RightMessage Review: Pros, Cons, Features & Pricing!

November 19, 2020 0 By CT
RightMessage Review: Pros, Cons, Features & Pricing!

This is my complete review of RightMessage to help you make a decision that suits you.

This is not some trivial comments I wrote after 1 hour of use, just to earn some member cash.

No, I have been experimenting with this tool for online businesses for the past 13 months.

Before I start, I want to tell you that I have been using RightMessage myself, and I only recommend products that I like, and there are many affiliate links on this page.

If you click on these links, you will pay the same fee and I will get a few dollars to support my coffee addiction

Let’s dive in!

What is RightMessage?

RightMessage is an online tool that helps you personalize marketing without coding.

You can use it to do 3 main things:

  • Add surveys to your website to add visitors to the segment.
  • Use these segments to personalize the content on your website (titles, recommended words, copies, images, videos, etc.).
  • Increase your email list by adding call-to-action to these surveys, or grow as a standalone personalized call-to-action.

So, for example, you can ask a visitor what his biggest problem is.

The answer will be stored in the RightMessage segment.

Then use that segment to change the content on your website based on that segment

Who is behind RightMessage?

RightMessage was founded in 2017 by Brennan Dunn and Shai Schechter.

Since RightMessage does not have a page about me, I had to do some digging and sniffing to learn more about them.

I have been following Brennan for a while because he uses Marketing Personalization in his other business “Double Your Freelancing”.

Through Double Your Freelancing, he is helping various freelancers and agencies find more customers and charge more.

With his programming background, he developed a tool for himself that can personalize his website based on what kind of freelance the visitor is.

With the help of Shai, the tool produced RightMessage.

Shai is a web designer and developer. He founded an application development consulting company in 2013.

He has been living since he was young, creating his first application at the age of 4, and his first website at the age of 7.

After running several online companies in his bedroom as a child, he founded an event company in college.

With his love for software, he was able to launch some very unique activities, such as a Wall Street-themed nightclub, where he installed a screen and hacked into the cash register, which caused drink prices to rise and collapse overnight.

Obviously, people like it.

After that, he became interested in online marketing and began to personalize the websites of his clients.

For example, a visitor who has completed a basic visit, he will show a better call-to-action, which greatly increases the conversion rate.

Around the same time, Brennan was personalizing.

Brennan shared everything he was trying on Twitter, and many marketers started to follow up.

Since then, he has decided to set up courses so that marketers can do the same with their website.

Its sales are very good, and people like these concepts.

However, it is difficult for them to follow up on the more technical parts of the course.

Since then, Brennan & Shai started talking about creating a click tool that any marketer can use by themselves.

Examples and use cases

RightMessage has many possibilities.

There are so many that even getting started is a little overwhelmed.

Below is a quick overview of some of my favorite use cases.

Use Case 1-Personalize your sales page

This is obvious.

If it is broken down by the identity of the visitor and the largest breakdown of the visitor.

You can then personalize all sales pages completely around that visitor.

Think about it:

  • Personalized title.
  • Personalized subtitle
  • Replace with another video talking about their biggest struggle
  • Exchange recommendations that are more relevant to the visitor.
  • Add another question to the FAQ that discusses possible objections from visitors.
  • Change specific words in the copy to make them more relevant.

All these little personalizations can have a huge impact.

Use Case 2-Personalize your checkout page

Someone has just viewed your sales page.

And brave enough to click the intimidating checkout button.

But you are not done yet.

The visitor has not yet purchased your product.

Therefore, to blow them away, you must personalize them.

Exchange personal recommendations and list some benefits that may be related to that person.

Use case 3-Hide opt-in from subscribed users

Suppose you want to do a newsletter once a week.

In this weekly magazine, you now link to a news article of yours from time to time.

They visited this article.

They were bombarded by opt-in.

but why?

Are they already on your list?

Therefore, it is time to hide these babies based on which funnel stage they are in.

If they are anonymous, please show them.

If they are subscribers, please hide them or show other content.

Use case 4-Display different calls to action based on someone’s identity

Therefore, in addition to hiding the call to action on the page for visitors who are already customers, you can also display a unique call to action.

It’s not just a call to action, and it’s not a perfect call to action based on what you know about your visitors.

How much is the cost?

RightMessage’s pricing is fairly straightforward.

You have two different plans:

  • If you just want to subdivide and build an email list, please make a CTA plan.
  • Personalization plan If you want to segment and build an email list, and personalize the entire website based on the segment data.

As a marketer, a personalized plan will be my first choice because it allows you to personalize your website.

But it is not surprising that it is also the most expensive plan.

Let’s see:

How much is the cost

Their plan is based on how many visitors your website has.

For up to 2,000 unique visitors per month, you need to pay $29 for the CTA plan and $129 for the personalized plan.

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They also mentioned in the FAQ that if you exceed your quota at one time, you don’t have to worry that the plan will automatically become more expensive:

Q: What if I exceed the monthly visitor limit? Or is my traffic fluctuating a lot?

Answer: We will not automatically upgrade anyone. Our team will pay close attention to your account, and if you have been (significantly) exceeding your data quota, we will contact you to upgrade you.

We know that some companies are seasonal and traffic will surge. In any case, you can rest assured that we will always work with you one-on-one to ensure that you only pay for the pricing plan you should use.

I think that’s so cool.

In addition, since it is calculated based on visitors, you can also use it on as many websites as possible.

What kind of support?

I don’t know you, but strong support is really important to me.

Sometimes I get stuck and I can’t continue without some help.

Therefore, if you have to wait 5 days to get a response, it will suck.

But with RightMessage, I usually receive a reply within a day.

Sometimes even faster.

I also like that their support is very personal.

Usually, I receive an email from one of the co-founders, Brennan, or Shai.

I really like it because it shows that they care.

I also use many tools with a large customer base, these tools just outsource their support to overseas companies

Bad people.

But Brennan and Sean rock

They always help me when I need it.

Most importantly, they have a rich knowledge base containing more than 100 help articles.

Integration: RightMessage + your email service provider

RightMessage integrates with the most popular email service provider (ESP).

These integration possibilities are really cool

Let me give you some examples.

You can synchronize survey answers to custom fields in ESP.

First, you must select the custom field where you want to save the data.

Then, for each segment, you must provide the value to save.

Therefore, if a visitor answers a question, it will be automatically added to their subscriber profile.

If you do not have this guest as a subscriber.

The data will then be stored until they provide you with an email address, and then automatically synced to their profile.

But this can also be the opposite.

When custom fields have specific values ​​or subscribers have specific tags, you can automatically add someone to the segment.

In the example below, you will see how to check if the subscriber’s “Product Type-Primary” custom field is equal to “Physical Product”.

If it is, the subscriber will be automatically added to the segment.

This is cool, because if you already know which market segment someone belongs to; there is no need to ask again.

So you can start personalizing your website without asking again

But this is not.

You can also use RightMessage to collect email addresses.

When someone provides their email address, you can add it to the list, add tags, or submit a form.

It’s not just a call to action, and it’s not a perfect call to action based on what you know about your visitors.

Pros & Cons

We talked about a lot of things.

And I have already mentioned some good and bad things.

But let me summarize it for you.


  • Personalize everything on the website: change copies, hide elements, replace images, replace videos.
  • Ability to add statistics by subdivision.
  • Survey your website visitors and automatically add them to the segment.
  • Sync segments with your email service provider.
  • Use segmented data from email service providers to personalize your website.
  • There are multiple websites in one account.
  • Easy to use.


  • If you don’t have CSS knowledge, you can’t fully style the widgets, but they are helping with this.
  • This is an investment; it is not cheap.
  • It may take a day for support to respond to you.
  • Many possibilities may be overwhelming.
  • Then, what follows is the conclusion of this review.

Should you get RightMessage?

I know this is a rather expensive tool.

But if you ask me, it is worth it.

You may have personalized email marketing.

Then why not your website

Imagine a personalized opt-in form, a personalized sales page, and a personalized checkout page.

To help you make a decision, we asked you a simple question.

Will personalizing your website increase revenue by at least $147 per month?

If the answer is yes, you should try it by clicking the button below.

Then, you have 2 weeks to figure out whether you want to keep it, and then charge them a penny.

Seriously, I haven’t been excited about tools for a while.

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