Webinar Ninja Reviews: Details & Features

November 17, 2020 0 By CT
Webinar Ninja Reviews: Details & Features

WebinarNinja is a webinar hosting platform with a series of features to enhance the experience of both the host and the viewer.

It allows people to host real-time and automated webinars and provides channels for participation.

The tool is also responsible for the landing page of the webinar, and the availability of the “offer” section of the webinar is also a useful feature for the host.


  • Allow one person to host four different types of webinars.
  • It does not take a lot of time to create a webinar on the platform.
  • A dedicated section for Q&A and live chat.
  • Take care of the landing page.
  • Comes with multiple integration options.
  • Useful layout options for webinar screens.


  • The duration of the webinar cannot exceed two hours.

WebinarNinja Introduction

Webinars have added a new face to the sales and marketing industry. Now, big or small, companies all over the world are leveraging the power of scarcity and using webinars to gain an advantage.

The webinars have brought them more revenue, potential customers, publicity, customer loyalty, and so on. We can continue to take advantage of the webinars throughout the day, but we guess you have the main points.

It is also obvious that entrepreneurs and companies all over the world want to adopt simpler methods to organize webinars and promote business development.

They may have different reasons for why they want to organize these webinars, but everyone hopes it is easy to host once.

And it should also have some functions that can help them achieve their goals.

In this article, we will introduce all the features of WebinarNinja and tell you whether the platform can deliver on its promise.

You will better understand how easy it is to use this tool to host webinars and how good the accessibility features are on the platform.

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Create a webinar

Let’s start with the most important task you will perform on this platform, which is hosting a webinar.

WebinarNinja is very dazzling in this section because you can create a webinar with just a few clicks, and they can even provide you with multiple webinar options within a few clicks.

Before creating a webinar, the first thing you need to do is to choose the type of hosting you want.

The tool has four options on this issue-real-time, automatic, serial, and hybrid. Let us briefly introduce these types of webinars.

Create a webinar

Live webinars: These are regular webinars that most users want to create. It will involve users going online and interacting with users.

The webinar will also have regular functions such as chat and Q&A sections.

When you want to go online and share your message with all registrants, you will create a real-time webinar.

Automation webinars: not always available online. Also, if you have been looking for new registrants for a while, hosting the same webinars over and over can be tiring work.

Automatic webinars allow users to host past webinars or recorded videos on specific dates and times.

Although this kind of webinar will save you from repeating your experience over and over again in multiple webinars, what fails is that you will miss the interactive part.

There is no live chat function. However, you can still set up polls and offers on the webinar.

You can schedule automatic webinars daily, weekly, monthly, or in any other way as needed.

Series of webinars: Under this option, viewers can only register once and can access a series of webinars hosted by you.

The webinar can be broadcast live or recorded. If you want to offer courses or meetings that span multiple days, the series of webinar options may come in handy.

Hybrid webinars: Hybrid webinars take advantage of all the advantages of automatic webinars and eliminate all unnecessary functions.

In a hybrid webinar, you can host a recorded webinar or video while simultaneously interacting with the audience. Unlike automated webinars, hybrid webinars offer live chat options, so you can take advantage of both.

Let’s go back to the webinar hosting process.

Once the type of webinar to be held is selected, subsequent options will be based on that webinar.

If you choose a live webinar, you must name the webinar, specify the date and time, and choose between free and paid registration modes. This will be your best choice.

If you use automated webinars, then the options are slightly more advanced.

You can choose to set up a webinar at a specific date and time, or you can host it as an on-demand video.

If you decide to use a fixed schedule, you can specify how often the webinar will be held.

You can choose to set up a webinar at a specific date and time

For a webinar series, they ask you to mention the number of webinars you will have in the series, and then you need to specify the details of each webinar in the series.

You also need to mention the scheduling details. If the webinar has a recorded video, then you must also upload the corresponding video.

This is all about creating a new webinar on this platform. In most cases, it only takes a few minutes.

Webinar function

Creating a webinar is probably the easiest part of the whole job. When the online seminar went live, the real magic happened and the interaction began.

It is at this stage that the webinar host hopes to have all the features that will help attract the attention of the audience and also help increase participation.

Let’s take a look at what content WebinarNinja provides to make the webinar more profitable for the host and bring more appeal to the audience.

“Studio” has a simple interface and a simple layout. You will not clutter the screen with various distracting options.

Instead, you will have full control over the interaction with the webinar elements.

simple interface and a simple layout

Let us first complete the most obvious function of the webinar.

No matter which layout you choose for the webinar, the chat window will always be available on the right side of the screen.

If the registrant uses their social profile to register for the webinar, you will also see their profile picture in the chat window, making the entire experience more personalized.

Depending on the type of webinar and how you want to deliver knowledge, you may want to arrange the elements on the screen in a specific order.

WebinarNinja comes with multiple layout options, allowing you to provide the best webinar experience.

There are five layout options. The first one moves back and forth between the webcam and the slideshow you shared.

However, usually, you will show more than one slide and webcam feed in the webinar.

The webinar may have multiple co-hosts, and you may also want to share your screen when there are not enough static slides.

The layout options on WebinarNinja allow you to understand this situation. You can display all slides, screens, and hosts on the screen at once. All these windows can be of the same size, you can emphasize only one window, or you can maximize two windows at a time for a better experience.

We believe that in the layout part, no one will feel a lack of choice.

The platform allows users to share videos, slides, and screens.

You can use any option to provide users with a better experience.

Another notable feature of WebinarNinja is that if a separate section is provided for chat interaction and questions, all questions raised by the audience are displayed at the bottom of the display.

Through real-time chat and problem isolation, both the host and the viewer can easily find the problem.

Webinar hosts often miss questions in chat messages. Even if they try to answer the question, there is always a sense of confusion because it is difficult for the audience to find out the question they got the answer to.

The bottom of the display window also contains sections for polls and offers.

Voting is a great tool, it can make the audience understand the needs, and by allowing the audience to reach consensus on a topic to increase participation.

Concessions enable you to afford income. The webinar window itself has call-to-action buttons, making things easier for the host and viewers. You can specify when you want to display products after the session starts, and there are some options to choose the layout of the product buttons.

You can edit the quote button well before the session starts and use all your creativity to make the quote more attractive to users.

Together, all these features make it easy for the host to conduct a webinar. For the audience, things will become more pleasant.

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Landing pages and other communications

If you plan to host frequently, it is usually a priority to let people attend webinars. There are many ways to invite people to a webinar, and having a landing page is one of them.

The general advantage of a landing page is that it focuses on call-to-action, so it’s more effective in getting conversions than regular pages.

WebinarNinja allows users to create login pages or all webinars, thus making it easier for users to market.

All webinars you create on the platform have a registration page template option. You can reach the login page template with just one click, and you can modify all the details accord to your needs.

reach the login page template with just one click

WebinarNinja provides four themes to create registration login pages. At first glance, it may seem nothing, but since you will create a landing page for the webinar, these four topics provide enough options to handle most styles.

The four topics are named Minimal, Detailed, Tidy, and Detailed Videos. These names explain the full meaning of these topics. It is easy to modify these templates.

You can change the color scheme, insert images and videos, embed social links, and more.

We rarely encounter landing page builders that make it so easy for users to create landing pages. We think this is easily the result of the need for a landing page for only one reason.

But we don’t want to get anything from WebinarNinja because they create an impressive landing page section.

Users who register for the webinar are only part of the job. You still need to make sure they attended the webinar.

In many cases, especially in the case of free webinars, things only make sense to users if the registrant actually participates in the webinar.

WebinarNinja comes with an email notification section where you can handle all email notifications sent to registrants. You can set up a custom email for them when they register for a webinar, send them a webinar reminder, and send a thank-you note after they successfully attended the webinar.

handle all email notifications sent to registrants

If you need more content, you can also choose to add more email notifications to the webinar.

The platform provides users with enough options to ensure that a large number of people not only register but also participate in the webinar. For anyone planning to host a webinar, the built-in marketing tools are a great addition.


In addition to the hosting part, there is a lot of content related to the webinar. If this is a paid event, then you will want to integrate a payment gateway.

If the purpose of the webinar is to gather more potential customers or make your business grow, then CRM integration may make sense.

The good news is that WebinarNinja comes with multiple integration options.

For payment, they have a direct Stripe integration option, and for everything else, there is Zapier.

Zapier alone has added more than 1,000 integration options to the platform, and you can easily integrate email marketing or CRM software for businesses.

In most cases, you will get sales leads through webinars, and you can choose to seamlessly integrate these sales leads to marketing tools to make users’ lives easier.

seamlessly integrate these sales leads to marketing tools

If you are not satisfied with the types of login pages available on WebinarNinja, you can use the integration option to import pages from the login page builder of your choice.

Integration makes this tool more powerful than ever, and there are enough integration options on WebinarNinja to ensure you make the most of the tool.

Analysis and statistics

Statistics are the key to progress. Making decisions based on intuition and your feelings is one thing, but backing up numbers is completely different.

Numbers not only enable you to make better decisions, but also make it easier to monitor progress. WebinarNinja provides users with personal and collective data of webinars.

It provides you with data from the beginning. After entering the dashboard, you will immediately see the number of registrations and webinars on the platform.

The statistics section further clarifies the figures related to the webinar. You can view the number of registrants, attendees, and replay viewers for all webinars.

It will show you how much time you spent in the studio and how much time you spent in preparation.

This section also gives you the percentage of viewers who are actively participating in the webinar.

It will depend on how users use all this information to move in the right direction. But WebinarNinja provides them with almost everything they might need in the process.


So, what have we learned from WebinarNinja?

First of all, if you plan to participate in a webinar, then WebinarNinja is one of the better options you can use.

It will provide you with options to host various types of webinars, including live and pre-recorded webinars.

This tool can keep the participation and interaction part with chats, questions, and specific parts of polls neat. The “quote” section also allows you to take care of income.

By having multiple hosts (including slides) and doing more in the webinar, you can provide users with a rich experience. It seems easy to manage live webinars on the platform.

They did not disappoint us because you can create landing pages for webinars, send email notifications, and integrate third-party applications to make things better.

Finally, the statistics section ensures that you have everything you need to improve the webinar and monitor progress.

WebinarNinja’s subscription plan has a 14-day trial period, so you should use this opportunity to learn about the purpose of this tool. We encourage readers to try this tool.

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