very simple.



Different affiliate tracking software on the market has different pricing structures. But LeadDyno’s pricing is very reasonable, which is the only entry plan I have seen at a price of $49 per month.

You can have unlimited affiliates for any plan provided. Many affiliate tracking software companies only allow you a certain number of affiliates.

Therefore, the ability to have unlimited affiliates will bring a world of difference.

With the starter plan, you can have up to 3000 unique visitors per month.

In the next plan, the Biz plan, you can have up to 4500 unique visitors per month for $59 per month.

The highest-level plan is called the Accelerator plan, which costs $79 per month and allows up to 7,500 unique visitors per month.

You can also try it free for 30 days and set it up. For all plans, they can only choose monthly.

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Cons of LeadDyno

SEO – Links are not for SEO

After a 30-day trial period, I chose to switch to another company called First Promoter.

I did this for a specific reason. What made me switch my career was SEO, which is an important part of my game plan. In LeadDyno, links are specific to them and cannot be customized to be able to use your own URL.

The problem with having to use LeadDyno links is that you cannot take advantage of SEO.

Once you have a lot of affiliate links to you, it can really improve your SEO.

If SEO is an important part of your game plan, then you have to use the company’s links, thus losing many potential growth opportunities.

Some other affiliate tracking software allows you to link directly to your website, which is a way to build an SEO game plan.

You can only give an affiliate link

When giving your affiliate links, you can only give them one link. You can’t give them 10 links to all the different products you offer.

All they have to do is to enter and find different products and create all the links themselves.

Therefore, you must train them on how to find and create all links. It is much more complicated than some other affiliate tracking software.

Non-customizable login page

Another disadvantage of LeadDyno is that it cannot customize the login page.

All you can do is put a logo, but you can’t put any design or product of your own.

Support is not very helpful

Real-time support is very helpful. However, when I contacted by email support four to five times, half of the time was straightforward, unhelpful, and answered with only five incomplete sentences.

Not getting a complete and thorough answer does not help.


Therefore, if your budget is limited, you don’t have or want to hire developers, and you want it to be simple, then LeadDyno is for you.

You will be able to view all data and set all affiliate payments to be automatic. Its setting is intuitive and simple.

LeadDyno is one of the best choices for small and medium enterprises. This is a clear answer to your affiliate plan.