Ontraport Reviews – Is This Email Platform Worth It?

December 25, 2020 0 By CT
Ontraport Reviews – Is This Email Platform Worth It?

A few years ago, I first heard of Ontraport from some friends at Mindvalley.

According to the testimony of its founder, Vishen, Mindvalley’s chief operating officer spent six months comparing the delivery rates, outstanding rates, and overall performance of Ontraport of all its major competitors. Ontraport ranked first.

Since then, the field of marketing automation has undergone tremendous changes.

Although Ontraport was once one of the most affordable marketing automation providers for small businesses and information product marketers, there is now ActiveCampaign coming soon-starting at just one-tenth of Ontraport’s price.

Is it a good product from Ontraport? of course? Is it 9 times more expensive than ActiveCampaign?

That depends. In this review, I will discuss its pros and cons in the context of Ontraport’s competition with competitors.

Let’s start with the pros of Ontraport.


One of the most affordable marketing automation systems-when I first wrote this article, this sentence was “the most affordable”.

As mentioned earlier, Ontraport has lost its status as the most affordable solution, but its price is still quite reasonable compared to Infusionsoft, which requires a mandatory start-up fee of US$999 to US$2999, and the price is a little higher.

If budget is an issue, ActiveCampaign will be hard to beat.

Visual campaign builder – In 2017, Ontraport announced Ontraport 5, which is one of the biggest upgrades to its platform since its initial release.

The core of this upgrade is Ontraport’s new visual campaign generator. Although the new dashboard looks good, it’s worth noting that some of Ontraport’s competitors have built similar visual dashboards a few years ago.

Compared with competitors, high scalability and low price volatility – one of the most common criticisms of marketing automation tools is their price volatility.

For example, increasing from 1,000 contacts on Hubspot to 10,000 contacts, your monthly fee will increase from $800/month to $2,400/month.

With Ontraport, the cost of adding additional users, contacts, and email credits is significantly lower than some of its competitors, which makes it easier and affordable to increase list size and automate sequences.

What’s particularly interesting about Ontraport’s pricing is that you only pay for the goods you need.

No need to upgrade to the next level, you only need to pay an additional $99 per month to get 100,000 additional email credits or pay $47 for additional users per month.

A series of outstanding features – With Ontraport, you can get CRM, shopping cart, membership management tools, a landing page/microsite creator, autoresponder, WordPress membership platform, online event/webinar creator, and task automation. One hundred dollars a month.

To get this feature in Infusionsoft, you need to purchase a lot of add-ons.

Usually, when a company provides such a feature list, you might suspect that some of the features will become a mess. This is not the case with Ontraport-all of their features are actually quite good.

What’s especially pleasing is that unlike Infusionsoft and Hubspot when they “unlock” more features during the upgrade plan, whether you are a professional or a team plan, you can use the full set of Ontraport features.

True multi-channel marketing – One of my favorite aspects of Ontraport is the ability to automate sequences across multiple marketing channels.

For example, you can communicate with sales leads through two-way text messages or even by posting postcards to them.

This ability to communicate not only across social platforms and via email, but also outside the online world, is a huge selling point for Ontraport because it gives the company the opportunity to stand out and attract potential customers. Reduce noise and. . competition.

Excellent email delivery rate – Ontraport has its own dedicated IP address for sending emails, with a high sender reputation, enabling you to avoid spam boxes and get an excellent email delivery rate.

Segmentation Report-With Ontraport, you can use UTM variables to track all information, allowing you to easily understand the cost per conversion, customer lifetime value, and which potential customer sources or content campaigns generate the best return on investment.

Strong customer support – Although I don’t have any first-hand experience with Ontraport’s customer support, it can be seen from hundreds of positive reviews that their support team is very helpful in terms of technology and customer training.

In addition to standard support, Ontraport also holds its own annual conference and provides a large amount of educational content to ensure that customers can make the most of its software.

Mobile App – At Ontrapalooza (Ontraport’s annual conference) in 2014, Ontraport announced the launch of iPhone and Android apps that allow you to manage CRM, add new contacts and subscribe to user sequences.

Although you can’t view reports or do in-depth things, these applications can be used to keep your contacts up-to-date and send quick messages (via email or SMS) to different groups.

Powerful shopping cart features-From automatic credit card payment collections designed to reduce losses caused by abandoned shopping cart payments to upsells and pre-made sequences, Ontraport shopping carts have many powerful features to reduce friction and increase conversion rates.

Bad and ugly

Not the most inspiring dashboard – although it can be fully customized, the Ontraport dashboard is not particularly inspiring or intuitive. As shown below, the main dashboard displays a box table that shows the most important metrics to you.

Steep learning curve – it may take weeks and months to fully understand what you can do on Ontraport. Although their software does have a steep learning curve, remember that all marketing automation tools do.

The possible impact of Ontraport on business development is almost certain. The steep learning curve is worth the effort, but I think Ontraport can make software easier to learn in some areas.

The number of integrations is small – although Ontraport does have APIs and 24 partner integrations, their infrastructure for third-party applications is far less extensive than Infusionsoft, which has 348 applications and integrations at the time of writing.

Ontraport’s integration includes most common services such as Quickbooks, WordPress, PayPal, 1ShoppingCart, and LeadPages. But there are only 24 integration methods, unless developers can use the API​​, they will obviously be subject to some restrictions.

Duplicate records – It is difficult for Ontraport to clear records and delete duplicate contacts. If a user downloads an e-book from your website, participates in a webinar, and purchases a product, they may end up being added to your database three times. If Ontraport can easily remove duplicates, then this is not a problem, but it is not.

Conclusion: Who is Ontraport best for?

If you sell information products, run membership websites, or own any type of online training or education company, Ontraport is a strong competitor to provide you with good marketing automation tools.

Although ActiveCampaign is definitely worth a look, Ontraport is indeed more focused in this area and has a more entrepreneurial community feel at events and conferences.

Unfortunately, Ontraport does not have a free trial version, but they have a free demo version, you can register here. They also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee (no setup or cancellation fees), so in the worst case, you can always cancel your account and get a refund within the first three months.