One Funnel Away Challenge Review (2021): Is it Worth $100?

January 29, 2021 0 By CT
One Funnel Away Challenge Review (2021): Is it Worth $100?

Establishing sales channels is essential for any online business.

Using ClickFunnels’ simple sales channel helped my book sales increase by 150%. Compared to thousands of other ClickFunnels users, my results are not many.

However, if you are unfamiliar with online sales or have never established a sales channel before, getting started can be troublesome.

Where do you start?

A year ago, I was a complete newbie to the sales funnel. Therefore, I signed up for “A Funnel Away Challenge“, the ClickFunnels flagship training guide created by founder Russell Bruson.

In my ultimate in-depth “A Funnel Challenge” review, I will tell you all about this popular training program based on your personal experience.

I’m going:

  • Give you a comprehensive overview of the challenges.
  • Show you step by step how it helps me sell more books through my website.
  • Outline the pros and cons of registration.

The “One of My Funnel Challenge” review is perfect for anyone who is completely new to the sales funnel, and they want to introduce this popular training program.

This is the article I hope to be able to read when weighing whether to register for the program.

Let’s start.

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

OFA Challenge is a 30-day virtual program

The “OFA Challenge” is a 30-day virtual program that will guide you through the various steps of creating a highly profitable sales funnel.

When I first started using sales channels, I personally accepted the challenge (more on this below).

Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, and Julie Stoian are lecturers. Through video lessons, they will teach you everything you learned while developing a multi-million dollar sales channel.

Every day, they break down complex topics and provide you with the tasks you need to complete the next step (similar to homework).

People retain 90% of their knowledge when they practice immediately, so when you complete daily tasks, you can consolidate your knowledge.

But rest assured, the daily tasks set by Russell are not difficult to complete; however, their purpose is to enable you to extend your limits and think outside the box.

After the 30 days are over, you can release the first (or next) channel to the world.

Who is this challenge for?

But is “a funnel challenge” right for you? I definitely don’t think this challenge is suitable for everyone.

The challenge is a fast-paced challenge that requires you to spend 30 days of time and energy.

If you meet the following conditions, then this challenge is perfect for you:

  • Have an idea for an online business, but don’t know how to promote your product/service online
  • To run into a wall with your business, you need a structured game plan to reach a higher level
  • Is an affiliate marketer who wants to increase sales
  • Have never established a channel, but want to learn how
  • Need to repair existing channels.

However, the challenge may not suitable for the following people:

  • No time to watch videos and complete tasks
  • Want a “get rich quick” business strategy
  • I hope they can keep training for several weeks at a time
  • Don’t believe in investing money in your own business (this challenge is not free, we will discuss the price later)
  • Think their sales channels are perfect and don’t want to learn and grow hard
  • If you encounter any of the above situations, you may want to stop reading my “A Funnel Challenge” review because this challenge may not be suitable for you.

How a funnel challenge helped me?

I don’t like to brag about making money online.

There are many online marketers out there who are more enthusiastic about doing this than I.

However, it will help you gradually understand how this training program helps me.

It will provide background information for everything I talked about in the “A Funnel Challenge” comment.

So this is a short summary of my story.

Before I discovered the “A Funnel Challenge” program, I was a blogger and made a lot of money. If you are also a blogger or know a blogger, then you will know that I am hardly Robinson Crusoe in this regard.

The problem is that I am a decent writer and he knows how to attract a lot of visits to my website. Unfortunately, it is really difficult for me to make money from what I write.

5 years ago, when I first started blogging, I thought that if I reached such a high traffic volume, I would make a lot of money. When I made money from Adsense and other things, I definitely did not take a holiday in Hampton.

I know that some things must change.

One thing I want to do is sell more e-books.

Selling e-books is a way to make money on my website. This is not my main focus, but it is still the right thing I want to do.

In 2016, I produced 9 e-books with topics related to Entertainment, fitness, and being responsible for life. The books are good, but my sales are not good.

I started using Shopify to sell these books. Shopify may be a great e-commerce platform, but it cannot help people sell e-books very well. I found the sales page ugly and poorly functioning.

However, my biggest mistake is that I do not have any form of sales channels.

I have heard more about sales channels and ClickFunnels. However, I don’t know how to actually create one (there is actually no one). Therefore, starting my first funnel was more than just a daunting task…

This is why I jumped into “a funnel challenge”. I know I need some hands-on training to create some high-margin sales channels.

“A Funnel Challenge” taught me to step by step how to create the perfect sales funnel for the products I sell. In fact, this was the starting point for a 120% increase in book sales overnight.

This is exactly how I do it.

My e-book sales have increased by 130%

Since switching to ClickFunnels, my e-book sales have increased by 130%.

I went from using Shopify to sell e-books for $100 per day, to using ClickFunnels for $200.

The traffic I sent to the sales page did not increase significantly. The point is that my conversion is much better, and my average order value has increased from $11 to $19.

This is just a small rush for my business, which is not a bad thing.

Get One Funnel Away Challenge

Take a look at my sales channels

After learning about this in “A Funnel Challenge”, I chose a two-step TripWire.

This is a very simple channel, very suitable for the e-books I have to sell.

The key to this channel is to provide irresistible price increases.

One of my e-books costs $9. After they purchase this product, they will be taken to my one-click high price upsell.

If they don’t buy my mark-up product, they will be provided with a 1-click price-cut product at a lower price.

My one-click upsell is a bundle sale of all my 7 e-books at a price of $25. One-click price reduction sales are two e-books that are closely related to the single e-book they originally bought for $8.

The one-click aspect is important. Since I have collected their credit card information from a single e-book purchase, they can add upsells or downsells to the shopping cart with one click.

No need to ask for their credit card information again.

Therefore, the 6 steps of my funnel are:

  • Sales page
  • Order
  • Upsell
  • Reduced price sale
  • Order Confirmation
  • E-book delivery

This is how “a funnel challenge” helped me.

Obviously, the channel you designed after accepting the challenge may be completely different from what I did.

Depending on the type of business you are in, sales channels can mean very different things.

The best part is that “A Funnel Challenge” will help you design almost any type of sales funnels imaginable.

Why should you care about the funnel?

Before entering the content of the “One Funnel Challenge” program, I want to explain the importance of the funnel.

If you don’t understand why channels are so important to your business, you won’t understand why the knowledge shared in OFA challenges is so valuable.

If you are not familiar with online sales, you do not want to skip this section.

In short, a sales channel is the process of guiding your customers to provide products or services, whether it is products, services, or membership sales.

Once the channel is properly configured, it will act as a salesperson, grab the hands of potential customers, show them the way and encourage them to buy from you.

From buying morning coffee to buying groceries, to online shopping for products we are interested in, we participate in multiple sales channels every day.

As a savvy business owner, you should know how to optimize channels to get more clicks, potential customers, and ultimately sales.

Unfortunately, sales channels can be complicated, and if you don’t know what the right channel looks like, it will do more harm than good in the end.

Improper funnel design will leak potential customers in the process, making your conversion rate low and customers frustrated.

On the other hand, well-thought-out channels are the secret to expanding business scale.

“A Funnel Challenge” will help you and teach you absolutely necessary knowledge to create a sales funnel with a high conversion rate for your business.

It sounds pretty good? Let us go directly to the program.

What you get with the One Funnel Away Challenge

What you get with the One Funnel Away Challenge

What you get with the One Funnel Away Challenge

“A Funnel Challenge” is a powerful system designed to help you make more money online.

After registering, you will receive a box full of materials and resources (that is, if you choose to pay for shipping, otherwise everything is online).

This is what you get.

Russell Brunson’s 30-day mission video

ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson (Russell Brunson) founded his own $360 million SaaS business, relying entirely on self-funding.

He is a best-selling author, has sold more than 250,000 books, and has millions of entrepreneurs.

To be honest, he is the person you want to ask for advice.

In 30 days, you will get various tasks from Russell that will simplify the channel building process.

30-day tutoring by Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian

Another seven-figure entrepreneur, Julie Stoian, is here to provide you with the exact steps required to perform Russell’s mission.

She will help you start and run all programs, and guide you in creating programs there.

Finally, Stephen Larsen is the former potential funnel builder of ClickFunnels and has established more than 500 sales funnels.

After leaving ClickFunnels, he created his own company from the ground up and generated more than $1 million in revenue in just 13 months.

Stephen conducts daily group calls and will help you stay responsible. He is a good gunman and will tell you exactly what you need to listen to.

A funnel challenge bonus

When the above training video and accountability call were provided separately, it was worth more than $2,000, which, frankly, is all you need to create a channel.

But like any good salesman, Russel Brunson also put in a lot of bonuses to make the signing more compelling.

This is the “One Funnel Challenge” bonus that you get immediately after registering.

The physical copy of the workbook

Research shows that writing notes on paper will help you remember what you have learned better than taking digital notes.

You can use the workbook on the body to take notes and help keep everything you are learning.

30 days hardcover workbook

30 days hardcover workbook

Russell asked the 30 members of his two comma clubs (ClickFunnel members’ sales channel revenue exceeded $1 million) the following questions:

“If you lose everything, including your name, reputation, and followers, what will you do? How will you make back millions of dollars in 30 days?”

In other words, he asked his two comma club members to make daily plans for those who are just starting out, so that their sales can reach $1 million.

Their answers are collected and placed in hardcover books.

Just like there are 30 different blueprints, you can build a million-dollar funnel in one place.

This bonus alone is great.

MP3 player with all recordings

MP3 player with all recordings

If the extra workload of the day adds a barrier, you can listen to the recording with an MP3 player anytime, anywhere to make it easier.

The recording will also include a phone call from Stephen’s last challenge.

In total, there will be more than 40 hours of counseling calls and interviews on your MP3, which you can listen to conveniently anywhere.

Unlimited access to 30-day interviews

In the 30-day challenge, you will be busy completing tasks and establishing your own channel with high conversion rates.

The interviews included in this bonus are full of useful tidbits, but if you don’t have time to watch all these current events within 30 days, you can go back and watch them later because you will have unlimited access to them.

Interview with two comma clubs

In these interviews, two members of the 30 Comma Club will discuss what mistakes they made on the way (so that they can be avoided) and what they did wrong (so that their success can be replicated).

They will not back down, these interviews are only exclusive to OFA Challenge members.

What you will learn?

The following is an overview of what you will learn during the five weeks of the “One Funnel” challenge:

  • Challenge the week before-master the right way of thinking to drive your business forward.
  • Week One-Learn the basics of how to sell online, including how to attract customers’ attention, the importance of storytelling, and how to create attractive offers.
  • Week 2-Everything about the sales copy. This is my favorite week because it is completely related to selling books. I learned exactly how to implement these hooks, tell a story, so as to elicit an emotional response from readers, and how to generate “aha” moments of new opportunities in the hearts of listeners.
  • Week 3-Basic steps to establish sales channels. This is practical advice that I can’t find anywhere else. I learned how to create sales pages, sequence pages, one-time quotes (OTO), etc.
  • Week 4-Focus on traffic and promotions. Although I am a search engine optimization expert and will swear by organic traffic, it is still fascinating to understand all the paid traffic opportunities there.

In these five weeks, I may have learned hundreds of practical knowledge. However, two things are an absolute game-changer for me:

  • Tell exactly a story about the products I sell. As Russell Branson explained in the first few weeks, here is a template for storytelling that can build beliefs, emotions, and trust that apply to any product. Now, because of this, my sales page is much better.
  • Actually create the channel. At the end of the challenge, I knew nothing about designing a high conversion rate sales funnel and how to build a funnel in ClickFunnels. I learned how to build sales pages, compress pages, upsell pages, etc., and how to choose the correct order according to the product.

Now, many people say that you need to read or listen (in order) all the content is given to you by 3 lecturers and complete all homework. I think they exaggerated the strictness of the procedure.

You do need to put in more work than the average online marketing course, but I skipped some things that are not relevant to my business and focused on the things that really matter to me.

I think this program can do cherry-picking well.

The benefits of joining a funnel challenge

In addition to obtaining thousands of dollars of material that you can’t find elsewhere, I also want to highlight some other advantages of the OFA Challenge.

Joining the “One Funnel Challenge” will open many doors for you, including opportunities to meet some of the best online marketers (Russell, Julie, and Stephen).

You can also interact with other challenge members, many of whom are good people who communicate and understand.

Disadvantages of one-stop challenge

When I say that this course is fast-paced, I mean it. You cannot choose to work slowly and casually.

If you choose to take time off, you will fall behind.

Now, when I face this challenge, I am not the most diligent student, but I still force myself to spend a lot of time learning the new knowledge of this course.

But is 30 days of hard work worth the potential to create a very valuable sales channel?

Is for me

Frequently asked questions about “Funnel Challenge”

How much does it cost?

The “One Funnel Challenge” costs $100. If you need a physical kit, you must pay $19.95 for shipping within the United States and $29.95 for shipping outside the United States. However, you can only access the digital-only version of the challenge without paying for shipping.

Does it worth it?

Therefore, your total investment to participate in the “One Funnel Challenge” is $100.

This is not pocket money, but it is a small amount of money compared to what you have learned. At the end of the plan, you will be able to make money in one day using new and improved channels.

I definitely did it on the first day of launching the sales funnel.

In order to learn more about this $100, Russell Brunson currently charges $100,000 and sits down with clients for only one day of tutoring. And this does not include Julie and Stephen’s coaching rates.

But in OFA Challenge, you only need to spend a small amount of money to have 30-day tutoring with three world-class marketers.

Do you need a ClickFunnels membership?

The beauty of the challenge is that you don’t necessarily need any other software or add-ons to complete the work or learn from the information provided.

But let me say it in the name of transparency: ClickFunnels does make the funnel building process very easy. After joining the challenge, you may find yourself interested in signing up for ClickFunnels yourself.

In week 3 of the challenge, when you start to build your own channel, having a ClickFunnels account will definitely help.

However, there are many different ways to build sales channels:

  • Through your website
  • From your email marketing software
  • Build software from other sources.

Therefore, if you want to challenge but don’t want to register for ClickFunnels, you don’t need to worry. You will still benefit from all the content provided in this course.

You can read my full review of the ClickFunnels platform here.

Why can’t I learn everything online for free?

You can learn about channels and directly respond to marketing online for free.

In fact, I have learned most of the knowledge about blogging and online marketing from free resources on the Internet. However, I did not hesitate to personally participate in “a funnel challenge”.

That’s why.

First, when you use Google’s “Sales Channel for Beginners”, nearly 32 million results will be displayed.

From all these resources, many are outdated and inaccurate.

Also, imagine how much time you spend collating all this information.

6 months?

1 year?

You need to ask yourself how much time is worth it. If you have months (or years) to try and master the sales channels on your own but are not in a hurry to promote business development, maybe learning by yourself is the way you want to go.

Not only that, but you may also make mistakes in the process, which will result in losses for sales and future customers.

From this perspective, if you want to prevent wasting time and loss of sales, a $100 investment is really not that much.

If you want to figure out the sales channel within 30 days, then “a channel challenge” is your answer.

Secondly, as we all know, the completion rate of free courses is very low. 85% of those who take free programs and courses have never completed these programs and courses.

I know what you’re thinking: “But I’m different, I’ve actually completed the course!” But to be honest, when you have your own skin in the game (such as invested funds), you are more likely to traverse Materials and learning content.

Can I participate in the challenge at any time?

Unfortunately, you cannot join the challenge at any time.

Because this challenge is so daunting, Russell, Julie, and Stephen need to work on schedule to provide you with personalized attention.

It is now open, but there is no guarantee that it will be backed up again (Russell has no date for the next challenge, nor has it specified whether it will be challenged again).


Recently, “a funnel challenge” has attracted widespread attention from entrepreneurs and online business owners.

I am skeptical of online courses (especially courses related to Internet marketing). And Russell Brunson from ClickFunnels is the ultimate salesman. This is why the sales page of “A Funnel Challenge” is eye-catching.

The simple fact is that the “One Funnel Challenge” brings real value to people preparing to participate in the 30-day training program.

Before signing up for the challenge, I came across a brick wall and sold my e-book. After launching my first sales channel through ClickFunnels, I immediately increased my book sales by 150%.

If you can commit to a small amount of work for 30 days a day, then the “One Funnel Challenge” will help you make more money online.

Get One Funnel Away Challenge