Wealthy Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions – Ways To Make Money At Home

January 12, 2021 2 By CT
Wealthy Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions – Ways To Make Money At Home

The FAQs below are for those who want to join Wealthy Affiliate. I hope that will help you make a decision.
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What is a Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that provides you with all the training on how to use affiliate marketing to make money. You can learn various online marketing skills, access a vast amount of learning resources to build an online business for a long-term passive income.

What is the mission of Wealthy Affiliate?

Through the training, teach everyone to become a successful online marketer with full-time passive income and finally quit a job.

Who are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate?

Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, both from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, are active members of the community and frequently available to ask questions in the chatroom. Both guys are always approachable for questions.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Community?

If you have questions about the training or building the website or everything about Wealthy Affiliate, you can ask the community that provides you a 24/7 support. It’s important for everyone because it saves you plenty of time that you don’t need to find the solution online. The people inside the community are full of passion, averagely your question can be replied within 8 minutes.

What is the training at Wealthy Affiliate?

The training provided at Wealthy Affiliate includes everything about how to build an online business and become a successful marketer. All the training or tutorial decided to step by step that let you easy to follow and understand what’s going on. It’s definitely suitable for any newbie or expert.

What is the difference between a Starter Member and a Premium Member?

How do I know WA isn’t just another scam?

When you join a free member, it’s no upselling and no credit required. You just need to input email and some basic information.

When you upgrade to the premium member, it has no upsells too. Just one premium member free, then you can assess all the resources and training at Wealthy Affiliate, even live video class provided every week.

One of the founders Kyle will post the useful blog frequently.

I believe no scam will provide such a vast amount of resources to you in the world.

Can I make money if I’m a free Starter member?

Yes, you can. But, honestly, it’s really difficult because only a certain amount of training provided to a starter member.

If I’m stuck on choosing a niche, can you help me?

Yes, sure. Many Wealthy Affiliate’s members create a lot of posts talking about the niche in a different angle and different view. The regular training provides too. If you still don’t understand after the training, you can ask the question in the community.

Can I really choose a niche about my passion?

The reality is that there are MILLIONS of potential directions that you can head with your niche. You should be able to find one that fits you.

Should I promote Wealthy Affiliate?

It’s totally up to you. After you learn the necessary skill of being an affiliate marketer, you can promote whatever you want.

How much money can U make and how quickly?

Sorry, no one can answer this question precisely. It totally depends on how much effort you will dedicate yourself to working through the training. Follow step by step and taking action.

The more you insist and focus, the faster you will be.

Can I build my business alongside my current job?

Absolutely, you can do it like that until you get a full-time online income. I don’t recommend you quit a job in the beginning when you don’t have other income or enough money in your bank account.

I suck at computers, can I really do this?

All the necessary skills will be taught in the training, so no need to worry about your computer skills. If you have any questions, you can drop it in the community as well.

Does Wealthy Affiliate work?

I believe Wealthy Affiliate work.

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Is it legit?

Wealthy Affiliate is totally legit. It has no upsell or other hidden costs.

Who can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

Everyone who wants to become a successful online marketer and earn a full-time passive income can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Wealthy Affiliate newbie friendly?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to start from zero before you join in, you needn’t have any knowledge about the affiliate market. A ton of training will guide you and teach you step by step.

I am a complete newbie without any knowledge, website. Is it suitable for me?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is designed for all the newbie and experts. You no need to worry about what you know. Wealthy Affiliate will tell you to step by step inside that training. Before I join Wealthy Affiliate, I have totally no knowledge about the affiliate market, even don’t know how to use WordPress. If you follow the training, everything will be going well.

I don’t have any money to buy any products. Can Wealthy Affiliate help me to start an online business?

When you join Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member, you needn’t pay the membership fee and no need to buy any product as well.

I live in a remote country. Can I still make money through Wealthy Affiliate?

Being an online marketer, you no need to care where you live. You only need a computer that can connect to the internet.

Can I make money and become rich overnight?

I can tell you certainly what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you cannot make you rich overnight. It needs you to put effort and dedicate yourself toward the training. If you can insist and focus, success will come very soon.

If I get stuck, anyone can help me?

You can ask the question in the community whenever you like.

How to join Wealthy Affiliate?

Just click here.

Is Wealthy Affiliate free?

Starter member is totally free during the lifetime.

How can I pay for a WA premium membership?

One of the paying methods is PayPal.

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If you have more questions or any thoughts, comments, please leave them below. I will be more than happy to help you out.