UpViral Review – Details, Pricing, & Features!

November 21, 2020 0 By CT
UpViral Review – Details, Pricing, & Features!

Do you want to purchase an Upviral subscription?

In this era of competition, viral marketing is essential for brands. Several tools with the same configuration are available at competitive prices, which makes it difficult to choose the right product.

Whenever we think of viral marketing, our minds often keep thinking about Instagram influencers or Youtube content creators.

For small businesses, hiring these famous people and getting started is quite remarkable. However, if you monitor, there are always other ways.

Regardless of the size of the business, I always recommend and suggest setting up an email list. I see email lists as a business asset.

You can use the database in a variety of ways, including staying in touch with buyers or audiences (if you are a blogger or podcast host) and even conducting viral marketing campaigns.

Do you want to make a viral marketing campaign that will help your business?

Well, it can help you generate sales, increase visibility, and gradually become a revenue-generating machine for your business.

Sounds great, right?

However, there are too many tools/software to choose from on the market. Among all the tools I have encountered, Upviral claims to be the ultimate virus recommendation system that can be easily integrated with your existing channels, tools, and channels.

Upviral can help your business get the attention it needs for communication and development.

So without further clarification, let us know more about Upviral Review and what it provides for you and your business?

Upviral Introduction

UpViral is basically a cloud-based software that can be used to create viral marketing campaigns for your business, which will help your business development.

With Upviral, you can create viral marketing campaigns for your business, including contests, sweepstakes, coupons, etc.

You can create sales channels for your business, which will lead to higher sales in the future.


How do you use Upviral?

Step 1: Upviral is ready to use the template. You can use these templates to create campaigns worth promoting (maybe contests or giveaways).

Step 2: According to the basic strategy, people will be required to share more campaign activities on their social media handles (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). The more they share, the more they have a chance to win.

This will help you create a loop where your subscribers will get more subscribers.

Do you want to know how this will help you?

You can maximize your email list just by running these viral marketing campaigns. Like I said at the beginning “Your email list is your asset”

Next, you can connect your campaign to “Autoresponders”, which will help you save time and manual labor.

Because “communication and communicating with the audience are the key.”


Features of the virus

1. Viral Campaigns

No matter when and where Upviral can help you create endless reward settings.

The main strategy for selecting giveaways or contest winners in Upviral campaigns is a lottery, which means random selection of winners without following any winning criteria.

UpViral provides you with all the templates, infrastructure, and all experiences you need to prepare to promote the sweepstakes in just 5 minutes.

Upviral allows you to mix and match sweepstakes and rewards to create the ultimate viral campaign.

With Upviral, you can use sweepstakes to observe the desire of participants to win glory on the leaderboard, which means that there are constantly new referrals entering your business.

2. Reward system

With Upviral, you can create rewards for any niche market. UpViral allows you to create and offer unique prizes for all types of audiences, promotions, or niche markets.

Upviral supports URLs for secret content, downloadable files, or software downloads for e-books. The coupon code for the e-commerce store.

With Upviral, your only limit is imagination, because Upviral supports all types of reward systems. Is it amazing?

Upviral has unlockable milestones. With Upviral, you can keep participants motivated by recommending milestones.

These milestones will automatically reward them with every recommendation they bring.

With Upviral, you can provide countless rewards you want, and make it longer than usual for subscribers to introduce new friends to your business.

3. Multiple platforms can be connected

This is my favorite part of the tool. Upviral is not limited to email marketing or email campaigns.

With Upviral, you can integrate all other social media handles, Facebook pages, Facebook Group, Instagram handles, etc.

With Upviral, you can put everything under one roof.

4. Automation

In this fast-paced world, we don’t have time for manual work.

With Upviral, you can automate the entire reward system. UpViral’s automated reward delivery system will track subscribers for you and send their prizes to them via email when a milestone is reached.

5. Recommendation plan

Upviral provides you with a unique triple A/B testing option that can help you maximize your recommendation rate while minimizing costs.

It also provides you with an option to test the login page and email follow-up actions. With Upviral, you can easily identify participants, winners, and losers to maximize conversion rates and build strong viral campaigns

6. Everything in one place

To be honest, I really like this part of Upviral, you can access all the information in one place.

You don’t need to collect information from different sources and then put it in an excel worksheet for analysis.

With Upviral, all important information, such as event details/views, social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.), email details, split test views, etc. are all in one place. Is it amazing?

We understand the important features provided by Upviral, now let us understand how to use these features and the practical use of Upviral.

What can you use Upviral for?

I’m sure that after reading these features, you have an idea of ​​all the operations that Upviral can do.

Summarizing the above information, here we have chosen the 3 most important things that Upviral can accomplish.

You can do many things with Upviral. But let’s talk about the basics, there are three things you can do with Upviral:

  • Make a viral giveaway/competition
  • Create a referral program
  • Split test

The possibility of turning one wire into many wires is a very unique concept that makes Upviral stand out. Using Upviral’s referral program, you can easily increase your prospects and email lists (depending on your strategy) overnight.

For example, if you have a gift, you can choose to charge for the product/service, or say: “If you use this code to recommend two people, you will get a discount.”

Now, if you have a list of 5,000 people and you do this to everyone, it is not difficult to get hundreds of clues from the established list. From here, every time you do a viral marketing campaign, it will grow.

What makes this process easy is the “ready-to-use template” on Upviral. You can easily create a profitable viral marketing campaign

If plan A fails, then you should always be prepared for plan B, but what about two plans at the same time?

Not a good idea?

With Upviral, you can always perform split testing and understand what works for you and what does not work for you.

Do you want to know, is Upviral useful to me?

For your question, we have an answer, who is the best fit for Upviral.

Which Upviral is best for?

1. E-commerce business

In the past few years, I have worked with many e-commerce companies, from clothing to groceries, I work for them. I cannot deny the importance of “referral marketing” for e-commerce business.

The following are some examples of how to use Upviral to develop an e-commerce business;

  • You can send a 25% discount code and mention that if 5 people use the code, the recommended person will get a gift
  • Send an email to your email subscribers to provide the original subscriber with a “winter offer”, a “summer offer” or a “peak season sale” so that you can get at least 10 subscribers to the recommended address book. You can send emails to your subscribers and new subscribers, and it should be able to create FOMO. For example, you can use “Limited Time Offer.” Or sign up so you don’t miss any offers.

We already know that Upviral is particularly famous and recommended marketing is.

The above examples are just a few examples. With your imagination, you can do more.

2. Offline business

Entrepreneurs of offline businesses without an online business usually think that digital marketing is not suitable for them. It is not a good idea to spend money on online marketing, but trust me, it is not a good idea.

As an offline business, having an online presence is very important, it can help people find and contact you.

For example, you have a grocery store, and someone who recently moved to your area is looking for a grocery store instead of you. If he finds a competitor, you will lose customers.

You can also use the referral plan with an offline business.

For example, you own a coffee shop, but the coffee shop has insufficient traffic and sales.

You can plan a strategy for creating a campaign and then ask your audience to share it on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. Once they provide you with a certain number of recommendations, reward them.

I remember I once carried out such an event, we asked to share pictures on Facebook, in exchange, we provided “free tea”. We received a huge response.

By following the above strategy, you can also reward all referrals who recommend a certain number of referrals. You can provide free coupons for snacks and provide them with referral codes to get a% discount on the overall bill.

Not only can it help you increase visitors, but it can also help you increase visits.

You can use the terms and conditions to create referral codes or coupons so that your business will not be affected.

If your service meets the requirements, they will definitely visit again.

3. Medical

For patients, finding any medical professional is very important. It can help him develop his business, gain trust, and become popular because of his professionalism.

Practitioners mostly rely on “word-of-mouth” referrals from other people, including other doctors, family members, friends, etc. But when you can explore unlimited resources, why rely on limited resources.

Dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists, etc. can benefit a lot from this strategy.

For example, a dentist can provide free dental examinations for a certain number of clinic references.

If the physiotherapist brings a certain number of potential clients, they can provide a one-day course for free.

If someone brings more clues, psychologists can provide free courses and so on.

Mentioned above are some examples of how medical professionals can effectively use and plan referral programs.

4. Blogs and podcasts

The magical thing about Upviral & Viral Marketing is that everyone can use and develop strategies regardless of the size of the business.

Whether your business type is a large enterprise or an e-commerce store selling products, you can create a viral marketing campaign at any time.

For example, a personal brand blog can provide a “personal brand coaching program” to specific audiences who desire to build their own brand.

You can provide a certain number of reference guidance plans for your website.

If you run an audio broadcast/podcast, you can let subscribers enter the podcast as a host or guest.

In today’s era when it is strongly recommended that you become a brand image, this is undoubtedly a great opportunity for individuals to gain exposure on podcasts.

Let your subscribers bring you more subscribers. Whoever brings a certain number of subscribers, you will give them the opportunity to be the host or guest of your podcast. Both of you will be very excited.

5. Agency owner

If you are the owner of an agency, whether it’s recruitment, consulting, PR, marketing, digital marketing agency, or any other type of agency.

With Upviral, you can not only win for yourself, but also for your customers.

You can give your subscribers a webinar giveaway and provide them with the recommended treatment.

For example, if you are a digital marketing agency, you can provide a free 30-minute consultation call for each participant who recommends 15 people to you.

Then, you will arrange a consultation for the subscriber. Your list is your assets, and you can use this list for markup sales before the end of the call.

But remember one thing, the quality of your work will give them a reason to stay and interact with your blog or podcast in the future.

So far, we understand all the important functions and some strategies of Upviral. Now, let us know its price.


Now, let us finally talk about one of the most important factors of Upviral. These features are good, but how much does it cost?



They basically offer 3 packages. Each software package has some additional functions.

Let’s start by understanding the first package;

Plan 1: Upviral’s Starter Pack-Plan price: $39 per month

The main functions of Upviral Starter Kit:

  • You can run unlimited campaigns
  • You can add up to 10,000 participants
  • Only one brand can be integrated
  • Fraud detection available
  • Provide email support

Plan 2: Upviral’s Business Package-Plan Price: $59 per month

The main features of Upviral Business Package:

  • You can run unlimited campaigns
  • Can accommodate up to 25,000 participants
  • Can connect 3 brands
  • You will not see Upviral ads
  • Provide GEO positioning
  • Split test
  • Support API + Zapier

Plan 3: Upviral’s premium package-plan price: US$149 per month

The main features of Upvira Premium Package:

  • Unlock business functions
  • You can run unlimited campaigns
  • Up to 100,000 subscribers
  • Connect 10 brands

All these plans offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I think it is worth investing in this software.

The best part about Upviral is that it has enough space to accommodate a large number of participants, and the number limit of Upviral is much better than other similar tools.

Therefore, you can continue marketing without having to upgrade the plan.

You can choose a plan based on your business scale and needs.

Although I appreciate the “Business Package” very much, it has two of the most important functions, namely A/B testing and CRM integration. This is essential for keeping track.


Do you want to know if this tool is right for your business?

I suggest you ask yourself the following questions before making the final phone purchase. We know and understand that referral marketing is not for everyone.

  • How can referral marketing benefit my business?
  • Do I have any email data to start?
  • Can I really afford the price of Upviral?
  • Can I provide quotes and free items without compromising business profitability?

If you have no questions about any of the above issues, you should purchase this tool.

Overall, Upviral is an excellent tool for referral marketing. Upviral is a very user-friendly tool that can greatly benefit your business.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, the most important factor that can help you realize Upviral is the value of the service you provide and the type of content you send via email.

Excellent marketing and amazing offers will make your Upviral Campaign a success.