Traffic Secrets From Russell Brunson! Boosting Your Blog

January 15, 2021 0 By CT
Traffic Secrets From Russell Brunson! Boosting Your Blog

How to bring thousands of traffic to your YouTube channel or website?

If you are running a YouTube channels or your own website, you must be very interested in “traffic”.

This article wants to share Traffic Secrets from Russell Brunson which is the new book published in May 2020 with you.

Before sharing the “traffic secrets” in the book, I want to introduce you to the author of this book, Russell Brunson.

Who is Russell Brunson?

Who is Russell Brunson

You may not have heard of Russell Brunson, but he is currently the most popular entrepreneur in online marketing in the United States.

Why is it so popular? Because the company he co-founded, Clickfunnels, allows many people to build a sales funnel on the Internet easily.

Since Clickfunnels went live, as many as 737 people have used his Clickfunnels to make millions of dollars

Do you think that Clickfunnels is so powerful?

It’s really amazing.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the powerful rich dad, and Tony Robbins, the inspirational master, have joined Clickfunnels that using the system to sell their courses and services.

How did Russell Brunson do it? Why can his software Clickfunnels increase the conversion rate? Help everyone make money online more easily?

In fact, he has already explained the method in detail in his first two books, Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

Dotcom secrets talk about how to build a sales funnel and build a brand’s value ladder.

Expert Secrets is about how to package your knowledge into products for sale through storytelling.

If you want to run a brand on the Internet, I really recommend reading these two books.

Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets

Is your existing traffic really solid?

After a brief introduction to Russell Brunson and his first two books, we return to his latest book: Traffic Secrets

Russell found

Many people’s Internet business is built on a fan group or a single channel.

When the new platform just started, there was a traffic bonus on the platform, and everyone’s business build fast and easy because there were countless free traffic and very cheap paid traffic (advertising is very cheap)

But one day, when the algorithm changes, the traffic decreases instantly, and the cost of advertising is greatly increased.

In the beginning, the business is profitable. Then it suddenly couldn’t sustain it because there is no traffic.

The scary thing is that the algorithm changes every once in a while.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg is just like Thanos in Marve.

Just flick your finger, change the algorithm, and half of the Internet business died.

Furthermore, new platforms continue to come out.

Facebook just became popular 10 years ago. YouTubers only started 5 years ago, and IG only started to become more and more popular in the past few years, and now there is TikTok.

But who knows which platforms will be alive in the next 10 years, and which new platform will be the most popular?

The world is changing so fast, you will find that we can’t catch up with the change.

And the Traffic Secrets by Russell aims to solve the above-mentioned traffic problem.

What exactly is traffic?

First, Russell mentions one important point.

Traffic is not numbers, traffic is people

When you run a YouTube channel, Facebook Fan Page, or website for a period of time, you will start to care about the numbers.

You will compare how many people like your post between today and yesterday, and how many people dislike your post.

But you didn’t realize that, behind every like and every watch is a living person.

Russell mentioned

Traffic is difficult to predict, but human behavior is very predictable

So the first step to getting traffic is not to research what SEO keyword skills, but to think carefully about what your audience/customers look like?

Who will read your articles and watch your videos?

Dream customer

Who is your dream customer?

What does he look like? What does he eat? What movies does he watch? What music does he listen to? Why are things upset now? What does he want? What information does he want? Where is he now?

You have to be clear about him, walk into his mind, and even know himself better than himself.

Regarding how to think about dream customer, it is mentioned in many books, so I won’t elaborate here.

You might want to say, I already know the concept of dream customers, and I have set my dream customers, why there is still no traffic?

That’s because you didn’t find out where they gathered!

Find out where customers gather (Dream 100)

Find out where customers gather (Dream 100)

After you figure out your dream customer, the next thing to do is to find out where they are currently gathering

You would like to say, how would I know where they gathered?

Actually, It’s very simple.

Just think about which YouTube channels your dream customer would usually go to?

What website would they go to?

What fan page and IG account would they track?

Let’s suppose that your dream customer is a person who has learned classical piano as a child.

Then stop learning when he has to work in society, but is still interested in music.

What channel will he watch?

He may go to youtube and find someone who is good at music.

And these channels are where your dream customers gather!

Russell calls these channels or fan page or websites that have gathered a large audience “Dream 100”.

My own understanding is that Russell refers to the winners in the market

So why is it called Dream “100”?

Because Russell wants you to really take the time to find the top 100 winners in the market.

Take the piano for example.

You need to find the top 100 channels on YouTube that teach piano, the top 100 fans on Facebook, and the top 100 websites on the Internet that teach piano.

When you find them all, you will find that you don’t need to create traffic, traffic has already been created by these people.

It’s like you are irrigating a rice field. The first step you have to do is not to dig a well yourself, but to see if there is a big river nearby, and then try to divert water from the river to your rice field.

Negotiate with Dream 100

Now that you have found the Dream 100 in your market, what do you want to do next?

Think of a way to kill them?


What you have to do is to find ways to negotiate and cooperate with them, the best way is to go to their show, or let them mention you on their show

As mentioned earlier, try to divert some water from the big river to your rice field.

You would like to say, isn’t this just separating people’s traffic?

Yes, so you have to give something different from the big channel and provide them different values.

Let’s take Russell as an example.

He was unknown at first, but he asked Tony Robbins to recommend his book Expert Secrets so he gets a lot of traffic.

Why Tony Robbins is willing to help him promote because Tony Robbins’ own field is motivational courses, and Expert Secrets tells how to tell stories.

Because this book gives different values, so Tony Robbins helps him promote.

It’s amazing, right?

This is the secret of flow. You don’t need to dig a well in the desert. What you have to do is find a big river and try to divert some water over.

As for how to find the Dream 100 in the market and negotiate with the market to control the flow, Russell has a more detailed explanation in the book Traffic secrets

Practical experience

While reading this book, Russell repeatedly emphasized the importance of Dream 100.

He said that if you spend $100,000 to ask him to be a business consultant.

The first thing he does is spend a whole day working with you to find out your Dream 100 in the market.

He is even more exaggerated.

When he founded Clickfunnels, he had a collection of 736 Dream lists, and then he tried to contact those 736 people to see if he could help him promote Clickfunnels.

When I looked for Dream 100 one by one, I gradually became aware of the market I belonged to.

And when I started to think about how to cooperate with these mainstream winners in the future, I really realized what the so-called “Niche” market is.

You have to understand the entire market first and know what others are doing before you can truly build a distinctive niche market, and then guide traffic from the mainstream market to your niche market.

Just like you are going to open a store on a snack street.

You should not just think about what store you want to open, but first study all the stores on that street.

If everyone sells food, then you should open a beverage shop.

Instead of seeing others selling food, it feels that you have to open a food store.


I believe you may a little confused after reading this.

Here I will help you summarize the key points of obtaining traffic in Traffic secrets:

  • Define your dream customer
  • Find out where your dream customers are currently gathering (Dream 100)
  • Negotiate with Dream 100 and guide dream customers from them

Traffic Secrets also mentions many practical steps, such as how to operate on Facebook, YouTube, and IG, and how to find a Dream 100 platform and negotiate with them.

Where to buy Traffic Secrets?

I bought it from the official website of Traffic Secrets. The official website only costs $9.9, and there is an audiobook you can buy.

As Russell mentioned in the book, he doesn’t want to write some traffic skills that will be eliminated in a few years.

What he wants to bring to readers is that as long as there are people on the earth, there will be useful traffic rules.

If you want to build a personal brand and do business on the Internet but lack traffic, I sincerely recommend this book to you.

If you have any questions about that, please leave it below. I’d love to hear that.