What Is Electronic Direct Mail? Save 60% Advertising Costs

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What Is Electronic Direct Mail? Save 60% Advertising Costs

What Is Electronic Direct Mail? How to use email to increase the conversion rate of a website? Can website traffic be increased by using EDM?

If you are currently operating a blog, company website, or e-commerce, you must read the EDM email marketing explanation below.

This article will tell you how to use email to save advertising costs and create considerable revenue, how to quickly increase the email list, how to promote the lists, and so on.

Hope this article is helpful to you.

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What Is Electronic Direct Mail?

The so-called EDM is the abbreviation of Electronic Direct Mail, which is the email marketing where we operate websites, blogs, e-commerce, etc.

​Email marketing is a direct marketing model.

Website owners or e-commerce platforms use email to promote products or services.

It allows customers/audience groups to understand the latest product content and offers.

When you send emails to customers, these emails will remain in the mailbox of others until they are read, deleted, or archived.

But email is also one of the most cost-effective tools available.

Good email marketing can silently establish the relationship between you and your customers for a long time.

It may take a little time and effort to collect the email list [customer list] at the beginning.

However, in the end, it is the most cost-effective tool with a high conversion marketing model.

Research Shows

A study conducted by an American marketing company in 2015 found that for every dollar spent on email, its average return on investment (ROI) would reach $38.

Benefits of email marketing

Benefits of email marketing

It may not have any amazing results at the beginning.

This is an asset that needs to be operated for a long time.

But if we don’t use email marketing, we may lose many sales conversion opportunities.

The following are its features and advantages:

  • Easy to retarget
  • Establish a good relationship between manufacturers and customers
  • Real-time promotion of new information
  • ​Save paid traffic and advertising costs
  • Easy to use for promotion of other related products

Network traffic explanation

Before we continue to study email marketing, we must first understand the traffic on the Internet.

If you don’t understand the different nature of different traffic and directly explain any marketing model, you may not be able to fully understand it.

And… you can integrate these traffic together to achieve complementary effects.

​Let’s talk about these 3 types of network traffic today:

  1. The traffic you can control at your own expense
  2. Free uncontrolled traffic
  3. The traffic can be manipulated at any time

The traffic you can control at your own expense

What is the traffic that can be controlled by spending money?

Answer: Paid traffic

The most common way is Google Ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, these are all paid traffic.

These 3 traffic sources are the most direct.

You spend money on related fields, specific audience groups or keywords, and the traffic you bring in is closer to the audience you want.

However, the disadvantage of this marketing model lies is you have to pay every time.

If there is a payment, there will be traffic, and if there is no payment, there will be no traffic.

Free uncontrolled traffic

This is the use of SEO to optimize the traffic from Google or other search engines

This is the use of SEO to optimize the traffic from Google or other search engines.

Because it is the traffic from the search engine so it is called Organic Traffic.

In the beginning, people usually do not have much money to start a business on the Internet.

Not like a large company, they can invest a lot of marketing costs for traffic.

Therefore, most people will use a lot of time to learn, generate content, A/B test to save marketing expenses for their promotions.

Because it’s free, organic traffic always becomes everyone’s favorite way to get traffic.

The traffic can be manipulated at any time

This traffic will be like having your own Facebook fan page, IG account, RSS list, and Email list.

Whether it is a fan in the community or an email list collected from a website or blog, these are all traffic that can be manipulated.

This type of traffic is also the assets of your own business on the Internet.

From the beginning, there is no list or fans, but after a long period of operation, it will gradually accumulate and form your loyal fans.

We can publish any information at any time so your fans can instantly receive the information and come to your website.

How to use traffic effectively

​After you have understood a few of the more common traffic on the Internet, then you will understand how to use this traffic.

There will be 2 marketing processes, you will see that all processes can be streamed together, the ultimate goal is to build your own customer/fans.

Method 1: I have money but no time

If you have money for advertising today and want to bring traffic and convert it into sales, then you should make good use of the advertising tracking and EDM email tools.

I will divide this process into 2 stages. This indirect marketing can save you a lot of advertising costs in the long run.

The first stage:

Below we take Facebook Pixel as an example

First of all, we must install the advertiser’s own tracking code before we launch ads.

Below we take Facebook Pixel as an example.

The so-called Facebook Pixel can be installed on the website, and when readers/customers come to your website, they can collect their usage information.

As long as the device “mobile phone, tablet, or computer” goes to your website, it can assume that the user is watching the content.

If you advertise directly without installing the Facebook Pixel at the beginning, the manufacturer will waste the excessive advertising costs because you can’t track anything.

Next, before sending users to the product page, we have to send them to the Bridge Page, which is a type of Landing Page.

When we use paid traffic for marketing, we can collect as many emails of customers as possible and convert them into company assets.

Why not direct them to the product? Don’t you already have Facebook Pixel?

There are two reasons:

  1. We can’t fully control Facebook, and the data they collect can’t be fully exported.
  2. Save the cost of future advertising. Collecting Email can increase the assets of the website. In the future, if you want to promote any product, you only need to send them an email.

At last, after users fill in their email and nickname, then transfer them to the product page for sale.

Although many conversions may be lost at the beginning, a lot of advertising costs will be saved in the long run.

The second stage:

​I hope you have already understood why collecting email is so important in the first stage. Then we will look at RETARGETING.

First of all, we just use Facebook Pixel to record who comes to our website, who is interested in our ads and fill the email, etc..

Then we can use the emails directly to retargeting.

At this time you will think: Do you have to use Facebook ads to collect email again?

Answer: No, because it has been filtered, you have already filtered it in the first stage. So in the second stage, it can be directly imported to the product page for sale.

Those who don’t want to fill the email will not fill in, but they may still buy it.

So, at this time, your ad can use different materials or copywriting for retargeting and introduce these people to your sales page again.

PS: remember to exclude users who have purchased.

In addition, use the email list collected in the first stage for retargeting or discount activities.

At this time, we cannot determine whether the user has completed the purchase.

Therefore, we can use email marketing to promote the current popular product information to everyone.

Method 2: I have time but no money for marketing

We have just talked about using advertising to build our email list, so let’s now study: how to use SEO organic traffic for email marketing.

how to use SEO organic traffic for email marketing

The first stage:

First of all, we use the content for organic traffic to the website, with 2 key points:

  1. Can be directly converted
  2. You can add or subtract to collect the email list

Of course, the cost of organic traffic will be much lower than the cost of advertising, but it takes longer.

You only need to rank to the top of the first page of the search, I can guarantee that your sales volume can definitely skyrocket.

At this moment, we are also using free traffic to build and accumulate emails, which can be used in the second stage.

The second stage:

If you have a serious learning marketing process that has money and no time, this stage is actually easier to understand.

​We can also repeat to use SEO for conversion, and we can use the data produced by the pixel for advertising and marketing.

But in the advertising marketing here, I suggest that you can collect the list for the first time so that you can accumulate email again.

Email marketing techniques

Layout application

Use the homepage to create a form

If you have a website, then you can’t miss creating an email collection form on the homepage.

When most people come to your website, there is a 50% chance that they will go to the homepage.

At the top of the homepage, you can see the fill-in email form block without sliding the mouse and the phone page, which can greatly increase the speed of your email collection.

Set up a pop-up form

Although this method feels very annoying, it’s still useful. There are 2 ways you can test:

  1. Pop-up when readers come to your website and read more than a certain percentage of the content
  2. Pop-up when readers watch your content and are ready to leave

These 2 methods have different results, and no one is better or worse.

Use the sidebar of the website

You would like to say that most of the current searches come from mobile devices. Will the sidebar be effective?

This will have a great relationship with your website category, for example:

  • If you are running an e-commerce business today, this may not be effective because most people use their mobile phones to shop.
  • If you are operating a knowledge-based, PC-software, and tool-based website today, the results may be much better.

Put the form in the article appropriately

When you are running a general niche blog, your articles are very important.

No matter your traffic comes from search engines, social media, or advertising, etc., most people will want to see what your content is.

Therefore, when operating content marketing, providing valuable information will attract readers’ attention and will make readers want to subscribe to your instant newsletter while reading the content.

Provide value

Use mini-courses to attract customers

If you are running a blog site in some niche, you might try to create your own mini-course to attract subscribers.

Although it sounds like a big project, the mini-course can be a PDF file, a 10-minute instructional video, or a small chapter PPT file, etc.

These are the reasons why you can attract people to subscribe, and provide valuable things that others love.

Free consultation

I have a friend who runs a wealth management website, and his organic traffic is very considerable.

After running the website for a while, he wanted to say that he should be able to make a customized financial plan.

So he began to collect the emails of users who came to the website, he use free consultation as bait, let others subscribe, and proactively provide them with some simple living expenses report.

If you want more in-depth financial planning, such as how to invest in stocks and funds, debt management planning, etc., he will provide them with customized services.

[Reverse thinking] One more form increases the filling rate by 30%

​​​​​The email subscription form you usually see should look on the website.

​​​​​The EDM newsletter subscription form you usually see should look on the website

This will feel like I’m asking for emails. Do you like it? Do you want a better way instead?

When you offer an irresistible course, free consultation, PDF, activity content, discount code, etc., it’s much better than just ask you to “sign up”.

You change the button to [I want this offer/course] similarly related words, which means that they want it from us, not that we want to exchange it with them.

After the user clicks, there will be a bounce out of the form, so that they will only think of [I want a course/offer] in their mind, then they will follow the steps.

Email copywriting design

Powerful and attractive copywriting

This is everyone needs to learn if you want to convert well. The more attractive of the title and content of the email, the more customers you can convert.

Many people subscribe but rarely open the email because the topic isn’t eye-catching enough.

A good title and content can increase readers’ interest and look forward to your future newsletters.

Keep the content simple and clear

Try to use simple messages to make it easy for readers to understand what you are trying to express.

for example:

If there is a promotion, just tell them clearly.

Create your own style

Make the message more cordial just like I’m talking to you directly

Sometimes we will talk to readers from the standpoint of the company or website, but this will gradually form a wall. This will make the reader feel a little away.

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