Teachable Reviews – Features, Pricing & Competitors

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Teachable Reviews – Features, Pricing & Competitors

If you want to package and sell knowledge, you need an online course platform (also known as a learning management system), and one of the main participants is “teachable”.

“Use our powerful and simple all-in-one platform to easily create online courses.”

Teachable provides hosting for your courses and necessary web pages, automatic student registration, payment system, and many other features.

By the end of this review, you will know whether Teachable is your best choice or whether another LMS (such as Thinkific or Kajabi) is more suitable for you.

“Everything can be taught”


  • Strong customer support
  • Really easy to use
  • Smooth management interface
  • Attractive layout and layout
  • Quickly build a complete course with few technical skills
  • The free tier provides zero-cost startup


  • No built-in contact form function
  • If you want to automatically send payments to other authors, the cost is higher
  • No advanced quiz features
  • No built-in gamification
  • Limited direct integration

What is Teachable?

Teachable allows you to create and sell online courses without any technical knowledge.

Is it right for me?

If you are a blogger, creative, or entrepreneur who wants to package your knowledge and create online courses for your audience or followers, then Teachable may be your ideal choice.

If you want to create a membership, you can also use Teachable.

“Teachable” is a popular choice, used by more than 22,000 teachers who have opened more than 34,000 courses.

Teaching Review: Features

  • Built-in shopping cart accepts Stripe or PayPal payment
  • Construct online courses and memberships with images, videos, PDF presentations, and text courses.
  • Create a website for your course using the built-in website builder
  • Organize your content into lectures, courses, and schools
  • Segment the list of students so that you can email course-specific information to the right people
  • Use quizzes, forums, and blogs to attract students
  • Investigation Engine
  • IOS app for students
  • Ready-made themes
  • Live chat
  • Real-time video conference/webinar
  • Multi-language support
  • Schedule live events
  • Manage certification templates

Teachable function: malfunction

Let’s dig deeper into some of the features we like;

Multimedia friendly

You can upload many different types of media to the course. Including images, videos, text, audio, and PDF.

You can also add content from places like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Drag and drop generator

Walk around in the course, organize price lists, add text and images to the homepage, and create sales pages.

You can also add course pages to an existing website. Or set up a new website/domain on Teachable.

Learning and community tools (blogs, forums, and quizzes)

Quizzes can help you keep students interested in the content. You can also add forums and blogs.

Some teachable programs provide course completion certificates, which you can customize to suit your brand.

Advanced editing

You do not need any coding or technical knowledge. You can start with a template, add content, and then complete the course quickly and truly.

If you need more advanced customization, you can use Power Editor, which allows users to change the code.

Impressive marketing features

Teachable has promotions, coupons, membership plans, and email marketing.

You can also use payment plans, bundled courses, and subscriptions.

Sales page

A sales page is provided for you in “Teaching”. The proof template can be converted, and then you can further customize the template to suit you.

All pages can be translated into multiple languages ​​to help international sales.

Student Management

It is important to ensure that your students feel supported. In Teachable, you can do this by creating Google forms, surveys and other tools to get student feedback.

You can also use Zapier to integrate tools like Zendesk, which will provide you with more features.

You can send target emails based on various conditions. For example, when a student signs up for a course, you can send a welcome email. Or, maybe you can send discount codes to customers who haven’t purchased from you for a long time.

Teachable Vs Competitor

There are many companies in the field of online courses. You may have determined that “Teachable” is right for you. However, just in case you need more information, let us compare Teachable with a few top competitors.

Teachable vs Kajabi

‘Kajabi is a multi-platform platform that makes it easy to create online courses, start marketing activities, build landing pages, and design perfect websites.”

When comparing Kajabi to Teachable, it is important to remember that Kajabi includes many features that people might pay for other companies. Kajabi’s plans start at $149 per month (including 3 products), but this does include landing pages, membership sites, course sites, email marketing, etc. Both Teachable and Kajabi integrate with PayPal and Stripe. Teachable always offers a free entry plan, while Kajabi offers a 14-day free trial period.


Kajabi is a good choice for established businesses that have brought considerable income. However, if you are in the early stages of the business, it is better to decide on the required features and obtain the solution separately. Kajabi is a multi-platform platform, and Teachable is committed to creating and selling online courses.

Teaching and Thinkific

These platforms are very similar. Both provide landing pages, email marketing, shopping carts, payment gateways, etc., and they both also have strong customer support.

They all have free plans. Thinkific (even the free plan) does not charge any transaction fees. However, Teachable’s free plan requires a 10% fee plus $1 per course sales, which is very impressive.

Thinkific offers immediate payments, while Teachable offers monthly payments.

Thinkific focuses on the experience of students and teachers. Teachable pays more attention to course marketing tools.


Thinkific is slightly better in usability and design. In terms of marketing capabilities and simplification of certain technical aspects (such as taxation and affiliate marketing), Thinkific has achieved an instructable victory.

Teaching Review: Pricing

Teaching Review Pricing

Teachable offers a free plan, so you can test the platform before submitting. If you want to try one of the more advanced plans before submitting, you can also try it for free.

They provided 3 other plans:

  • $29/month-Unlimited courses, videos, and basic plan for students, plus 5% transaction fee, monthly expenses, and 2 authors.
  • $99/month-Professional plan, no transaction, instant payment, 5 authors, graded quizzes and advanced customization, no teachable brand.
  • $249/month-a high-volume plan with professional plan features, with 100 administrator-level users, manually imported students, and a large number of student registrations.

The monthly fees for the annual package are US$29, US$79, and US$399.

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Teachable customer reviews

“I made $169,000 by opening the first two online courses. Teachability makes it incredibly easy to create high-quality products from scratch.” Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income

“I know how hard it will be to decide which platform your business will run on. We are satisfied with the decision to use Teachable.” Mariah Coz, Mariahcoz.com

“I used Teachable to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in online courses. If you are thinking of creating your own online courses, then you can use “teaching.” Melyssa Griffin, MelyssaGriffin.com

“The real gain for me is why I chose Teachable, why I like it, and why I continue to use Teachable for my online courses. This is their strong support.” CS Lakin, live broadcast. write. Flourish

“I went from creating small, cheap courses to large-scale courses. These courses increased income by 5 digits. For service entrepreneurs who want to expand their business, this is the perfect solution.” Julie Stoian-Life Digital Insider

Frequently asked questions about Teachable

Is Thinkific better than Teachable?

Thinkific has better website design and customization, while Teachable has better sales and marketing functions. The pricing structure is also different, so you need to see which is more suitable for you.

Is a teachable platform good?

Teachable is a powerful and easy-to-use platform that can be used to create online courses. It is a popular choice for bloggers, creatives and entrepreneurs.

Is Teachable an LMS?

Teachable is LMS, which stands for learning management system (online course platform).

Can I use Teachable for free?

Teachable offers a free plan, which includes unlimited hosting, courses, videos and students. The transaction cost of this plan is high, but it is a good way to get started.

How much per month?

Free plan: $0/month, plus $1 + 10% paid course sales transaction fee.

Basic plan: $39 per month (monthly) or $33.25 per month (yearly), plus 5% of paid course sales transaction fees. 2.9% + 30 cents transaction processing fee applies to all plans

What percentage can be Teachable take?

Their higher-priced plans have lower transaction costs. For any plan that uses “Monthly Payment Gateway” or “Teachable Payment”, we charge a standard payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for the fee-based courses for US transactions.

Summary of Teachable reviews: is teaching worthwhile?

Creators of online courses that sell products to EU customers must charge VAT on their courses. It may be difficult to record and then pay. One of the main benefits of Teachable is that it will solve this problem by including VAT in its pricing and then paying for you.

Teachable is a learning management system specially designed for educators. It has excellent sales and marketing functions and can help you show your courses in front of the right people.

We believe that “Teachable” is a good choice for bloggers, YouTubers, writers, publishers, and other experts.