Time Doctor Review – Do You Know What Is This?

January 7, 2021 0 By CT
Time Doctor Review – Do You Know What Is This?

A team of 80 people from 23 countries/regions provides services to you. Time Doctor currently serves more than 83,000 subscribers worldwide.

Despite the obvious Doctor Who reference, the Time Doctor is a time tracking and productivity applications.

Time Doctor is not just a digital timetable, its goal is not only to track your time but also to help you learn to use it more effectively.

And, you know, protect the space-time continuum.

Time Doctor has tracking time, accessing payroll functions, and other functions to improve work efficiency. It is a popular and reasonably priced solution that can meet your time tracking needs.

Time Doctor is ideal for people who work from home and small business owners looking to improve efficiency.

Time Doctor seems to be able to scale well into larger businesses. Home Depot, Allstate, Keller Williams Realty, and Apple (yes, Apple) all use Time Doctor.



The price above depends on the number of the user.

If you want to try it before you buy, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial without credit card information.

Cloud-based or local installation

All. Time doctor is composed of two elements. One element is the downloaded software running on the device.

Another element is a web-based dashboard that can be used to view reports of your or your employees’ working hours.

Hardware and software requirements

The Time Doctor desktop application is compatible with Mac OS 10.7+, most Linux OS versions, and all Windows computers with Windows Vista or higher.

Time Doctor also has a software version that can run in Chromium OS. T

o access the online dashboard, you should use the latest version of one of the following compatible browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.

Specific business scale

Self-employed business owners and large companies such as Apple and Home Depot use Time Doctor.

Easy to use

I find Time Doctor is very easy to use. After you have an account and download and install the program, it will take you to quickly learn how to track your time, rest, and add tasks. Overall, this is a seamless process, and it feels natural.


Once you know how to do these three things, you know how to complete all the work of downloading programming.

To increase working hours, view reports or screenshots, or change any of your account details, you need to log in to Time Doctor’s web app.

The design of the web application is better than the downloaded program.

Your landing page is your dashboard where you can edit timetables, view screenshots, view reports, etc. The layout is reasonable and intuitive.

Employers and employees can access slightly different dashboards. On the employer dashboard, you can manage user settings, process salary, and set work plans.

The employee dashboard essentially allows employees to view reports on their working hours.

This is a screenshot of the employer dashboard :

employer dashboard

This is how the employee dashboard looks:

employee dashboard

Both dashboards are intuitive, and it took less than an hour to master everything. In terms of ease of use, Time Doctor has won a very high evaluation.


Time Doctor is designed to be used as a time management software for yourself and your employees.

It allows you to track time, monitor employee productivity, and process payroll.

Although Time Doctor is good at its work, business owners who are looking for a more traditional project management system may find that Time Doctor lacks some important features.

For example, you will not find features such as Gantt charts, risk registers, or contact management.

The following are some of the features of Time Doctor:

  • Dashboard: Time Doctor gives you access to two different dashboards. One is for tracking your time, and the other is for viewing reports and salary information.
  • Project management: Create projects and assign them to your users. You can also add permanent tasks to your project to make it easier to track the cumulative time that multiple users spend on a task.
  • Tasks: Add new tasks and connect tasks with larger projects. After completing the task, you can mark it as completed. The time doctor will track all the time you spend on each task.
  • Time tracking: It is necessary to track not only the total working time spent, but also how many hours are spent on each job. If you need to take a break, no problem: press the “rest” button and take some time. Also, if you need to edit the time after the fact, or if you forget to start the timer, you can add the hours here.
  • Payroll: Set the salary of the employee’s salary and hour limit. The employee’s working hours are transferred to your administrator account and you can start processing payroll. At the end of each payment period, you will receive an email reminding you to check your payroll. After checking everything, just click “Approve” and then click “Send”. Time Doctor allows you to pay employees using any payment method, such as PayPal, Payoneer, and TransferWise.
  • Scheduling: You can set up work plans for employees. When an employee is late for work or is completely or partially absent, you will be notified.
  • Email settings: Request that Time Doctor email reports only to yourself or your entire team.
  • Reports and analysis: There are many reports for you to consider, including reports that analyze employee timetables, timetables, projects and bad time usage. The last one is interesting to me; it tracks employees and analyzes their “personal computer usage”. If they spend more than 10 minutes a day on non-work-related websites, they may be in trouble. As I discuss below, the report is not perfect. In the test, I can cheat the software many times.
  • Activity monitoring: Time Doctor will track the websites you visit around the clock. During my testing, it tracked my activities very well. However, the “possible bad use time” function is not perfect. When I play YouTube videos in other tabs or in an incognito browser, Time Doctor is not registered. Ironically, the only YouTube video Time Doctor “captured” was the Time Doctor tutorial video I played in the Time Doctor dashboard.
  • Screen monitoring: When this feature is enabled, it will capture an image of the employee’s screen and send it to the supervisor to help ensure that every moment is productive. Does it feel like an invasion of privacy? You are not alone. In other words, this feature is designed to allow employees to delete screenshots they don’t like. However, the time slot of the image is also deducted from its salary.
  • Webcam image: If you are scared by the screenshot, this feature will make you scared. Time Doctor enables administrators to enable webcam photos, which are taken on employees’ computers at set intervals.
  • Productivity Tip: If you wander on the Internet (who doesn’t?) and are too far away from the inaccessible places to be considered productive anymore, Time Doctor will send you a pop-up window asking if you are still performing the given task. In addition, you will see a small time bar at the bottom of the screen to help you focus on the task at hand.

Customer Service and Support

In terms of customer service, Time Doctor has the following options:

  • Email: Contact a support representative directly by submitting a support ticket. They will then contact you via email, where you can continue the conversation.
  • Help in the software: The dashboard includes links to support and feedback, web pages where you can vote on upcoming features, web pages where you can download Time Doctor software, and product blogs.
  • Help Center: Time Doctor provides a searchable help center, which you can access from the dashboard or the Time Doctor website. The help center contains operating methods and troubleshooting guides to help you learn how to use the software effectively. The help center also includes a small video library that shows you some basic procedures for using Time Doctor.
  • Videos: The help center contains 11 videos. These videos are the same as the ones you viewed in the introduction to the software.
  • Blog: Time Doctor’s blog includes product updates, productivity tips, and general business-related articles.
  • Social media: Time Doctor often posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. They also have an account on Instagram, but they have not posted on it in the past two and a half years.

It is important to note that you can only actually contact Time Doctor via email. For some businesses who want to get answers in real-time via phone or live chat, this restriction can be frustrating.

I have seen some comments complaining that Time Doctor is slow in responding to emails. Therefore, please keep in mind that obtaining technical support may not be as easy as you want.

User comment

Negative comments and complaints

Time Doctor is a rigorously vetted program that scores high on third-party review websites. However, users still have some complaints about what Time Doctor can improve. This is what users most often complain about:

  • Errors and malfunctions: I have seen many reports of errors and malfunctions in the software. Some users say that the software slows down the computer, while others report problems with accurately tracking time. Several users say that Time Doctor does not work properly on Mac.
  • High pricing for large companies: Time Doctor is priced per user. This pricing method means that companies with many employees may find the software too expensive.
  • Annoying and aggressive: These complaints usually come from employees who use software rather than business owners. When the employee is not on the computer, Time Doctor will send a “you are working” pop-up window, which is very frustrating because many employees rely heavily on computers to complete their work. However, most importantly, many employees consider Time Doctor’s screenshots and webcam screenshots to be creepy and intrusive. They say that Doctor Time is essentially the employer’s spyware.
  • Technical support: It is difficult to obtain technical support.

Praise and recommendation

As I mentioned, most Time Doctor subscribers are very satisfied with the product. The following are the key points of the positive reviews of “Time Doctor”:

  • Good for managing time: Employers like to use Time Doctor to track employees’ time usage. This tracking ability helps them to better evaluate employee performance and helps them better understand the time required to complete each task. Then, employers can better delegate tasks and increase overall productivity.
  • Screenshots: Managers and owners like to monitor employees’ ability to work through screenshots. For people who hire remote workers, this screenshot feature seems particularly important. Freelancers also like this feature because it allows them to prove their time usage to clients.
  • Easy to use: Time Doctor is easy to set up and use.

Integration and add-ons

Time Doctor integrates with 22 applications and services, including Slack, Trello, FreshBooks, and Basecamp.

Time Doctor is also integrated with Zapier, which allows you to connect with hundreds of other software.

In addition, you can use Time Doctor’s Chrome extension to integrate with different applications such as Redbooth, WordPress, GitHub.

Finally, Time Doctor provides users with access to its API, and you can use it to build custom solutions.


Time Doctor uses SSL encryption for all communications with its server.

Time Doctor said its data center is monitored 24/7 and uses a special intrusion detection system to prevent malicious connections and hacker attacks.

Time Doctor’s privacy policy explains what happens to the screenshots taken by the software while the user is working.

Managers of your company and some Time Doctor system administrators and senior developers who use these images for testing and troubleshooting can view these screenshots.

You can also set these screenshots to be obscure for employees who handle sensitive information.


Do I like Time Doctor?

To answer this question, let’s review what comes with each subscription: you’ll get a time tracker that breaks down your schedule into individual tasks, and a productivity monitor to help ensure you’re Work as efficiently as possible (Time Doctor website claims to improve work efficiency up to 22% of the cost), the service can be integrated with your payroll system and almost automate the entire payday, and you only need to get all the services for as little as ten dollars.

Although I do feel that the entire screenshot/activity monitoring is a bit creepy, especially when installed on a non-work device, I also know that this feature can be turned off after working hours (this is very important for remote work) use yourself device).

Overall, the combination of usability, good features, and value for money makes Time Doctor worthy of your attention. But please don’t believe me! Sign up for the free trial version and decide for yourself.