Webtalk Reviews 2021 – Most Innovative Lucrative Network

January 3, 2021 4 By CT
Webtalk Reviews 2021 – Most Innovative Lucrative Network

Do you hear Webtalk before? Maybe most of them have no idea about that. But Webtalk will become the most innovative lucrative social media in the future.

If you already know what is Webtalk and didn’t join as a FREE MEMBER. If you want to earn more extra money from social media.

I highly recommend you JOIN today because you may earn a huge amount of passive income in the future. The most attractive aspect is Webtalk will share the revenue with the qualified members.

How much revenue will Webtalk share with us?

How to become a qualified member?

Let me explain it in detail below.

Webtalk Review

Name: Webtalk
Website: https://www.webtalk.co
Owners: RJ Garbowicz & Mr. Jeff Catherell
Status: Independent Company
Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Florida
Recommended: YES
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

What is Webtalk?

What is Webtalk

Let’s watch a short video to know more about Webtalk.

Webtalk is a free social and professional utility that helps you manage your content and connections it’s a business-friendly social network too. It promises to share the revenue as a commission to all the members who help to build the platform.

The plan is really exciting. I will explain it later on.

Let’s read the Google Patents and some company information of Webtalk in Bloomberg first.

Google Patents of Webtalk

Google Patents is a search engine from Google that indexes patents and patent applications. Let’s see the patent of Webtalk.

Google Patents of Webtalk

Webtalk In Bloomberg

The company information of Webtalk in Bloomberg. Webtalk In Bloomberg

Webtalk Plan To Take On Facebook, Twitter, And LinkedIn

The social media fighting below is pretty funny. If you have time, let’s take a look.

In the very beginning, Webtalk already plans to become one of the largest and lucrative social media in the market.

How To Get Start With Webtalk?

Step 1: Fill the blanks as shown below.

Fill the blanks as shown below

Step 2: Enter your birthday, location, and gender.

How To Get Start With Webtalk

Step 3: Add a photo.

How To Get Start With Webtalk

Step 4: Follow the step, just go to your email and confirm that.

How To Get Start With Webtalk

How Fast Is Webtalk Growth?

  • 3 Dec 2017 – Webtalk closed out its first month live (November) with over 1,700 users
  • 17 Feb 2018 – The users have been growing 100% monthly since the Beta launch
  • 28 Mar 2018 – Webtalk has grown over 200% in March from 4K users last month to over 14K this month
  • 3 Apr 2018 – Webtalk’s user base grew to nearly 16K users in March, that’s 236% growth over February
  • 7 Apr 2018 – surpassed 18,000 users and we are adding about 1K new users every two days
  • 6 May 2018 – 30,000 users climb to nearly 7 mins per session
  • 9 Aug 2018 – Webtalk hit 60,000 users
  • 2 Sep 2018 – hit 120,000 USERS
  • 3 Sep 2018 – 130,000 USERS
  • 4 Sep 2018 – HIT 150,000 USERS
  • 6 Sep 2018 – hit 190,000 users
  • 7 Sep 2018 – 200k users, 100% growth in two weeks
  • 8 Sep 2018 – Webbtalk Added 40k new users today! 240,000 users!
  • 10 Sep 2018 – hit 275,000 USERs
  • 11 Sep 2018 – 300,000 USERS
  • 12 Sep 2018 – 320,000 USERS
  • 16 Sep 2018 – 370,000 USERS
  • 22 Sep 2018 – 500,000 USERS
  • 27 Sep 2018 – 650,000 USERS

As you can see, the speed of Webtalk grows very fast.

TIPS: Tell and invite everyone you know and don’t know before they invite you. You have to invite them before someone else invites them. Don’t waste the opportunity! Invite it! Join it now!

Commission Plan of Webtalk

The most exciting part is the commission plan. I can see a huge potential to keep inviting somebody here and how lucrative is this affiliate program is.

If you want to earn extra money or earn more passive income, you should read about this.

And you need to make sure you fully understand the commission plan.

Let’s start.

The first 1M member who is qualified can get a 5-Tiers commission plan(unlimited user referrals) for LIFE. Each Tier paying a 10% revenue share to you. That means, 5-Tiers totally pay you 50% revenue share to you.

The revenue share of all Tier comes from ads, premium feature packages, subscriptions, the marketplace, transaction free, job services, etc.

After 1M members are reached, you can earn 10% revenues share from your direct referral every month for LIFE(unlimited user referrals). That means, only one 1-Tier you will have.

Meet the qualifications are also simple. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Move the mouse to the top left-hand corner. Then you will find the icon next to Webtalk, just click it. Then click “View Profile”.

Step 1 Move the mouse to the top left hand corner

Step 2: You will see “Profile Completion 15%” on the right-hand side. Then click “Complete your profile”, the box will expand as below.

Step 2 You will see Profile Completion 15% in the right hand side

Step 3: Follow the indication as you see in “Profile Completion 15%” and fill in the required information.

Step 4: You need to have at least 1 referral who upgrades to PRO premium feature service starting at $20/mo to reach the qualification. That means you need to always have at least 1 paying referral to keep your qualification to get the commission. So, get as many paying referrals as possible for your commission.

Details In Your Profile

Below, I will show you one by one fo what your profile is for someone who wants to join Webtalk. Let’s see what Webtalk looks like when you log in.

Contact: You can fill in everything you see below to let people more ways to contact you.


About Me: Introduce yourself and talk about your interests.

about me

Languages: Enter what kind of language you know and the proficiency about that.


Experience: Fill in the details of your job. Do you want it?


Education: Enter the details of your qualification.


Live Webtalk Demo

I believe now you will have a concept of how Webtalk looks like. Let’s watch a live product demo to more familiar with Webtalk.

Webtalk Want To Be The Next Facebook

It’s big news in the social market. Do you want to know more? Let’s watch a short video below.


As an affiliate marketer, I believe Webtalk is truly a huge opportunity to earn money. Can you see how big the potential is?

Do you know how many users on Facebook nowadays?

“The Statistics Portal,” say: As of the second quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.23 billion monthly active users.

Try to imagine, if Webtalk becomes as big as Facebook, then the revenues share by Webtalk will be huge. It’s talking a billion a month.

If you are not a member of Webtalk today, I highly recommend you JOIN today. Don’t miss the chance.

The number of users in Webtalk should be around 1M. it still a large space to progress.

What we do now may become an extra passive income in the future? Who doesn’t like that?

Don’t leave the money on the table. Let’s take action right now.


Name: Webtalk
Website: https://www.webtalk.co
Owners: RJ Garbowicz & Mr. Jeff Catherell
Status: Independent Company
Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Florida
Recommended: YES
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100