4 Most Successful Way To Make Money Online

January 30, 2021 0 By CT
4 Most Successful Way To Make Money Online

I believe you will have this idea when you come here, just like I did.

Make money online? joke?

But in fact, people in this world have been taking advantage of this opportunity to create the life of their dreams.

There are many people who can do their own things and earn six figures a year.

Think about it, you are on the balcony of a foreign vacation house, sipping a glass of your favorite drink while the sea breeze is blowing, and there is a Macbook on the table for work.

you are on the balcony of a foreign vacation house

You allocate your time by yourself, and you can’t hear anything from your boss that tells you to do something idiot…

This is the life of many Online Marketer…how beautiful.

This article is to disclose the most successful way to make money online for you, which can really replace your original work.

There are also some ways to make money from working at home, I write here, go and see.

But I want to tell you first, these methods are not “quick making money” methods, you won’t be rich overnight.

They take time to accumulate, and they are not simple.

The middle process may be painful…but you will definitely not regret it, and the rewards are still considerable, as long as you are willing to take the first step.

Internet marketing / How to make money online

I know that there are many ways to make money online, but I will only introduce a few methods that can be operated for a long time.


The most successful way to make money that needs to be operated for a long time, so don’t think about can be rich overnight, it’s impossible.

You can always find some articles or videos on Google or Youtube with very misleading titles: US$2636 a DAY, That’s how I did it. Easy.

It’s not that they are fake, most of them actually did it and shared it.

However, they are not like you who read this article and are new to this industry.

They have been working hard in this industry for a period of time, knowing and understanding what they are doing, or they have a good tutor behind them to teach them.

If you think my article is good, I hope you can give me a little encouragement by sharing it on your social platforms, because your small actions will give me more motivation to write more articles and help more friends who have the same questions as you.


The website waystomakemoneyathomeonline you are looking at is one example.

A blog will provide useful information or teaching.

Of course, it is best to focus on one thing or one interest and provide valuable content around that point.

This is the so-called niche such as electric guitar, Thai travel, health, wealth, credit cards, etc. You can create a niche blog to operate.

Low cost to start a business online

The cost of creating a blog is very low, and the difficulty of setting up is also very low.

It is definitely suitable for mothers who have a full-time job or bring children at home.

You don’t need to have a lot of professional knowledge. You only need to know one thing.

As long as you can go to the Internet, there is actually a lot of information on the Internet for your reference, integrate them into useful information, such as recipes, weight loss, beauty, etc., to give visitors useful and valuable information, they will always come, from a visitor to a reader.

Many mothers at home earn considerable additional income through this method.

From a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, the more famous website is makingsenseofcents.com.

The blogger Michelle has been operating for 8 years and now has an average income of USD$100,000 per month.

In the past few years, this blog alone has earned a total of more than USD$5,000,000.

If you have no idea, you can read this post to know more about how to start a blog.

Authority Site

What is an authoritative website?

This means that this website is in a certain niche, and there are a lot of fans who often go to this website to seek knowledge or opinions about that field.

It is a high-quality website, respected by knowledgeable people in the industry.

The content is very good, making the website useful and valuable, and everyone is happy to log on to the website and share its content with friends.

For example, one thing that most people have done before, go to Google to search for “the best Bluetooth headset for iPhone 2020”, then click on the top ranking websites to read their reviews, and then decide which one to buy, right?

Their website is only about audio, and has a very detailed evaluation, and ranks in the top on Google.

The website is beautiful. From a psychological point of view, their professional opinions are very comparable.

These comparison and evaluation websites are one of the so-called authoritative websites.

the best Bluetooth headset for iPhone 2020

So how does the website make money?

The two common sources of income for websites are advertising and commissions. They can also sell digital products.

The most common one is online courses, but we won’t talk about it this time.

Advertisement Income

Websites can use Google AdSense to display advertisements on the pages of the website and make money through user clicks or impressions.

We often see those annoying advertisements on the website, which is their source of income.

It’s common for a well-known website to rely on Google AdSense alone to earn ten thousand a month.

Commission income

This is related to the affiliate marketing I will talk about later.

Simply take the “the best Bluetooth headset for iPhone 2020” just now as an example.

When the user reads the content, there will be a link to jump to buy a certain headset.

If the link user buys it, the website will have a certain percentage of commission, so let’s go to that section for details.

Set up a website for teaching

When you see this, you might think: “Opening a website? It sounds difficult. I’m a computer novice, and I don’t know anything, what should I do?”

I am also a computer novice, I really don’t understand the website code or something. However, you are still looking at the website I run by myself.

So, I can do it, and so can you.

SHOPIFY + DROPSHIPPING direct shipping



This platform provides online shop services.

Users only need to pay a monthly fee (minimum 29 US dollars) to open a website that can be sold online, greatly reducing the threshold and time cost of opening an online shop.

Each online store has a complete management system in the backend, and they also have mobile applications that enable users to receive store transaction messages and limited management for the first time.

DROPSHIPPING is a sales model

Traditional online store sales model: buy goods by yourself> stock by yourself> shop by yourself> promote by yourself> user checkout> arrange delivery by yourself.

Most of the cost of the entire process is borne by the shop owner.

Dropshipping’s sales model: collect products> negotiate with the seller> distribute goods by yourself> promote by yourself> user checkout> notify the seller to ship the goods.

Have you noticed that the entire sales process does not involve purchasing and inventory and that you don’t need to manage the delivery yourself?

This is an attractive part of Dropshipping. You only need to focus on distribution and promotion (Google Ads & Facebook Ads), and the sellers will bother themselves.

It can be said that it is almost zero cost to start a business, but the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, quality, return and after-sales service are more difficult to monitor than traditional models.

Where to start?

If you search on the Internet, you will find that many people work on Shopify + Dropshipping earn six or even seven-figure dollars every month.

They usually sell related teaching courses. One of them is the mentor I follow – Kevin David.

Kevin David

He is professional in making money online. You can check out his free teaching first. He teaches many marketing techniques and examples, all for free.

And it’s a very important message for novices in online earning. Before trying it, you can better understand what Shopify + Dropshipping is all about.

Low cost but don’t think it’s easy

Opening an online shop is actually very simple and low-cost.

It can be built in a minute with Shopify.

With Dropshipping, it seems like you don’t have to do your own work, but don’t think it’s over and you can make money at once.

If you can sell the first order that day, this is the real beginning. Only by making it a sustainable business can you embark on the road to success.

Lower cost method WOOCOMMERCE instead of SHOPIFY

If you think Shopify is still very expensive at $29 per month, there is an alternative to use WooCommerce to build an online store.

Self-definition is strong, the function can be said is better than Shopify, the important thing is that WooCommerce is completely free.

You only need to pay for the webspace and domain name, and you can start right away.


Of course, the facts are not that simple.

Many people only know that being a YouTuber is very profitable, but they don’t know how they make money. I will analyze it briefly.

How to be YOUTUBER?

Nowadays YouTubers need a very distinctive theme (the so-called Niche), which is constantly updated regularly, given valuable information, plus their own unique style, to succeed.

In the beginning, everything must be done by yourself.

From planning, shooting, recording, actor or hosting, post-production (including editing and mixing), uploading a video, writing a profile, promotion, etc., it is all done by yourself (except you are rich and ask someone to do it, Fiverr will help you).

Normally, no one will help you for free (except for beauties), at most, they will teach you how to use the software.

Maybe this 3-minute movie can take two weeks, which is normal.

The manpower and material resources, energy, time, and learning cost to be invested are the highest of all methods, and the return is the most substantial and the easiest to grow in all methods.

How to make money? How much do you earn?

After your channel reaches a certain click rate, the platform will give a commission; you will start to receive invitations from different companies or brands to cooperate.

You can put in the affiliate marketing that I mentioned above and will talk about later.

The most important thing is when you have a lot of fans, it is equivalent to establishing yourself as a brand which has a decisive and absolute advantage and helps for any form of business.

For example, if PewDiePie wants to open a Japanese restaurant, I believe it will be very popular, and everyone will check it out even if they don’t eat it.

Imagine that he has 50 million fans. For example, only 0.1% of fans go to his restaurant every month, and each person only eats US$1, and he has a monthly turnover of US$50,000.

Moreover, the reality is definitely more than that, right? Very scared?

Start to do it? Is there a quick way?

Someone will ask this after reading it. If you want a quick way, there is indeed one.

That is: learning by doing. If you have an idea put it into practice.

It’s better to use a mobile phone to shoot or have a camera, and then use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie to simply cut into what you want, Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro is better (because they will accompany you for a long time in the future ).

Don’t think about how big the technique is, simply put your film together and make it into a time of about 3 minutes.

If you don’t understand, go to YouTube or Udemy to learn how to use it.

As long as you can go online at this age, you are willing to work hard. There are plenty of resources for you to learn.

If possible, it is best to add a Clip Mic to record.

For a high-quality video, the sound is very important. If your film is well shot but the sound is terrible, people will lose patience and just leave.

On the contrary, the video is not very good, but there is a good soundtrack to help. People will continue to watch it.

The reason is that what the video wants to express can be clearly heard unless you are shooting pure pictures with background music. It’s important to see the essence of your movie.

Perseverance is a must. Just like opening a website, new content needs to be added regularly so that others will know that you are active and will follow you.

Don’t think about going viral all night, even if a movie for you is going viral, if you don’t continue to update it, it will only be short-lived.

Even PewDiePie, which has 50 million fans, is still being updated. Why do you not work hard?

This is a zero-input list for everyone. This glass is really used to produce films. You can refer to:

  • photography
    • 1080P mobile phone/camera (if available)
    • Tripod (if any)
  • recording
    • Cell phone (ask mom or who borrows one more, only recording)
    • Ear microphone (the original delivery is the most basic requirement)
    • Voice recorder (if there is, it is not necessary but it would be better to have)
  • Post-production
    • Video processing (free)
      • Windows Movie Maker (Windows)
      • iMovie (macOS)
    • Audio processing (free)
      • Tracktion (recommended) https://www.tracktion.com/
      • Ohm Studio https://www.ohmstudio.com/

After slowly getting to master it, then think about buying better equipment.

What can be done with $2, why spend $200?

No one watched the video? Free plugins to help you get traffic -TUBEBUDDY

After the hard-worked film was uploaded happily, no one watched it for two weeks. why?

The reason is mostly that you haven’t done a lot of things in the backend, and Youtube doesn’t know how to rank for you.

TubeBuddy is a free and powerful plug-in (the paid version unlocks more functions, but I really feel that the free one is also very useful), which can tell you what needs to be modified, added, and optimized after the video is uploaded for better ranking and recommendation.

It understands Youtube’s algorithm better than you, so don’t be foolish to upload as it is over.

If you want to see your videos, just follow TubeBuddy to do every step, you will find that you can go faster than others.

Affiliate marketing

I believe this should be the most people asking: What is this?

Here is a very simple explanation, that is, if you introduce a person to buy a thing, you will get a commission.

Does it resemble a familiar profession-insurance brokerage? Yes, the entire sales model is similar but much simpler.

And you can choose some of the products you think is the best to promote, generate links on the platform, and profit from them.

The most important point is that these links, no matter what you are doing, sleeping or picking up girls, they all make money for you silently 24 hours a day. This is the so-called Passive Income.

Many online earning can reach an income of USD$500 per day and realize economic freedom.

Affiliate marketing

Here is a list of retail alliance platforms used by many people:

  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • JVZoo

Search “Any product + Affiliate” on Google.

On these platforms, you can generate a link of your own through them. After users open this link to make a purchase, you can have the corresponding commission.

The more people buy the item through it, the more your commission will be.

Regarding the authoritative websites and Youtube mentioned above, these links can be put in this content, and then Google Ads and Facebook Ads can be used to drive traffic, which will be a very considerable income.

I believe Clickbank will be the most popular platform because it integrates a lot of products.

It also opened a CB University on its own to teach you how to slowly start making money from nothing.

Teach you the concept of the entire marketing model step by step and make the most money with the least investment.

Also, use your free time to earn more extra money.

Search “Any product + Affiliate” on Google This method is the most commonly used method for this glass.

Many times I encounter a very good product, I will search for it as soon as possible if there is an Affiliate to apply for.

For example, “Cloudways Affiliate” can directly find its affiliate application page.

After registration, you can immediately promote and make money.

It is very easy to use because not all products will land on websites such as Clickbank or Commission Junction.

All the methods introduced above need to be adhered to and are long-term plans.


I think you should probably understand what this is all about. In fact, there are many ways to make money online. As long as you try harder, you will definitely be rewarded.

There are a few lucky people in this world who can rich overnight, and most of the successful people come here in pain.

I emphasize again that this is not a so-called way to make quick money.

It requires perseverance and constant trial and error correction to find the right one.

A little story

Many people, just like me at the beginning, have a mindset of disbelief or wait and see.

To be honest, it sounds really unreliable, and there are many exaggerations on the Internet, saying what is the way to make quick money.

Indeed, there are many people in the world earning five figures a month, but at the same time, there are also many people who have little income in their online business.

Then, they have developed some courses to teach others to make money.

Their courses are just that they took some gurus’ courses, and then copied them into their own.

It’s not that what they teach is definitely wrong, but if you are a blank piece of paper and need a mentor to take you to step by step, they will appear particularly powerless because they don’t understand it.

I remember that my first contact with Internet Marketing was through Facebook advertising.

It said “Do you want to earn US$100/Day in your spare time? It’s actually very simple. Join our workshop and learn more.”

I participated in the workshop. During the whole process, they only introduced some methods of Internet Marketing.

In the end, participants were required to pay a tuition of US$499 to participate in another three-day “course”.

I paid the money, and I went to attend that day. The course on the first day was no different from the free workshop.

In addition, their tutors were only Upsell from start to finish. I had no money at that time, so my instructor asked me if I had a credit card. ?

Means to let me spend ten thousand to go to class? What a joke.

So I asked for a refund. The reason is not that they are fake, they are from Wealth Academy who sent instructors to do publicity.

But just because of this experience, I realized this way of making money in the world.

After that, I didn’t even think about it and start the online business. Of course, the result was very painful.

Because I was too young at that time, I thought I would pay for a few advertisements. In the end, I invested nearly a few thousand and only returned a few hundred.

But it also taught me a heavy lesson and learned a lot, so I am still alive?

The most important thing in Internet Marketing is to test, analyze, and then optimize. All actions are based on evidence.